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Where to find good info about conception?

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WHIGERS Thu 27-Jan-05 09:20:41

I'm looking for information on conception. I want to get pregnant this month! I'm day 2 in to my period. I'm confused about when you ovulate and when it's good to make love. Anyone have a few pointers other than to make love every night this month, although I think my husband would be delighted about that.

munnzieb Thu 27-Jan-05 09:30:52

try fertility friend, good luck in TTC, the TTC thread is also good for info! How long have you been off of the pill? when U OV normally depends on the lenght of your cycle. but you need to look out for egg white mucus. (i know tmi for this time of day)

Bella23 Thu 27-Jan-05 09:33:56

My advice would be to look through the archive TTC threads as you will pick up lots of info.
Good luck

BellaLasagne Thu 27-Jan-05 09:44:26

...or, get yourself to the chemist and buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). They're usually with the pregnancy tests and look very similar (so don't pick up the wrong packet!!). They're quite expensive (£20) but supposedly pretty accurate.

They pinpoint the surge of Leutenising Hormone which happens in the 24-36 hours before you ovulate. There are full instructions in the packet; but basically you have to test your wee from a given day (it explains in the instructions how to calculate when to start - for a normal 28 day cycle it's cd12 I think) until you get a positive result which indicates the day before you ovulate. You then bd like mad over the next 24-48 hours, and (hopefully) hey presto!

It's worth noting in a diary or something how you feel at the time of ov, such as bigger boobs, any tummy twinges or cramping, and how your CM is (it should be stretchy and slippery like egg white) for future months if this one is unsuccessful to save you buying another kit.

Have a good old read of the ttc threads - there's loads of advice and support there, and good luck!

Tessiebear Thu 27-Jan-05 09:47:15

My best advice is to look for the change in your Cervical mucus (discussed in more debth on | But basically when it becomes the consistency of "egg-white" and is clear and stretchy - i.e you can literally stretch it between your fingers (sorry for TMI!) then you are starting your most firtile period and will ovulate within a few days. Get the egg white.... BD for a few days - Good Luck P.S it should arrive in the middle of your cycle (ish)

twiglett Thu 27-Jan-05 09:48:19

Hi Whigers

Hope the following helps

First off you only have a 25% of conceiving each calendar month, so even though you want to get pregnant THIS month (I know that feeling ), please try to be realistic

Making love every night is not a good idea really .. every other night is best for sperm and around the days of ovulation

If you know when your last period started then get an ovulation predictor kit from a chemist (clearplan are OK) .. they are expensive (about £22) but very worthwhile and then use it to pinpoint when you ovulate

then just try to relax (that one is impossible advice)

some people say resting afterwards with your bum on a pillow for 20 minutes also helps


I think the best book to read is Toni Weschler's How to Take charge of your fertility which explains all about charting

MeerkatsUnite Thu 27-Jan-05 10:14:38

Would partly agree with Twiglett's response however, there is not the slightest evidence that any particular position is more likely to help conception. This applies to positions both during and after intercourse. Legs up in the air for 20 mins post intercourse is not necessary!!. All women lose sperm from the vagina after sex. This is normal and depends on the volume of the semen ejaculated. The more discharge, the more sperm were there to start with. Enough sperm will get to the cervix, from where they don't escape.

I would also caution use of OPK's - apart from the expense of the things they are inadviseable to use if your periods are irregular in nature. It is not correct to assume that all women have only one rise in LH every month and that a rise in LH is immediately followed by ovulation.

Make love when you both feel like it and as hard as this is to do try to forget about any thoughts of it being "ovulation time".

WHIGERS Thu 27-Jan-05 13:06:43

Thanks everyone for your advice. I have not done alot of mumsneting but I am always so surprised and touched at the response I get. It's lovely.
Thank you all.

I've been off the pill for about 5 years and been using condoms ever since so no need to prepair body in that area. We already have a lovely daughter now 3 1/2. My periods are reg give or take a day to 28day cycle. We just started trying in Jan so it's is early day's,just v. excited about the prospect of a sibling for dd. Don't know about a ovulation predictor kit. One, we live in France so products are different and two, it really is early days and I don't want to get too obsessed with it just yet. I will take a look at the TTC thread though. Thanks again.

dramaqueen72 Thu 27-Jan-05 13:17:37

somewhere on ttc threads i found a link to an online chemist place..and got my opks (enough for a couple of months) very cheap (£7ish) and of course they would post to france too.actually they are quite handy IMO, as its helpful to see when your body does/or doesnt 'o'. you dont have to obsess with them, just try them for abit maybe. the egg white cm is a definate give away for me too.
*good luck* this month, i'm starting ttc again next month, so if you have no luck this time, come and track me down on one of the ttc threads and we can compare notes!

RudyDudy Thu 27-Jan-05 13:33:01

come and join us on the ttc threads - then you'll really get to see what obsessive looks like! I have learnt virtually everything I know about conception from them!

munnzieb Thu 27-Jan-05 13:36:13

speak for urself Rudy! lol.

coffeebean Thu 27-Jan-05 13:52:37

\link{\I tried most of these when ttc!!)

coffeebean Thu 27-Jan-05 13:52:38

\link{\I tried most of these when ttc!!)

coffeebean Thu 27-Jan-05 13:52:38

\link{\I tried most of these when ttc!!)

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