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new thread for over testers and symptom spotters!

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cakesandchocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 19:56:47

This is me..TTC no3, 6th cycle. Due AF (probably, all a bit hit and miss at the mo) on 23rd, already tested (-ve), silly I know, far too earlyblush
Have v sore boobs, or is it imaginary...
And I'm super tired, but then always am with a 3 and 1year old....
Anyone else out there?

Bronze Tue 17-Jun-08 20:01:36

Not really TTC as have said on another thread but a) would like to be b) there is a chance I may be.
I have over tested. I bought loads off ebay and seem to not be able to resist testing so it seems to be about three times a day.
I'm due af on 21st. I'm also supertired but have three children and dh has been away so it may hvae been that. I can feel my boobs tingling now but then that could be because I am due on.
I did a test this morning that had a wide very faint line. I can only describe is looking like it was grease. The test line is reddish pink.

piper84 Tue 17-Jun-08 20:03:54

count me in ladies.

4 dpo, already mad to test and imagining every symptom possible blush grin not due for another 11 days..............

luckyrabbitsfoot Tue 17-Jun-08 20:11:19

I used to end up prodding my boobs to see if they were sore....until they became sore from the prodding and then hey presto instant sypmtom

cakesandchocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 20:11:22

piper84 - how long have you been ttc? Is it your 1st?

cakesandchocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 20:13:16

maybe that's why they're sore. And why I get those funny looks at work, all the prodding...

cakesandchocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 20:24:24

here's a question... do you all stop drinking/eating lovely blue cheese/drinking caffeine etc etc at this time or do you wait for the bfp? I'm more middle of the road - i cut down a bit (def don't get drunk)but total denial seems a bit keen so early. maybe that's why i'm on 6th cyclesad

piper84 Tue 17-Jun-08 20:42:23

Hi Cakesandchocolate love the name i normally start the boobie prodding too about half way through the 2ww grin

LOL at middle of road, i'm the same, i normally dont drink on the 2ww, but keep the caffine and the cheese grin
we have been ttc#1 for about 2 yrs. started on clomid this year and got pg on the second cylce but it didtn work out and had a m/c .

this is my first month back on the clomid and only 4dpo and already symptom spotting <<the shame>> grin grin

Bronze Tue 17-Jun-08 20:46:21

I don't/never have but then I do do/have any of them in great amounts anyway.

Bronze Tue 17-Jun-08 20:47:05

I meant I don't have any...

piper84 Tue 17-Jun-08 21:01:07

Neither do i Bronze i imagine a lot of them though blush i wish i could just fast forward through the 2ww. i very nearly tested today blush grin

cakesandchocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 21:05:43

piper- hope it works out for you this time. Must be a real rollercoaster over the past 2 years.
It took 7mo with ds1 and only 2mo with ds 2 (pg1st mo but mc at 6weeks) The 1st 7mo wait was long enough!
Off now to have brie based supper - sure I have more smelly cheese, just in case it happens then can't have it!!

piper84 Wed 18-Jun-08 11:24:49

Hi C&C we feeling faily positive this time round. we are taking this as 1st month of trying.
blush some more symptom spotting off me this morning. Dreamt i was pg, which i never ever have before. and had AFy pains all morning but only 5dpo. blush
ok gonna stop symptom spotting now. i promise! grin grin grin

cakesandchocolate Wed 18-Jun-08 19:03:57

ok. so today have...
sore boobs, metallic mouth, nausea (ridiculous notion as it's far too early for that I think), tired, bit constipated.
and maybe an overacive imagination too!!
Why is 2 weeks sooo long?

piper84 Wed 18-Jun-08 21:32:01

I agree C&C this is the longest 2ww ever. 10 days to testing. i wonder will i last that long hmm doubt it grin when are you due?

bekkaboo Wed 18-Jun-08 21:43:46

hi can i join! 10 days till due on and counting everything as a sympton including my mad mood! Although been doing this for last 4 months with no luck! my symptons this month are!
bad mood, and horrible disturbing dreams!
Sore boobs, back ache like AF. And dropping of in front of TV in afternoon. yesterday spent all day weeing but today back to normal.

cakesandchocolate Thu 19-Jun-08 08:23:47

hi Bekkaboo and welcome to the wait! are you ttc no1?
This is the first time I've waited with mumsnet and I'm finding it a help and also thinkin it's a good omensmile
piper-Due on 23rd ish but maybe sooner maybe later, cycle all a bit haywire since started ttc.
Ifeel reeeally preggers but am gonna try and resist testing til saturday. donottest donottest...

bekkaboo Thu 19-Jun-08 13:40:20

Hi cakesandchoc we are trying for number 2! We have one DS (22 months) and we conceived him first time so guess thought the same would happen this time round.. i know it will hppen when he up there thinks the time is right.

bekkaboo Thu 19-Jun-08 13:40:23

Hi cakesandchoc we are trying for number 2! We have one DS (22 months) and we conceived him first time so guess thought the same would happen this time round.. i know it will hppen when he up there thinks the time is right.

piper84 Thu 19-Jun-08 21:33:41

Hi Bekkaboo! welcome to the 2ww wink, i'm the same as yourself due in 9 days, weather i can last till then without testing though is doubtful grin
Cakes&CHOC feeling preg is a good sign isnt it, my close friend said the first "symptom" she had was a feeling that she was. fingers crossed for you

ok my imaginary symptoms grin
need to wee a lot blush
sleepy in work all day hmm
afey cramps but not due for 9 days smile
and the worst symptom of all... coming home from work today and going mad cleaning the house from top to bottom grin

must repeat chant mustnottest mustnottest mustnottest

bekkaboo Thu 19-Jun-08 22:07:59

hey piper84, I need to ad cleaned house from top to bottom tonight and it feels great! 5 loads of washing ironing all done and put away. But im also like this when due on! Similar to when nesting in last preg x

piper84 Thu 19-Jun-08 22:36:13

Hi bekkaboo i am never like this, really gutted the house when i came home, poor dh didnt know wat was going on as he got ordered "out from under my feet" blush fingers crossed it is nesting for us both grin

cakesandchocolate Fri 20-Jun-08 08:20:56

Good morning!smile
Went out last night (was v good and did not drink!) End of meal felt like was gonna throw up. So either PG or result of too much eton mess?!!
boobs even bigger this morning.
Am waiting for ebay cheapy tests (£5 for 20!! why have I been wasting soo much cash at boots?!) this morning and am going to test. Fingers crossed..grin

piper84 Fri 20-Jun-08 22:30:23

Hi Cakes&Choc

have my fingers crossed for you your symptoms sound good when are you testing?

Same again for me today, af style cramps on and off and soooooooo tired , 7dpo so 1 week to go

Bronze how are you?

Bronze Sat 21-Jun-08 11:28:33

Nothing either way.
I'm thinking not.

Oh well wasn't meant to be. I think I would have panicked if I was anyway.

Good luck to all those of you who are really wanting (to be) though.

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