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First time TTC?!! Let's get through this together!!

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DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 09:28:06

Hi All,

This is a difficult time for most women (and men) I think.

Certainly for me, I've waited a long time to get to this stage sad, having not met Mr Right until the age of 31. Now 34 and got married 2 months ago grin and now want to complete the family!

So, just started "trying" for a baby and due to my impatient nature, have already started using Ovulation Kits. (Probably not a good idea). hmm I also did the Female Fertility Test and that seemed to have a good result aswell.

I was on Dianette for 8 years and came off of it 3 years ago. My cycles became regular again but every 5 weeks instead of 4. I had previously come off of the pill for 6 months and my cycles were regular, so I guess all this is a good sign. hmm

Anyone else had similar experiences and fallen pregnant quickly? I know everyone's different but any good news stories help move us all along!! wink.


Playingthe9monthwait Thu 03-Jul-08 12:37:51

Hi Dawn. Wasn't going to answer as I got a BFP this monring but thought I ought to as you've had no replies yet!

If all goes to plan this will be dc1 for me and first cycle of trying! Been on here about 6 months tracking my cycle, learning about CM etc which stood me in really good stead when it came to actually going for it as I can now identify when I ov. TBH, I went down the just have lots of sex route in the days leading up to, during and just after ov rather than getting too obsessed. Seemed to have worked. Fingers crossed it sticks!

I also have about 5 week cycles (occassionally longer) and have been on the pill but not for a couple of years.

I suggest you join one of the ttc threads here, there are several great ones and you will get all the help you need. You are more then welcome to join us on the wagon thread if you want to chat.

Good Luck!

beaniesteve Thu 03-Jul-08 12:56:04


I am trying to conceive my first and have been since last October. I am 38.

I was on the mini-pill for about 8 months and before that was on Microgynon for a few years (With a break inbetween) - my periods came back very quickly.

My cycles are 24 days roughly. Have you asked your doctor about your long cycles?

I am using a clearblue fertility monitor so I know I am ovulating.

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 13:37:56

Hey beaniesteve,

I think you've kindly answered some of my questions on a couple of other threads that I've joined aswell. grin I wanted to make sure that I'd covered all my bases - ha ha smile!!

I haven't spoken to the doc at all yet, although one of the other ladies on this site has said that her cycles are exactly the same as mine, even to the same sort of colourd CM and the AF only lasting a couple of days. Her doctor says that they're perfectly normal so I don't want to worry too much yet.... hmm

I did do a Female Fertility Test recently and that didn't show up as having excessive levels of the FSH hormone (apparently that's the one that shows reduced fertility), so I'm still keeping everything crossed. wink

I've tried using the ovulation kits but due to my misunderstanding my cycle, I think I did it too early. Should probably be doing it within the next few days...

playingthe9monthwait - thank you for responding, it's always difficult starting a new thread on these things. I tried joining one for my wedding which was three months ago and people just talked around me... Obviously Mums To Be (and trying to be grin) are much nicer than Brides to be!!


crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 17:57:11

Hi all! My husband and I have decided to 'stop trying not to conceive!' It seems less pressure than saying your trying. I'v been on the D.P injection for about 6years though, didn't have my last injection (obviously!) and thats been about 3 weeks now. Still no sign of a period but I have had very sore breasts-so who knows! I was a little concerned as I have recently heard lots of horror stories about D.P. Maybe all you ladies will have your little ones a while before ours come along! Good look though, it's nice to know there are others out there!

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 18:07:46

Hi crunchynutter,

Sounds like we're in the same boat as we're in the first month of "not trying" grin aswell....

My sister was on the injection and got pregnant very quickly, twice. Unfortunately neither went full-term, but don't worry, that was nothing to do with the injection, she found out she had endimetrosis. It's sorted now though and they're trying again. smile

So don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine.


crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 18:20:13

aww thanks Dawn- i feel like a bit of an intruder on here! lol not sure if i we are trying or not and all that! Have discussed names with my hubby a lot though!
I hope it goes well for you, do you have any others?

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 19:04:53

Nope - our first.

I'm 34 though so a bit nervous about trying so late. Not by choice though... I didn't meet my husband until 3 years ago and got married three months ago grin so hence not trying until now.

What about you? Do you have any children?


DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 19:33:39


OMG, I've just re-read my first message and I put that I came off of Dianette 3 years ago - I meant months!!!!

What a doughnut!! blush


crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 19:34:21

No, We've been together 7 years and married for nearly a yr and a half now but still quite young (im 23 hes 26) so we didnt feel there was much of a rush- to be honest we were qute happy with new jobs and our dog lol I guess we both just feel like our own 'family' is right at the moment- like it would make everything even more perfect- god that sounds a little dramatic! Things are good though and I know he'd be a fantastic dad. Just started to worry now were officially 'trying' (almost). You spend that long making sure you dont get pregnant it's a little odd actually wanting too isnt it? lol

crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 19:34:59

Congratulations on marriage by the way! I hope your both very happy together xx

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 19:39:41

You are so right crunchynutter. I do wonder how much all these "prevention" methods affect our chances... Was chatting to my Mum today and she was saying the same thing.

But I think you're doing the right thing. If I'd met Mr Right and married at your age, I'd be trying. You just never know do you....

My DH and I actually went out together about 10 years ago and then met up again, out of the blue, at a friend's wedding 3 years ago and now we're married - obviously meant to be!!

So have you looked into the "best time" to do it and all that? I only started using this site today and I've learnt so much already!!

Race you to pregnancy grin!!


crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 19:49:06

Haha! To be honest i'm a bit of a wimp- I went straight to a link about childbirth to read the horror stories (I know- bad idea!) My mother and my sister both had really difficult births so i scare easily! I don't know anything about when to try though. I still need to know when i will ovulate as havent had that 'lovely' experience since i was 17 :-\

I do worry now though that it will take a while but it would have been wrong before. WE were very happy together but i wanted to make sure we both had secure jobs and a home before bringing a life into the world- now i want to hurry up and get it here lol typical (Oh- i desperately want twins too so excuse me if i refer to 'them' Positive thinking should do the trick!)

I did worry yesterday though incase i conceived straight away and the bloating and sore breasts are not just pmt- i was eating parmesan cheese and it said on the packet- not for pregnant women lol. obviously i convinced myself that is ridiculus though- it has only been 3 or 4 weeks!

We should definately keep in touch to share our experience though- u can let me know what i should be doing and i promise not to scare you with horrible birth stories!!

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 20:02:42

I am laughing out loud about your "parmesan cheese" moment!! Crazy lady grin!!

Although - I can't lie - I've been there!! My sister and her hubby own a lovely pub and we went there for dinner last Friday. But I didn't want to drink in case it caused problems with conception, we weren't even planning on doing it until the following night!!!! grin grin I think the thought of babies just screws your brain up!!

I have to admit, I wonder how many people tell you the horror stories BEFORE you get pregnant - most wait until there's no way back and then tell you!!

Being 34 with lots of friend's babies (and 1 nephew and 2 nieces), I've heard some pretty horrendous stories aswell... My friend went through 72 hours of labour, watched in part by 7 foreign student doctors and ended up having an epidural. When she finally delivered, they moved her to a ward on her own and put the baby so far away from her that she couldn't reach it, because she couldn't move. She laid there all night praying that he wouldn't wake up and kept her mobile phone with her... Bless.

Maybe I'll just book in now for a cesarean - wink!!


crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 20:10:46

oh god! my sis had to have an emergency cesarian- followed by blood transfusion, week in hospital and then 4 yrs of problems (thyroid but i think birth triggered it!) it's scary!

i did tell my self off about the cheese though lol. you don't know how much to do without becoming paranoid do you? I didnt know how much i could drink on my friends birthday the other week- what if you didnt know you were pregnant and caused any harm- its all very scary! Your right about it screwing your brain up! I thought you were supposed to be neurotic after the birth lol

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 20:32:21

Your poor sister - it's really scary isn't it?!

Plus, I do worry when I read some of the comments on here. You try so hard to become pregnant and then the worrying really starts! Miscarriages seem to be really common...

At least you've got youth on your side....

Anyway, off to watch TV now and relax. No fun for hubby tonight - been told to do it every other night so he'll have to wait until tomorrow now - ha ha!!

I'll be on line through tomorrow so catch up then!!


crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 20:35:19

definately! my hubbys away til tomorrow and im marking coursework so no fun tonight!

I was shocked by the miscarriages too- you dont think about those things do you.

Well it'll be lovely to have a baby buddy! speak to you soon xx

crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 20:37:07

definately! my hubbys away til tomorrow and im marking coursework so no fun tonight!

I was shocked by the miscarriages too- you dont think about those things do you.

Well it'll be lovely to have a baby buddy! speak to you soon xx

Yarnie Thu 03-Jul-08 20:45:35


I'm a first timer, too. This is my second cycle ttc. I'm taking my temperature every morning and using opks, sometimes.

I'm usually as regular as clockwork, but this month I've not yet got the temperature rise which indicates that I have ovulated, which is odd.

I've got some info on my profile, but to keep it brief, I'm 29 and I live in London with my DF. We're getting married next year, but given that it can take a while to get pg, we thought we may as well get started.

Happy to see some newbies like me here smile

Where are you all in your cycles at the mo?

crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 20:47:20

I have no cycle lol- have just recently stopped dp injection and am still waiting for period to arrive :-\

Yarnie Thu 03-Jul-08 20:50:01

I was on DP, too Crunchy, but I came off it a few years ago. I'm also hoping there are no long term side effects...

crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 20:50:09

I have no cycle lol- have just recently stopped dp injection and am still waiting for period to arrive :-\

crunchynutter Thu 03-Jul-08 20:51:56

did you return to normal cycles quickly? i was hoping i would have signs by now!

I'v read some horrible stuff lately about it- they don't tell you that at the doctors lol

DawnAS Thu 03-Jul-08 21:19:05

Hey ladies,

Welcome yarnie!!

Just taking a break from watching "Mammia Mia" The Abba Story (is that sad?!!).

My cycle tends to be fairly long, well has been since I came off the pill 3 months ago. It's about 35 days and currently I'm at about day 14. I'm doing the Ovulation tests but I'm a bit confused sometimes by the results. This is the first month that I've been doing them, but due to confusion with the tests, have probably been doing them too early...

Going to try them again in a couple of days. But "doing the deed" every other day, just in case. Apparently that's the best plan. Every other day, throughout your cycle...

But we'll see!!

Crunchynutter don't worry. And remember that people generally only write stories if they've had bad experiences - so they're no doubt in the minority.... If you've had really good experiences, you generally don't go onto a website and write about it. So keep your chin up!!


citybranch Thu 03-Jul-08 21:59:44

Hi everyone,
I hope I can join your thread, i do have a DS (18 months) but he was an accident, so this time really is my first time TTC!

I came off microgynon 2 months ago. I got AF straight away, then a week, then AF again! Then 3 weeks before next AF so cycle is all over the place! I bought some ebay OPKs and I did get a line one day, a few days ago, but not as dark as the instructions said it should be, so not sure about OV. Hmm.

Anyway, just trying to enjoy the process of TTC at these early stages! It feels great to actually be planning my pregnancy this time!

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