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Anyone waiting to test around 18th July - please join me

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greenbeanie Wed 09-Jul-08 19:02:01

Ovulated on the 4th July, ttc No.3, already imagining nausea etc. The past 2 times it has started within a week of conception!! Please join me as I am rubbish at waiting, already have the pee sticks at the ready grin

nandos Wed 09-Jul-08 19:33:36

can i join in too?
AF due on 18th too. if no AF by 18th, i will test on the same day!
thought i ovulated late last month but had a lot of CM few days back so am not sure what DPO i am at now..but at CD22/31 today.
no symptoms for me very pessimist abt this month..but what the hell..never know hmm

any symptoms?

dinkyboysmum Wed 09-Jul-08 19:55:44

count me in!
think i'll start testing on tuesday, but af not due til thurs.
no real symptoms, altho i could make up a huge load with my imagination working overtime & feeling every slight twinge!

greenbeanie Wed 09-Jul-08 22:09:56

Hi, it's great to have some company - this is our 1st real month of trying although rather complicated by very irregular periods - last one in Feb!! However, regular temp charting showed a definate shift and lots of CM around the 4th. Just seen an advert on TV for First Response tests that can be done 6 days before AF is due and on BOGOF at Boots until the 29th July so may well take advantage of the offer wink

CoteDAzur Thu 10-Jul-08 08:00:55

I'm in, too. AF not due until after 20th but I will probably be testing some days before anyway.

Yarnie Thu 10-Jul-08 08:13:07

My ov date is slightly up in the air, but AF is due either on 16 or 18 July. Fairly sure this is not my month as my temps are very uninspiring.

No POAS, people! It's too early!

daisy5 Thu 10-Jul-08 11:57:17

I have a lurking suspicion I may be pregnant due to sore breasts, which is what attracted me to the thread - although it must almost be an immaculate conception if so.

Just wanted to say - a bit boring - but for many reasons doctors recommend waiting until your period doesn't arrive because of the possibility of a chemical pregnancies and also the risk of bancruptcy of testing daily (ok - the second bit I am joking about).

nandos Thu 10-Jul-08 12:06:38

lol daisy @ bankruptcy
i am getting to that no joke abt that part
if i may ask, what dpo r u at ?

i dont have the 'sore breast' symptom yet..just a bit bloated.
is the sore breast supposed to come before AF due when pregnant or not necessarily?

daisy5 Thu 10-Jul-08 15:33:28

I am fairly new to this so still getting used to the abbreviations. Is AF when period due? Not sure about dpo either. Or BFP - but realise that is the positive test. How ignorant am I!!

I get sore boobies quite easily so not necessarily pregnancy and also, not so pleasant, but just had a mmc so maybe hormones still playing havoc, but for whatever reason yesterday I felt really pregnant and went through the 'oh my god' moment.

There arn't any rules really, I don't think. I usually can tell very early on. My hips/pelvis go a little 'loose' but maybe coz I have already had a child (as didn't the first time). Obviously, lots of people feel vomity.

dinkyboysmum Thu 10-Jul-08 20:12:25

i like to bogof tip! thanks!

Hants Thu 10-Jul-08 21:13:06

I'm due on saturday and soooo want to do a test (already did one on tuesday which was negative cos I couldn't wait). I feel pregnant, sore boobs and a bit crampy, but then I get that sometimes when I'm due on. Had 2 mc's last year so really want to get p again, already have a DS but would like 1 more. Have to try and be stong and not use my last pt as they are so expensive. Heard that you can get cheap ones in poundland?? Haven't tried yet myself.
Good luck, look forward to hearing your results.

Gemzooks Thu 10-Jul-08 22:34:53

hi all, can I join? AF due on 18th, but going to test on 16th, our wedding anniversary.. I have lovely DS (20 months), then 2 m/c this last winter, at 8 and 12 weeks, blooming awful. Only just started trying again..

Hope we all get a pos, who is testing first?

Hants Thu 10-Jul-08 22:50:49

Hi Gemzooks, I'm going to test on saturday (if I can wait that long), good luck with yours and happy anniversary! Doing anything special? How awful to go as far as 12 weeks, mine were 6 and 9 weeks, not a good time. Does help having a DS already, they are a good distraction.
Let me know how you get on x

Yarnie Fri 11-Jul-08 15:16:11

[Looks stern] Hope everyone is resisting POAS.

I don't even have the urge to [proud emoticon]


daisy5 Fri 11-Jul-08 15:20:37

hants - 12 July
gemzooks - 16 July
yarnie - 16 or 18 July
greenbeenie - 18 July
nandos - 18 July
daisy5 - 18 July
dinkyboysmum - 19 July
cotedazur - 20 July

I keep thinking I shouldn't be on this site, as just had mc but my boobs are so sore and rumblings down below. I won't be testing as period expected to be late. Good luck to you all.

corblimeymadam Fri 11-Jul-08 15:29:25

Message withdrawn

rubyring Fri 11-Jul-08 17:11:56

hello! can I join you too! This is first proper mth of TTC number 3.Feel really nauseus and bit dizzy, full boobs and drinking lots of fizzy water urgh!AF due on 18th too. A couple of mths ago I had sickness symptoms but got period, this time they feel worse! But would you know this early? Feels like a billion years til the 18th. Will be so annoyed if not pregnant feel convinced!

nandos Fri 11-Jul-08 18:21:17

hey everyone
hope you ladies have a nice weekend ahead..
pls pls refrain me from testing cos' i just bought a 3-pk hpt today and i had one sainsbury hpt kit and another one internet cheapie kept in my drawer(leftover since last mc) in all just 5 left!
i must be getting mad cos' i know i am not(most probably not) pregnant..

well good luck to everybody here

Gemzooks Fri 11-Jul-08 22:17:54

Hi everyone,

Hants, will keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. May you be our first BFP! Then a lot of us expecting AF on 18th, but when are you going to test? I'm going to try on Weds because of wedding anniversary and hoping to be able to tell DH I'm preg while out for our anniversary meal.

Belgianbun, if you're in Belgium (I'm in Amsterdam), Kruidvat have these really cheap tests now, 5 Euros for 2 tests.. I test so much that it's worth it!

Hants Fri 11-Jul-08 22:31:28

Sorry ladies but I couldn't resist testing today, I know i'm soooo impatient, bad news is I'm not! Mind you last time I had mc I had 2 home tests, and even a blood test all negative, then I turned out to be, but then it did end up in a mc. So it seems I'm not. Good luck for the rest of you, I look forward to hearing how you all get on. Will keep you posted on my own developments.

Gemzooks Fri 11-Jul-08 22:35:52

Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Hants. But it could just be early days.. if test not v sensitive etc.. anyway, keep us posted!

CoteDAzur Sat 12-Jul-08 06:33:33

Sorry to hear that, hants. Better luck next time, and hope to see you on pregnancy threads very soon.

spottyshoes Sat 12-Jul-08 06:51:05

Hi, just having a nosey as I was on a similar thread last month, hope you all dont mind.

Just wanted to say that I got nausea 7dpo and nothing else, no sore boobs (with DS I got from OV for 9 mths!) I got my BFP 12dpo. This is my 6th pg as 4 m/c's and each time the syptoms have varied loads so dont worry if you havent got one you think you should have.

Funny you should say about loose hips/pelvis daisy as I've felt that and panicked it was SPD starting stupidly early this time. Never thought of it just for already having DC.
AF = Aunt Flo i.e the unwelcome visitor, period. DPO = days past ovulation. BFP = Big fat positive.

Good luck everyone & lots of babydust to you.

SS (aka POAS addict and still doing the occassional one at 7wks blush)

CoteDAzur Sat 12-Jul-08 07:41:04

Congratulations on your pregnancy spottyshoes smile

I would also like to add that with DD I was completely unaware that I was pregnant until 5 days after AF was due, when it finally dawned on me that I should maybe test. No sore breasts, no nausea (never had nausea the rest of pregnancy, either), no cramping.

daisy5 Sat 12-Jul-08 09:43:54

Thanks for the explanation spottyshoes...and congrats on pregnancy.

So DPO means days past ovulation - I guess you guys are using the Persona sticks or something. My ongoing plan is to loosely guess when I am ovulating and try to squeeze in a bd every 2 or 3 days that week. That is around 7-14 days after first day of AF. Is that what you mean when you say CD7 and CD14?

Am reasonably convinced I am not pregnant as getting a heavy thudding feeling down below now, so probably lining up for the mother of all AF's. I am actually really glad as this is my first month after mc and we only had unprotected bding once, at a time that I thought was safe, but afterwards calculated wasn't so safe. I wanted to wait 2 months before trying properly again.

Sorry that it wasn't positive Hants....maybe too early?

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