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getting ready for IVF

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angelfire Sun 30-Jan-05 16:10:17

We are about to undergo our third attempt at ICSI (1st attempt had to be cancellled - 2nd attempt we conceived our ds) and would like to swap any tips on how you prepare for fertility treatment. I know the usual - get fit, lose weight, cut out booze, caffeine etc. This time I have started acupuncture to try and reduce stress levels but does any-one else have any tried and tested tips?

aloha Sun 30-Jan-05 16:37:18

Zita West's website has info about this - I think it is - I've interviewed people who swear by Foresight's nutritional programme too, and by reflexology and acupuncture. Good luck.

aloha Sun 30-Jan-05 16:39:22


Moomin Mon 31-Jan-05 18:12:30

angelfire - will be starting on our 1st round of iui soon then ivf if that doesn't work. am thinking about having acupuncture - how has it been for you? did you have it during your first 2 lots of treatment?

vicdubya Mon 31-Jan-05 18:44:52

Hi Angelfire

I had acupuncture before last FET cycle (had ICSI previously) which resulted in ds.

It made me feel much more positive & relaxed, which has to be a good thing amid all that stress.

Wishing you loads of luck!

I am just wondering if/when we might try again.

How old is your ds?


angelfire Mon 31-Jan-05 19:15:28

I went for my first acupuncture session on Saturday - the acupuncturist was very calming and positive. I have had acupuncture before (years ago) but never in conjunction with fertility treatment. I guess I feel that I need to be tip top before IVF so I have tried to give it the best shot possible. I did not have acupuncture before my other attempts at ICSI but I had got superfit and run a marathon. My little boy is nearly 2 and me and DH have agreed 2 further (final) attempts at ICSI this year.

kittyb Thu 03-Feb-05 11:55:07

I found Zita West's book great. Preparing your body, importance of good nutrition, getting early nights. Goes into what you need to eat and why in a lot of detail. I have just had my first cycle (pregnancy test will be on 11 Feb). Lots of medical stuff in her book too, like endometrium should be 10mm thick and follicles should be 18 - 23mm, so you can follow your progress at each scan. I am reading and re-reading the "two week wait" chapter.

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