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Conception after contraceptive injection

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Fran1 Tue 01-Feb-05 00:44:08

Has anyone got pg before having a period when finished taking the depo provera injection?

I got period back a month after finishing the injection the last time and then was pg the next month.

This month my injection finished, and now i am having tiny spotting for about three days now. Sorry if TMI but when i say tiny i mean nothing ever on a pantyliner, but slight blood on tissue when i wipe, it is red.

I am wondering if i could have gotten pg already, as last time i had an ordinary period with full on period pains straight away, never really had "spotting" before. (have had the slightest of cramps the day before the spotting started)

And by the way what does it mean if blood is red? i see a lot of you mention red means fresh brown means old, but what exactly does that tell you??

I know its too early to do a test so thought i'd just see if anyone has had anything similar?

munnzieb Tue 01-Feb-05 13:30:11

I have no idea honey, but will bump you back up, maybe one of the other TTC'ers will know.

Red bloody is fresh (ie consistant with a tear or something, like a cut) and brown I suppose as it's old would mean it's been in place a while b4 being dirupted?

good luck TTC.

Moomin Tue 01-Feb-05 22:35:19

it really depends on how sensitive your body is to the hormones in the depo injection and how long they last in your system. in theory, yes, you could be pg, esp as you caught straight away last time. in theory you can get pg as soon as the injection runs out, but this doesn't happen very often in practice. the spotting could also be side effect of the depo stopping; your body just may be reacting. it's not uncommon. the only way you'll really know tho is to do a pg test. it took me a year to get my periods back after stopping depo, so it just goes to show - everyone's different!

Fran1 Tue 01-Feb-05 22:45:14

thx, i know its impossible to say, just wondered if any stories of people getting pg straight away. I didn't get any spotting last time so am not used to this!! i think it has stopped today, so now will wait a while and see what happens!!

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