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what is the burning cramp in my left lower abdomen?

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biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 15:59:58

its my friend who she thought was pg as she last had her period 6 weeks ago - 2 weeks late now - and took a pg test this week but came back neg. the pain been there on and off for the past few weeks... what could it be?

Gem1355 Thu 03-Feb-05 16:17:39


Could be a UTI, if pain is really that bad i adv to see her GP!
Sorry can't be much more help than that!

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 16:29:37

whats a UTI?

amynnixmum Thu 03-Feb-05 16:33:23

UTI = urinary tract infection. She should definately get it checked out. That said I have had a cramping sensation in my lower abdomin each time I have been pregnant - its one of my first signs.

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 16:43:01

but she hadnt had her period as i advsd my friend to do another pg test just in case as the first one was neg. (she been pg before but miscarried so she knows whats are the signs of early pg)

hub2dee Thu 03-Feb-05 16:57:18

If your friend isn't sure what might be causing the pain, she should see her GP.

It could be nothing, but the sort of pain you are describing, and the time in her cycle, could mean an ectopic pregnancy (which may not show positive on a pregnancy test, and can begin with milder / intermittent pain before it becomes an emergency).

This page from will give you much more info on this topic. If in any doubt, you should probably tell her to see her GP, particularly if the pain worsens. Better safe than sorry.

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 19:06:40


littlemissbossy Thu 03-Feb-05 19:08:46

could be an ectopic pregnancy, she should see her GP asap

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 19:14:44

even though she got no signs of feeling pregnant (she been pg before but miscarried)

bellababe Thu 03-Feb-05 19:17:51

yep. Subsequent pregnancies can be completely different so she wouldnt' nec have the same signs. I would def worry about ectopic. She needs a blood test and/or scan.

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 19:19:43

ive just texted her to contact her docs asap... to be on the safe side... thanks everyone

hub2dee Thu 03-Feb-05 21:47:56

I'm glad other MNers suggested your friend sees her GP ASAP, biglips.

I remembered a post you made on the same topic a few weeks ago, which I looked up:

"By biglips on Wednesday, 12 January, 2005 7:11:44 PM

one of my friends is 3 weeks pregnant and she is having alot of pain in one area, docs said maybe epotic (cant spell it -soz) pregnancy! we gotta wait to have a scan... how can you tell if you hav got that?"

Doctors may confirm an ectopic with a scan and a blood test. They evaluate the level of HcG - a hormone also tested for in the home pregnancy testing kits. In an ectopic, the HcG is lower than it would be for a healthy pregnancy. That is why sometimes the ordinary testing kits that you get in the chemist won't show a positive result when you have an ectopic pregnancy.

I don't know anything about your friends' situation - can she talk to friends / her mum about this ? I only ask because ectopics can require emergency treatment at a hospital if left too long.

biglips Thu 03-Feb-05 21:51:53

oh thats my other friend that one... but she is ok, still got the pains but now they just come and go, she is having her 1st scan next week... her breasts are tender and is having morning sickness

hub2dee Fri 04-Feb-05 08:02:37

OK. Very glad it's not the same person - was worried she had noone to help her. Glad you're on the case !

biglips Fri 04-Feb-05 09:44:28

aarrrggghhhh!!!! - bad timing as her nan had died last night.. ive just texted to her to say was thinking of her but i know its bad timing but she must see a docs as having bad pains for 2 weeks..

hub2dee Fri 04-Feb-05 16:28:59

Sorry to hear about her nan. Hope she feels better soon.

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