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Anyone due AF on 4th July? Want to hold my hand and symptom spot?

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roseability Wed 25-Jun-08 12:43:49

That's it really! I have been feeling a bit nauseous and have been more aware of smells IYSWIM! Sore boobs on and off. Oh please, please, please let me be pregnant!

Playingthewaitinggame Wed 25-Jun-08 12:54:59

I'll join you, due the beginning of July myself. I'll happy to wait and sympton spot!

littlemissdaisy Wed 25-Jun-08 13:09:20

Hi, I will wait with you, I am due AF 7th July, according to FF I have been using CBFM for the first time this cycle and feel quite optomistic!!(As always)hmmI will just have to wait and see now. FF says test date of the 11th (19DPO)so going to try and hold out this month, I waste so much money on HPT, only really trust CB Digital, I have a hen night on the 12th so will need to know by then,

Playingthewaitinggame Wed 25-Jun-08 14:04:44

I'm with you miss daisy on holding out to test. Technically I am due CD35-38 (CD27 today) but am holding out till CD40 to test.

This is my first cycle of trying but I have been hanging around here since Jan waiting for our finances to be sorted out enough so we could try. I am determined not to waste a fortune on tests! On the plus side I have really sore boobs and they feel large (not that they are ever small) and heavy. On the negative side they always get sore before AF so its not exactly a new symptom, mind you I wouldn't have expected them to be sore this early, so one can always live in hope grin.

littlemissdaisy Wed 25-Jun-08 14:14:44

Sore (.)(.)'s are always my first symptom, not just sore but heavy like you say, and feel bigger, like rocks in fact when I fell PG in April, I had everyone in the office groping at them in fact blush although that pregnacy wasn't meant to be and I had a MC. Never mind we move on...

Playingthewaitinggame Wed 25-Jun-08 14:31:34

Well, I can live in hope then grin. Mind you again they regularly get heavy before AF (they are quite large anyhow) but they do feel a bit different, I could of course be making that up entirely!

Sorry to hear about your MC, fingres crossed for you this time!

TheBestMum Wed 25-Jun-08 14:48:57

I'll join you too. AF due July 5/6th so here's hoping...........
TTC dc#2 for 7 months & feel quite positive this month hmm Been referred to Fertility Clinic so tried persuading dh to bd more 'timely' this month so as to avoid him having to 'provide a sample' (in clinic where he works!! blush
Fingers crossed for everyone smile

SparklyPiliPala Wed 25-Jun-08 15:05:24

Can I join in too? Been TTC#2 for 8 months and AF is due on 4th July. Went for day 21 bloods for the second time today and should have the results in a week.
Is anyone else temping?
Good luck all!!

Playingthewaitinggame Wed 25-Jun-08 15:10:43

No sorry Sparkly. I have vowed not to temp or use Opk's for the first 6 months of trying. I really do not want to medicalise it too much. At the moment I am relying purely on CM and lots of sex. Feel I could come obsessed very quickly otherwise!

SparklyPiliPala Wed 25-Jun-08 18:18:38

I've been temping for 4 months (I think) and also using's hard not to obsess - more so when you try and analyse every temperature. I'm feeling shattered today. I'm prob a bit too close to OV to be symptoms spotting.

roseability Wed 25-Jun-08 22:47:10

well great you're all on board. This is month 6 of ttc number 2. Number 1 was conceived in the first month, so i'm not used to waiting (however I know I am incredibly lucky to have one gorgeous son already).
Today I have been feeling quesy all day, but would it be too early for such a symptom (CD 19)? I do think I ovulated early this cycle, going on EWCM and slight spotting I had on CD 10 and 11. I hope this was ovulation spotting and not my hormones playing up as I have PCOS. If I am not pregnant this month and it happens again, I will be making an appt with GP.
So I might be 1 week post conception (I know I am obsessing). My DS is 2.2 and just adorable at the moment, making me sooo broody for the next one. This is despite a traumatic birth and PND (saying I would NEVER do it again)! How things change!
Goodnight everyone. I really hope you all get your BFPs, lets keep in touch

tink08 Thu 26-Jun-08 09:31:50

hi i'll wait with you i'm due on july 5th so only just beginning to think about things this cycle as i try to switch off and not think about it ! well good luck to everyone smile

tink08 Mon 30-Jun-08 09:35:01

well just thought would check in with you guys and see if anyone had thought of testing yet wink
i'm due sat 5th july and already i feel a bit heavy so i dont think this is my month but still hoping you guys do grin
how are you guys feeling today ?

landoflove Mon 30-Jun-08 10:19:30

I'll join you too. This is cycle 4 ttc dc#2. Last time I got pregnant within 2 months with little effort but we haven't been so lucky this time. I'm 6DPO according to FF and AF due 8th July. Keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP this month. Good luck to you all

lastboxoftampons Mon 30-Jun-08 15:38:31

Hi all - can I play? I'm 5 or 6 (or even possibly 3!) dpo according to FF, due to test Sun 6 July or later depending on which O date we choose to believe! I'm voting for CD18! This is cycle 3 actively TTC for dc#1 - or it could be cycle 4 or 5 depending on when you count from wink nothing's ever cut and dry with me! grin Got pg our first official month trying in January, unfortunately ended in mc at 11 weeks, waited one cycle and have had two unsuccessful attempts.

I don't really have any symptoms at the moment and I'm pretty proud of myself for not monitoring every twinge! But I do have what must be horrific constipation - sorry TMI! - which had me in pain last night and still with a sore tummy today. Found myself googling progesterone and constipation earlier though blush must stop! grin

Fingers crossed for everyone here! and Hi Playing smile

MKG Mon 30-Jun-08 16:37:23

Hi can I join you for a bit?

I'm on CD 30 and my cycle varies between 28-32 days. I tested on Thursday and it was negative, so I'm waiting until Wednesday. I felt sick all last week and now nothing. I don't know if I want to be pregnant again, but I'm getting more excited at the idea. I'm tempted to go buy a test right now, but I'm retstaining myself.

My biggest symptom is my need to eat tomato products. I knew I was pregnant last time due to the fact that I put copius amounts of ketchup on everything. In my first pregnancy I drank a jar of marinara sauce in about 2 minutes, and yesterday i dumped marinara sauce in a bowl mixed in some ricotta cheese and called it lunch.

lastboxoftampons Mon 30-Jun-08 16:41:08

MKG I get that tomato cravings sometimes too - and I don't even like tomatoes! grin I think it has something to do with iron deficiency - which I think some women get in pregnancy. I used to get it around AF time, more so when I was younger, I think at university and not eating very much red meat - always wanted ketchup, tomato sauce, etc. grin

MKG Mon 30-Jun-08 16:46:37

Thankfully they're someone else. I always get made fun of for my tomato habit.

MKG Mon 30-Jun-08 16:47:13

there is, can't spell with toddler asking me for ice pops non stop.

Playingthewaitinggame Tue 01-Jul-08 17:17:36

So how are we all doing? CD33 still not cracked and tested yet! grin Due end of week but holding out till weekend to test.

Hi LBOT <waves>

MKG Tue 01-Jul-08 17:26:32

Tomorrow is testing day for me. It's taking a lot of restraint no to do one now. <dons straight jacket>

lastboxoftampons Tue 01-Jul-08 17:43:48

I've given in to FF and am accepting it's stupid CD20 as my O date, which means that I'm only 4dpo, due for AF probably next Monday and that our well-timed GOFing was not so well-timed after all sad No hopes are up this month.

TheBestMum Wed 02-Jul-08 14:30:17

I knew I would buckle under the excitement of waiting....but bfn on CD27 sad
Ususally have 29 day cycle so you never know....hmm
Will test again if still no AF on Sun 6th.
How's everyone else doing? Any bfp's yet??

tink08 Wed 02-Jul-08 16:17:32

hi everyone , i've been feeling a bit emotional today so i'm almost defo not pregnant this month but i'll wait and see coz no cramping yet hmm
anyone tested ?

Playingthewaitinggame Wed 02-Jul-08 16:27:09

No, CD34 and still not tested so doing well. Not feeling as confident about this month now. My sore boobs have def calmed down now, although they are still a bit sore and heavy, so maybe I had just had extra strong PMT this month. Anyhow, know way of knowing till AF comes and then I am sure I will end up testing just to make sure! If only pg symptoms weren't exactly the same as pre-AF symptoms, it would make life so much easier!

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