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Period definition please

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WHIGERS Mon 31-Jan-05 20:05:04

So we are TTC but it's early days yet and not stressing (very much) yet, but who can tell me what the start of a period can look like. For example, my periods usually warn me they are comming with a pale brownish dischrarge a few days before the full on flow. So far I have counted the first day of my period when the full flow appears usually lasting 2/3 days, ending with a few days of brownish dischrarge again. It occured to me this month that perhaps I should be counting the very first signs of my period as day 1. What do you think? Just trying to work out when I might be ovulating. I am also keeping an eye on cervical fluid throughout the month for egg white stage. Any thoughts?
thanks x

boogie2 Mon 31-Jan-05 20:26:41

My gynae says first full day of bleeding is day 1. She also says go for it regularly days 9 to 21 - to optimise chance of conception. It's easy to get a bit obsessed with egg white and stuff which doesn't help with the not stressing. Good luck.

Moomin Mon 31-Jan-05 22:02:49

yes, boogie is right. it's the first day of bright red bleeding that counts as day 1.

WHIGERS Wed 02-Feb-05 09:48:09

thanks guys x

Jandy Fri 01-Apr-05 13:36:03

Hi. Sorry, this is probably a stupid question, but if I get my period this evening does today count as Day 1 or is it tomorrow? Thanks for your help.

leahbump Fri 01-Apr-05 13:46:55

tommorrow would count as day one- day one is the first FULL day of bleeding.


Jandy Fri 01-Apr-05 14:02:55

Thanks for this. I couldn't seem to find anything which actually said.

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