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How do you stop obsessing about TTC?!

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littleweed Sat 29-Jan-05 14:30:56

I know that you should relax on order to help teh whole conceiving thing, but I'm finding that in my typically anal obsessive personality type way that I feel I won't relax until I'm pregnant (if that makes sense). I have the big 4-0 soon adn had a mc last autumn & Ithink both are preying on my mind. TBH neither Dh or I have particulary high sex drives adn if it wasn't for both wanting another baby we probaly wouldn't BD from one month to the next. I can't bear the thought of not having another baby.He's more than up for it but how can I stop myself stressing about teh whole thing? i've got the temperature thing going on, OPKs all over teh place & have just bought a persona from ebay - so as you can see probably trying too hard - but i can't afford to wait....if there's any words of wisdom out there I'd be really grateful before i drive myself insane.

Angeliz Sat 29-Jan-05 14:34:15

I tryed for about 6 months to conceive number 2.
The dp and i took our dd (aged 3) away for a week.
I just wanted to enjoy time with them and TBH, I DID totally forget about ttc and had a few drinks every night and totally chilled out . DD still calls it the "happy holiday"

I'm expecting number 2 in 4 weeks...............gues when i conceived??

My advice would be to try and get away for a few days, leave all that stuf at home and relax,

BEST OF LUCK++++++++++

morningpaper Sat 29-Jan-05 15:36:19

I think you only stop obsessing when you get up the duff. I don't really believe that stuff about not-thinking-about-it-and-the-sperm-will-sneak-in.

munnzieb Sat 29-Jan-05 16:08:59

stop obsessing - what's that mean then! (we've decided to cool things off, even when DH returns as it's doing my health no good with the added stress, so we'll be using the whole sex with no protection idea and see how things go, will of course continue to use persona and also post my woes on here!

Moomin Sun 30-Jan-05 13:20:38

this sounds absolutely ironic and it's in no need a slurr on anyone *at all*, BUT i've found that keeping away from the ttc boards except for the occasional 'drop in' stopped me driving myself round the bend. everything started to reveolve around each poster's cycle and their bd'ing habits, their temp rises/falls and the real and imagined pg symptoms for the next 2 weeks. if you can hack it, it's an absolutely invaluable support network but it can suck you in and add to the obsessions and pre-occupation of ttc which draws you away from actually enjoying life a bit more (and hopefully relaxing, which is easier said than done!)
as i said, i really don't mean to have a go at anyone - it's just how i felt/feel.

marinda Mon 31-Jan-05 18:18:36

Luckily I am up the duff - but Littleweed relax I did not - had myself booked in with gnae on 24th feb- now have to go and say no need. I couldn't say I had much sex drive and DH found it hard going - I am afraid I used alcohol to relax me and at times drank too much to BD anyway !!!!!!!! BUT DID manage in end - If you drink you could try this when you get O on persona - if not not sure what to advise except don't give up !!!

littleweed Mon 31-Jan-05 18:46:13

thanks everyone. well I'm really hacked off as AF seems to have shown up again - on CD14! & we were really going to go for it this month. since the ERPc my cycle has been 35 days,28/10/35 and now this. i want to go back to the Dr but really ahve no idea what to say or ask for. am on teh verge of giving up as i fel someone is trying to tel me that it just ain't going to hapen, then I look at DS & think we need to carry on for him. so booze adn chocolate it is!

Slink Mon 31-Jan-05 18:56:54

Moomin i'm with you, i have been ttc no 2 for who knows when but felt very low when reading the ttc threads so i have stayed off them... apart from this one. good luck to you anyway littleweed xxxxx

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