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2WW-ers - anyone due around June 21st want to wait together?

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cabbagepatchkid Tue 10-Jun-08 11:59:30

I am due between June 21st and June 28th. Will be on holiday most of that time though - am trying to debate whether to take test stick with me. If due 21st then probably didn't BD at right time, if it's a 35 day cycle though I will have.

Great to wait with you...

tomtum Tue 10-Jun-08 14:28:50

I'm due around the 21st, I think... There must be more of us out there!

P.S. I'm new to adding messages so I might be a bit hit and miss blush

Alibobster Wed 11-Jun-08 11:56:08

I'm due between 21st and 23rd so I'll join please

tomtum Wed 11-Jun-08 12:50:02

Think I need to go back to BBT again - was hoping to get away with CM only, but that was wishful thinking.

imaginarybluelines Wed 11-Jun-08 13:31:49

Hello there lovely ladies,
I am due around the 20th / 21st (I think - AF has only just resumed last month due to breastfeeding etc, so no idea if I am even ovulating or if it will even come back this month anyway!)
I would very much like to wait with you, as I am fighting the urge to test already. blush
So have you all been TTC for long? Let's hope this is our month! wink

tomtum Wed 11-Jun-08 18:28:47

Only four months so far this time... took about a year with DS1, but would like another asap smile.
My cycle also seems odd at the moment - stopped breastfeeding in November, but still a bit weird (31-42 days) hmm

cam75 Thu 12-Jun-08 12:53:25

hi all i am due to test 23 please can i join?

tomtum Sat 14-Jun-08 19:19:09

Anyone started symptom spotting yet?!

imaginarybluelines Sat 14-Jun-08 20:27:41

Like a crazy thing tomtum. I have never tried to work out things like when I ovulate before, and so am not really sure when it happened this cycle. I am guessing day 14/15 due to EWCM but may be completely wrong. Anyway - that makes me about 7/8 dpo, and I am symptom spotting like mad. I have felt very achy and crampy for the last 2 days, and have been sooooooo tired since Thursday - weirdly, ridiculously tired. But who knows, eh? I hate this waiting though - I keep reading the testing instructions with the First response test I ave waiting upstairs, wondering if it would be crazy to test mon / tues. When is everyone on here going to test? Or are you all going to be good and wait till sat?

Hi cam75... join us and chat!

Anyone else got pg symptoms?

cherubtastic Sun 15-Jun-08 15:06:36

Hiya I'm due Sat (ish) too. Feel stupidly tired but that's about it so far. Have even been napping in the day when DS does which is unlike me. I had really sore boobs from day of ov last time and crampy and achey but none of that this month. We've BD every other night so fingers crossed. Am hoping to wait to test until Sat but will probably cave about Thurs grin

Yes take that test with you Cabbagepatchkid!

imaginarybluelines Sun 15-Jun-08 20:03:51

Hi Cherubtastic.
I hope this week whizzes by as I am getting so impatient. Although in a way I guess it's quite nice at the mo not really knowing, and thinking maybe I am pregnant, and not having that illusion spoiled by a neg result or a period! I hope I make it as far as Thurs without testing! I feel very periody and sick today... but think that's actually just because I have stuffed myself silly!

cherubtastic Sun 15-Jun-08 20:29:23

LOL Imaginarybluelines (love the name!). I thought the same - was at a BBQ earlier and half way through a very virtuous chicken breast and salad I suddenly felt sooo sick. Have now felt nauseous all p.m and am starting to read anything and everything into it hmm Can nausea really be a symptom so early??? grin

Roll on Thursday.....

imaginarybluelines Sun 15-Jun-08 20:41:29

hmmmmmmmm I don't think it can really... but let's just pretend! Is this your first cycle of trying? It's my first month of trying ince period came back last month (breastfeeding still...) which makes things even more confusing.

cherubtastic Sun 15-Jun-08 21:09:41

I'm still bfeeding too. My period came back in April so have been trying since then.

imaginarybluelines Sun 15-Jun-08 21:22:00

That's interesting... are your cycles the same length as before? Does yor period keep coming regardless of how many feeds DS has (ie if he is poorly and he has more milk?) I have no idea whether I will even get my period back this month as think DD may have fed a bit more than the previous month. Not sure if it will affect ovulation etc. Think I am being a bit optimistic too thinking it might happen the first month of trying.

cherubtastic Sun 15-Jun-08 21:32:55

No they were really short before but now 7-10 days longer. Actually DS has been ill where he had nothing but bm for 2 days but I still got a period. I am a bit concerned that still b'feeding has affected ovulation though as it is that that it's supposed to supress (right word??) isn't it? Am paranoid that I'm thinking I have a cycle/period etc but am not actually ov'ing. I do feed probably more than I should at his age though hmm

cherubtastic Sun 15-Jun-08 21:34:37

My friend fell after 1st period btw. Assumed she was having irregular cycles as it didn't turn up the following month wink

imaginarybluelines Mon 16-Jun-08 07:52:43

Good morning cherub. I have been wondering what happens if BF increases for ages, so your post was really helpful, thanks. It's good to know that your period returned despite lots more BF than usual. I know what you mean about being paranoid that your not ov'ing. I have no idea what could be going on! I am doing my testing and due date calculations on the fact that my period used to be 28 days long. I wonder if it still is? Might be longer to I suppose. Also got lots (sorry tmi coming up) of ewcm stuff this morning - very weird! And not used to monitoring that either so no idea whether that's normal for me of not.
The fact that your friend got pregnant quickly is making me feel more hopeful though.

NotSoNewAnymore Mon 16-Jun-08 09:38:50

Hi there!! Can I join pppplllleeeeaaassseeee smile

I am also due between the 21st & 25th June and am symptom spotting non-stop. I temp and had a rather convincing looking 'implantation' dip at 5 dpo...which isn't helping me to resist the temptation to test!

I am trying to ttc my first baby - this is my second pregnancy as I lost the first at 10 weeks in March.

cherubtastic I know what you mean about feeling nauseous and wondering if it is a symptom...I have also convinced myself it could be a sign hmm

imaginarybluelines Mon 16-Jun-08 13:19:23

Hi notsonew. I am afraid I know nothing about temping... but whatever a dip is it sounds promising, so fingers crossed for you. Really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Let's hope we all have some good luck this time around.

cherubtastic Mon 16-Jun-08 20:01:18

Evenin IBL - Ooooh ewcm is a great sign! I had tons the month I fell pg. Grab hubby NOW!!! grin

Implantation dip??? tell me more, when should it happen? how big is it? How long does it last?

Where are my manners. I meant to say "hello" Notsonewanymore!!!! grin

tomtum Mon 16-Jun-08 20:43:50

Hi Notsonewanymore - what you said there about an implantation dip had me looking back at the chart I did when I became pg with DS.. didn't understand it at the time, but I had a big dip at 5 dpo, so hope this is a good sign for you.

BTW, are we all feeling nauseous now? Hope that's a good sign too!

queenie1 Mon 16-Jun-08 22:24:52

Can I join you lovely ladies too please?

Two MC's later, still ttc and feeling very hopeful (again) this month (silly, silly me).

Cycles are very eratic post MCs but this month had loads of EWCM on CD 10, 11 and 12 (and bit more again on 14, 15!). Been BDing at least every other day during his time so think have it covered. If my cycle is 28 days this month (and that's a big if), I'm due June 24th...already convincing myself (or talking myself into believeing) my boobs feel sore...

Lets share imaginary symptoms together... grin

cherubtastic Tue 17-Jun-08 13:46:30

Hi Queenie
Welcome and sorry to hear about your m/c's - been there too sad

I am still feeling icky today and need to pee more. Am very blush though as squeezed my boobs after reading ur post to check - nothing hmm

So who's going to be testing tomorrow???? Or has anyone tested already???? grin

imaginarybluelines Tue 17-Jun-08 17:56:25

Welcome Queenie and Hi everyone grin
This week is going verrry verrry sloooooowly indeed! I am so rubbish at waiting and not knowing. I am realising what an impatient person I am!

So sypmtoms have been abundant today!
crampy pains (very periody!)
short tempered (vry periody!)
tons of cm (not sure why this is happening! Thought ov happened about 1 and a half weeks ago!)
Feeling queasy.

All could just mean period on the way though, although I don't normally notice it this early if sue Sat. But then again, maybe I am not looking!

How's everyone else? Not long to go till testing can start. When's everyone going to test?

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