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AF due on 17/06/08. Anyone else?

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Ella74 Tue 10-Jun-08 11:46:55

Hi! This 2ww is driving me crazy. Can't think of anything else. Have already done 2 tests Yesterday I had so many symptoms but today apart from being incredibly tired nothing. Anyone else?

Yarnie Tue 10-Jun-08 11:55:44

AF due on 18/06, I think. Not a single solitary symptom over here hmm I don't know whether it makes the 2ww better or worse!

emma2617 Tue 10-Jun-08 12:04:34

No idea when AF is due but I will be on CD 30 on 17th so I'm guessing I'm due about that time!!

I have been peeing a lot, feeling sick recently, SUPER tired and very gassy...which is making it hard not to test too early...hence 5 tests under the belt so far blush but I have promised myself I won't test again til Thursday!!

Ella74 Tue 10-Jun-08 12:58:00


Emma,I am pleased I am not the only one testing so early. I promised myself not to test till then as well so let's meet up here on Thursday and see what happened.

bamamama Tue 10-Jun-08 13:13:17

Ok, I swore I wouldn't do this but count me in. I'm due sometime between this friday and next Wednesday. Have been convinced not pregnant for the last week or so but DH commented earlier that I keep complaining about things smelling strongly so now I'm symptom spotting.

Will def not be testing until next Saturday Wednesday.

Oh, and the last 2ww thread I was on had no bfps so I hope I'm not the kiss of death for you!

Feelingblue2day Tue 10-Jun-08 13:28:54

Hi, AF is due on the 18th for me!! No signs yet though apart from being hungry all the time. Although we didnt BD alot this month we still mamaged to do it on 3 days before i OV, so although i have a strong feeling IM NOT PG there is still a little bit that says i could be!!

The last thread i was on was very sucessfull and had lots of BFP so lets hope this one will too. Lots f baby dust to you all

Ella74 Tue 10-Jun-08 13:37:48

Bamamama, I am pleased you joined in. This one will be the lucky one.
I think I am soooo pregnant It's only 1 week since ovulation and I had all symptoms a pregnant woman can possibly have. Amazing! grin

Ella74 Tue 10-Jun-08 13:40:58

Hi Feelingblue2day, you can be pregnant! Apparently they can survive up to 5 days so let's hope.

emma2617 Tue 10-Jun-08 14:29:02

Ella74 Ive been convinced I'm pregnant for a week already too (so about 6/7 DPO) but I'm trying not to get my hopes starting to think I might not be, but that could just be the result 5 BFNs from testing too early!!!

I really hope I am though as it's all falling into place, DP just found out he's got the new job he applied for which means a definate 2.5K extra a year and potential extra 6k a year in quite acheivable bonuses...perfect pennies for a baby!!!!! grin

Here's hoping!

Feelingblue fingers crossed...there is every chance you could be pregnant!!!

Ella74 Wed 11-Jun-08 10:40:21

Good morning, I am also a bit sceptical today. Only because I don't have as many symptoms as I had earlier. But I do still feel dizzy and a tiny bit sick. I am thinking if there is something growing inside me, surely I must feel different.
How are you all feeling?

Mandy73 Wed 11-Jun-08 11:11:23

Hi Ella + guys,

Can I join please?

Babymama, you tested yet??
Emma, congrats to DP and you; good job + BFP would be great combo indeed.

Feelingblue2day, yeah let's hope you bring lots of luck here!

Me: AF due Sun 15/06 (TCC #1 for 10 cycles) and going slowly maaad... Won't test, won't test... Was convinced something was different around CD 22-23 with unusually sore (.)(.) and strange flour-y white CM which I've never had before blush - sorry! Hope fading fast with the arrival of light brown CM I always get before AF yesterday though. sad

How are you feeling today? Baby dust to all: ****************

Mandy73 Wed 11-Jun-08 11:13:21

Sorry Babymama you said next wednesday!
Hello Yarnie sorry I missed you.
You see? Mad, mad, mad.

emma2617 Wed 11-Jun-08 11:15:58

Welcome Mandy the more the merrier!! I'm feeling a little less 'symptomy' that the last few days but despite this I tested this morning with first response and got a BFN sad But with no sign of AF as yet there is still hope...for all of us!!! Positive mental attitude and all that...not that you can think yourself pregnant, but you know what I mean!!! grin

LullyMummaOfOne Wed 11-Jun-08 15:39:19

Hi can i join, my AF is due around the 18th. Fingers cross for us all x

Yarnie Wed 11-Jun-08 16:08:50

Hi LMO! AF is due on the 18th for me too! Fingers crossed, eh? Do you have any symptoms?

Emma LOL! Imagine if we could think ourselves pregnancy. MN would be overrun with sproglets!

Mandy Here's hoping you've misread your cm (I make it sound like tea leaves or something grin).

Ella I'm sure these things ebb and flow, so don't fret yet. I'm with you on the idea that you must feel different if you're pregnant, though and I feel totally normal. Having said that, the amount of people who are shocked to find they are pregnant (accidentally or otherwise) suggests you don't necessarily feel that different. That's what I'm hanging onto, anyway wink

As I say, I'm pretty sure it's not my month as still not even a whiff of anything out of the ordinary. I'm dashing around like a mad thing though, so unless my body was shouting at me, I don't think I would "hear" it.

LullyMummaOfOne Wed 11-Jun-08 16:17:07

Hi Yarnie, not really had any symptoms apart from being hungry all the time. I cant stop eating. I had this when preggers with my DS and i also get it before AF, my boobs are a little tender but no more than normal for AF. Im not sure about this month as DH has been away so its been hard to BD. Lets just cross our fingers and toes!

Yarnie Wed 11-Jun-08 16:19:23

"think ourselves pregnancy"?? A bit of pre-pregnancy brain, perhaps?

Ella74 Wed 11-Jun-08 23:53:59

Welcome Lully My boobs are tender as well which just worries me because that's how I feel before AF.

Yarnie , I was reading on the anti-natal threads and there are a lot of 6 weeks preggies who still have no symptoms!

Emma Staying positive is the way to go. I think it's lovely to at least still have a chance that it could have happened. The 2 weeks after AF are definitely more boring.

Mandy welcome here. I have similar CM as you described (the white one) and tender boobs as well. Have you tested yet?

Bamamama Wow you are due from this Friday! Are you sure you want to wait with testing until next Wednesday?

Feelingblue2day how are you feeling? are there still no signs?

I feel a litle bit sick and tired. Didn't test today but will tomorrow. It's only 9 DPO but have these very sensitive pregnancy tests (10 mlU) Will let you know. Good night.

Yarnie Thu 12-Jun-08 09:28:39

We're moving into the realms of HCG detectability (according to the claims of certain early response HPTs). Who's going to crack first! grin

I'm definitely not testing until after AF is due as am certain it would be a waste of money, what with not having any symptoms.

emma2617 Thu 12-Jun-08 09:40:15

Well, I tested yesterday...after 4 previous tests!!!! So I am definately not cracking! I am going to wait until Monday...I will make it without testing!!! only 3 FMUs to remain strong through

LullyMummaOfOne Thu 12-Jun-08 11:08:41

Good morning all! Hope all is well. Stil no real symptoms as yet but im trying to not think about it too much. Last month i was really gutted it was a BFN so im not getting my hopes up this time. Im April me & DH went on our 2 week honeymoon and ended up BD every day (sometimes even twice a day) in the hope that we would get lucky so i was really hoping last month.

Im not sure how long it takes for your body to get back to normal fatility once having the marina coil removed. Is it instantly?
Im also concerned about my weight this time round. Im at least 2 stone heavier than i was before DS was conceived. Think i need to joing a slimming club to shed a few pounds!

How is everyone else today, anymore symptoms??

bamamama Thu 12-Jun-08 11:12:32

Well, of course I cracked and tested today - BFN. Still, my last cycle was 32 days so that takes me up to next Tuesday. My shortest cycle in the last ten months was 24 days so who can tell when I'm actually due!

Have been feeling quite sick, really sore boobs, weird sense of smell so ticking a lot of boxes however I ticked a lot of boxes last month aswell hmm.

Who knows? I now have to be strong and try and keep away from the other test I have until at least Saturday Sunday Monday.

Let's hope this is a lucky thread!

Yarnie Thu 12-Jun-08 11:33:06

Sorry about the BFN Bamamama. Sounds like could be early days for testing, though. No more testing til Monday! Be strong grin

Ella74 Thu 12-Jun-08 12:48:01

Hi everyone, Have tested today - BFN. But only 9 DPO so probably too early. Let's hope the implantation took place later rather than sooner or not yet so there is still hope for all of us!!! Have 2 tests left so might do one tomorrow and the last one on Sunday. AF due from Tuesday so will be knickers spotting from then. Not many symptoms today, just sore breasts but feel very positive and cheery despite the BFN so might be the hormones kicking in?

Mandy73 Thu 12-Jun-08 13:06:57

LMOO, hi there. Don't know about the coil, sorry. I think the weight thing is exaggerated but if you do want to lose a bit TCC a helluva motivator, no? (I'm still about 1/2 stone overweight - the worst bit to lose in my book but GP said not to worry). It's mainly cutting down on drinking that's helped me. I'm v lazy & love crisps. grin Oh, and BDing is good exercise, eh?

Yarnie, I'm with you on this one. My test isn't even burning in the knicker drawer yet.

Babamama, so sorry! But steady on, it's not over until AF sings (what I'm clinging on to anyhow).

Emma, be strong! You can do it. Have you something to take your mind off this?

Feelingblue, how are you doing? x

Ella, hope you're feeling better today. Have you ever had that flour-y, almost 'grainy' CM before? I haven't, it's normally more 'milky' at that time, so got my hopes right up (having heard things change up there in v early PG) fool that I am. What's these super tests then?

I'm not testing until Sunday but I'm sure AF will catch me before; tomorrow or Sat. Boobs not sore any more, brown CM has stopped, getting dry, pinches in lower tummy, irritable/weepy like hell for 2 days. Oh well. Must stay positive.

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