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I just want to let my unborn son/daughter, know that they were very well loved.. and sincerely missed. My heart aches for you baby

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clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 20:46:31

one minute you were there, i had you for 2 whole weeks growing in my belly. My, it made me so happy. Then I got told the most saddest thing a woman could ever be told. I miscarried the very next day :-( I cried and cried and cried. Nothing could console or ever console me.
I'm sorry my baby, i wish i could have done so much more for you. I wear your scan picture in a heart locket, you will always be with me, from here, now and till eternity.
I'm your mum, remember that. I love you and we will be together i'm sure. I so sorry your not with me now, so so so sorry. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LaylaandSethsmum Thu 10-Jul-08 20:49:12

I'm so sorry for your loss. This will get easier to deal with in time.xx

Litterbug Thu 10-Jul-08 20:50:05


kasya Thu 10-Jul-08 20:50:41

Much love to your baby and hugs to you clairepoochie. I can only imagine your pain, but I hope you will come through your grief and go on to conceive another baby and all the love you have for this one you can put into his/her brother or sister.

Ihavelayers Thu 10-Jul-08 20:51:56


clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 20:52:09

my baby still feels part of me, people tell me to let go, to get over it, but she/he was a life. A life I sincerely bonded with and now I just can't let go.

biglips Thu 10-Jul-08 20:52:50

im so sorry to hear sad

Trebuchet Thu 10-Jul-08 20:53:14

Completely, nor should you. You have the right to grieve. I wish you strength and hope xxxxxxxxxxxxx

clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 20:59:57

i done a silly thing today, i done a pregnancy test, came up negative, but deep down i was hoping it would say positive. I feel like its taking over my whole life. I want want my baby I lost, I want him/her back. Is that mad of me? Some days I'm ok, others i'm not. I don't know where to turn

sweetkitty Thu 10-Jul-08 21:06:37

Oh claire sorry to hear of you loss, the sense of loss and sorrow is so raw.

Time will heal you will never forget and there will always be a part of him/her with you even if you have other children.

This is the worst time it does get better x

StressTeddy Thu 10-Jul-08 21:08:14

Oh darling - no words
Love to you

clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 21:33:18

thank you all, for being caring and understanding. Thank you all so much xxx

andiem Thu 10-Jul-08 21:36:09

so sorry to hear of your loss claire

Kitsilano Thu 10-Jul-08 21:42:58

So sorry. It is so hard I know, I have been there too. Hold on, things will get better and you will hold a baby in your arms.


clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 21:44:34

A part of me wants to send a message to my baby that was unfortunately never to be.
To my sweetheart, who I would have been so happy to wait those long 9 months.... to hold you in my arms, to gaze at the child that me and my partner had created. My baby, I would endeavour to give you the happiest of lives. A happy childhood, lots of love, lots of attention. More so, lots of hugs and affection, to let you know we care and that we love you. There's too many things i would have done for you, but without you here, its not as real.
Hugs, Love, Joy, and to be in your mummy's arms is all I can promise right now sweetheart. Sweet dreams, sweet love, and forever in my thoughts xxx love you xxx

babytime Thu 10-Jul-08 21:49:17

I am so sorry you lost your little baby.

Take your time and talk about it as much as you want. Everyone on here is always at hand to listen. He/she will always be a little person that is close to your heart.

Your words made me cry and for a split second I felt some of your pain.

Dont try to cope with this alone. Some people find it easier to deal with so if in a few weeks you still feel like your life has been taken over you should go for some councelling.

Dealing with it is not forgetting your child.

You deserve happiness.

Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 22:02:58

Thank you to all, you have all been ever so kind, thankyou xx
Thank you also to babytime, I am alone, It has only been 1 month since I lost my precious baby. Other people have moved on, where as I haven't. But I don't want to burden people.
I Feel like I have no choice but to cry alone, think alone, and dwell alone.

Big hugs to you also xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

and to all those who have replied xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thankyou

Much love.xx

andiem Thu 10-Jul-08 22:07:12

claire I know how you feel people expect you to move on quickly but you need to take the time to grieve properly for the baby you have lost
tell your dp how you feel sad

clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 22:11:57

tell my 'dp' sorry, not good at abbreviations...! sorry

andiem Thu 10-Jul-08 22:13:23

dear partner smile

clairepoochie Thu 10-Jul-08 22:14:10

thank you

FloriaTosca Thu 10-Jul-08 22:43:38

Honey...your words echo exactly how I felt with each much loved and wanted but not to be baby I lost...I weep for and with you.

...take time to grieve, ignore those who have moved on already they were not/are not so closely affected ... have started on the right path by writing down how you feel and sharing your pain with us...suffering alone is not the best way to heal...if your DP can't help (mine is not so "good" with emotions so couldn't help me much)then see your GP and ask for referral to a bereavement councellor or contact the miscarriage association or join one of the miscarriage threads here on MN and let other women, who have suffered as you have, help are not alone.

..for me there was no "getting over it" but eventually I did come to terms with each loss, learned to live with them and started looking forward again....and in the long run things did eventually turn out right for us..I will always miss my darling lost angels but their absence makes me cherish my ds even more....

..sending you ((((big hugs)))wishing you new happiness soon

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