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Bonkers much more than just a ttc thread (and where there's no such thing as TMI)

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ChocolateEclair Thu 19-Jun-08 17:20:26

Hi guys grin
Here is the lovely new thread. Maybe we might get some newbies as well?!?!?

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 17:27:57

Oh well done. We would have ummed and arred for eternity about a title. grin

Yes, all newbies most welcome. The more the merrier!


Bellie Thu 19-Jun-08 17:29:36

Well done CE!!

(Am I still allowed to be here? Still not feeling like I should be on the due in..threads)

Glad that today went ok CE.

Sorry about your BFN HC, but there is still plenty of time (wags finger in the style of mjim) grin

stillwaiting Thu 19-Jun-08 17:31:35

I'm new grin. I'm intimidated by the size of your old thread so I'm getting in early.

TTC no3 for 14 cycles. Getting really sick of it now.

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 17:32:26

Yea yea Bellie-I know. I cause myself undue stress! <rolls eyes>


HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 17:34:58

Ooh stillwaiting-you are most welcome. Our old thread is so full as we are a load of gasbags. I know what you mean as I lurk on the temping threads but daren't join. I am TTC No 3 but only on cycle 2. 14 is a long time so no wonder you are fed up. Can we introduce you to Fertility Friend and OV sticks and thermometers or are you already doing that?


ChocolateEclair Thu 19-Jun-08 17:43:41

Hello to stillwaiting. Glad you felt you could join us. I promise we are not intimidating at all!grin. We just talk too much LOL!

Yes, you must be disappointed after 14 months. We are all trying a mixture of opk's, FF, temping and a bit of EWCM spotting!

Some of us are trying the every day approach to BDing, some are trying every other day! It's proving to not be conclusive which is better!! wink

Yes bellie - you are allowed here!!! That's why I put the title like that! (not just about ttc)

stillwaiting Thu 19-Jun-08 17:46:46

I have used ov sticks a few times but I've given up. I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating ok. DH had a prostate problem a while back which cost us a couple of months and now he's on steroids for asthma which is not ideal. At least its no3. If I was ttc no 1 I would be panicing by now.

CoteDAzur Thu 19-Jun-08 17:51:10

Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to TTC, as DD was convinced on 11th day of cycle by accident(surprise!) and we never did any TTC.

Waiting for my smear test to come and go in a couple of weeks to TTC.

I have no idea what any of those abbreviations mean, by the way. Is there a shortlist?

Bellie Thu 19-Jun-08 17:52:14

stillwaiting - welcome - have you been to the doctors yet?
I was on cycle 17 ttc no2 when my bfp came along so although it is really dishartening don't give up - it does happen!

HC - it will just mean when the bfp comes it is even more exciting grin

CE - have you booked your holiday yet?? Just realised that I am going to burgandy (loads of wine) in 4 weeks - can't drink or eat the cheeses I love either!!(what about snails?)

Bellie Thu 19-Jun-08 17:53:58

coteDAzur - welcome to you too smile
There is abbreiviations in the acroynm list above, but not sure that they are all covered. Between us we can probably answer them all though!

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 17:56:26

Welcome CoteDAzur and sending lots of positive vibes your way too. smile Keep up with the OV sticks as they help but make sure you wee on them as late at night as you can. Levels are higher then. smile


CoteDAzur Thu 19-Jun-08 18:01:07

Sounds like I will learn loads on this thread. I got OV sticks but didn't really understand how to use them.

We are hoping for a boy this time, although will be totally happy with a girl as well, of course. I'm told (and experience suggests) that boy babies are conceived at or very close to ovulation. Sticks predict ovulation 1-2 days beforehand. Not sure how to use them...

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 18:40:33

Ha-I am your woman! We have 2 girls and have been trying for a boy hence temping and OV sticks and Fertility Friend. Have read the book How to Choose the Sex of your Baby the natural way by Hazel Chesterman Philips. Basically, you have to do the deed on OV day and the next and that is it! But, you have to do the deed with a condom to keep the supplies building up then abstain for 3 days before so that a strong mix is sent in on the day. We have been having fun I can tell you-no romance involved at all, just a production line. grin


HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 18:42:06

Oh yes, my weeing on OV sticks has resulted in OVing the day after my stick is positive according to FF and my thermometer.

Look, am filling this thread aleady. grin


WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 19-Jun-08 19:39:33

Hello smile

Never thought I'd find myself on a TTC thread but I'm in the 2 week wait and my impatience has got the better of me!

I've just read about 20 threads on early preg signs and there's all sorts mentioned on them but not what I am was looking for: a strange warm, little bit tingly, little bit tense feeling in the um, fanjo! Anyone heard of that as an early sign?

Will have to swot up on the acronym list if I'm going to hang around in here from now on!

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 19:50:54

Hello and welcome WelliesAndPyjamas. I am also it the 2 week wait and am symptom spotting like a mad woman. I just have chronic cramping although a tingly fanjo sounds much better. grin When is your AF due? Mine is due on the 25th June so 6 days and counting.


ceebee74 Thu 19-Jun-08 19:52:08

Welcome to Stillwaiting, Cotedazur and Wellies smile - this is a fab thread! In fact those of us who are pg can't bear to leave!!

CE - love the new title - tis fab! Glad today went well and as someone else said, tomorrow will be better and so on. And, enjoy some wine at the weekend wink

HC - sorry about the BFN but you do know it is FAR too early!! What have you got planned for DD2's birthday? Is it next week?

Bellie - ooh all that wine and cheese - that is going to take some willpower!! I have got such an urge for Camembert that I have just said to DH, shall we have it tomorrow night and he told me off sad would it really be so bad if I made sure it was really runny and warm inside???

Am not in a good mood today - my car failed it's MOT today - it is only 3 years old fgs!! So now I need to get the brakes sorted and have it retested - and the infuriating thing is that I am planning on getting a new car (need a 5 door car now) in the next few weeks so it is just going to be a waste of money getting it fixed angry...grrrrrrr!!


WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 19-Jun-08 19:59:54

Oooo, that was quick! You guys do spend a lot of time in here, don't you! wink

AF also due in 6 days, HC, same day as you.

The tingly fanjo does sound fun now that I read my first post again!! It's certainly not painful so I can't complain, esp with DH away at the mo shockgrin

bummer about the car, cb74 sad

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 20:29:35

ceebee-isn't your car still under the 3 year warranty? Agree that a 5 door is a necessity.

Hey Wellies-we shall count down together. smile

Will be testing again tomorrow ladies for research purposes of course. wink Can't stop looking at photos of HPT's on FF some showing faint +ives at 8DPO shock Will be 11 DPO tomorrow. Will need to order more OV and HPT sticks if not PG this month. Can't believe I have nearly used 50 OV sticks. shock Am already eating for 2 BTW. grin


Bellie Thu 19-Jun-08 20:29:36

Hello to wellies (love the name grin) Like your symptom the best wink

ceebee - what a nightmare for you sad. I know obviously booking it worked for the ttc though (people always say book a holiday, change jobs etc and I never beleived them!!)

HC - now no converting wellies to your early testing partner wink. Testing again tomorrow???

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 20:34:12

ceebee-can't believe my gorgeous girl is 2 on the 27th June. shock Am having a small family Barbecue so lots of planning will be occuring next week.


HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 20:35:30

Now, did I suggest Wellies test with me eh, eh? grin

I am a prolific tester and cannot be converted!


WelliesAndPyjamas Thu 19-Jun-08 20:38:56

hi bellie!

you're testing already, HC? OK, I'm obviously new to all this... thought I'd have to wait until AF due date... but... will I resist the temptation to buy a test when I go to town tomorrow??

HumphreysCorner Thu 19-Jun-08 20:41:56

Ha, one should wait until one's AF is at least a week late. HC is an exception to this rule. wink grin


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