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TTC 3rd giving me 3 under 3 if lucky this month, anyone else had the same age gap and have you SURVIVED?

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jollyjolly Mon 09-Jun-08 23:09:27

Ok. I have 2 DS's 1 2 in a couple of weeks, and one 8 months old. If lucky in the next few months, my 3 children at time of delivery will be 2, 1 and 0, anyone else had such a close age gap and did you survive, am i mad?

glaskham Tue 10-Jun-08 14:47:44

i had 2 with only a 15.5mth gap and now dd is 2.2y i plan to have another.... i doubt i could ahve coped with a 3rd before now.... but if you think you can then you go girl.... get it all out of the way!!!

StripySails Tue 10-Jun-08 14:57:16

I am doing it. DC3 born two weeks before DC1's birthday (all roughly 18 months apart). DC3 is now 3 months. I'm really pleased with my crowd. It was all planned this way and having done it wouldn't have it any other way. It helps that all 3 seem to have fairly chilled personalites. The first two bicker a bit, and it's difficult trying to police them while feeding the baby but I actually find it easier than when supervising DC1 whilst feeding DC2. Experience helps, by number three less things will faze you, and there's a big element of going with the flow. Leave hours to do anything like leave the house. And don't count the nappies, DC1 still wears them at night, 3 nappy sacks lined up at the top of the stairs every morning is a sight. Some days I'v done 5 nappies before 9am.

I think the negatives (hard, hard work) are massively outweighed by the positives of having them so close in age. I would encourage anyone to go for it. The days and weeks quickly turn into months and suddenly they are all that bit older.

Good luck!

StripySails Wed 11-Jun-08 13:30:58

Just realised this should read DC3 born two weeks before DC1's 3rd birthday. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense!

jollyjolly Mon 28-Jul-08 20:58:56


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