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***Lets support eachother again- you know who you are ***

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mummy2olivia Mon 09-Jun-08 20:32:06


charliesmum, nandos, beakas, sugr, cornflower, poppy, becky and everyone else who miscarried in may/june 2008....

We have all been very brave together and supported eachother. For those of us that are ready, it may be time to support eachother again as we return to TTC. Lets hold hands, remember our loss and give a nod to the future as we endeavour to procreate and............

SHAG!! grin

As promised, a thread to stay in touch. Will also see you on the MC avengers thread. smile

charliesmum22 Mon 09-Jun-08 20:45:02

Got a bit teary as I started to read your post then m2o, but then the word SHAG popped out and I started to smile smile

Wow, this is a huge step isn't it? I have butterflies in my tummy even just posting on this thread! Let's hope we can stay in touch and help each other through what is bound to be a tentative time.

Fingers crossed that this is an incredibly lucky thread - think we all deserve it wink

mummy2olivia Mon 09-Jun-08 20:50:52

Definitely needs to be a lucky thread!!! After 15 months last time I need some frickin' luck!!

Am waiting for AF then going at it hammer and tong....

charliesmum22 Mon 09-Jun-08 21:33:29

AF just coming to an end for me. Is such a big decision to be actively ttc again. Think we are going to 'see what happens'. Mind you, that's what we said a couple of weeks before finding out we were pg again!

Really must go to bed grin

mummy2olivia Mon 09-Jun-08 21:36:15

Lightweight smile

Actually think AF is here. Am bleeding again and have that AF feeling- fingers crossed.

nandos Mon 09-Jun-08 23:08:45

here i am
m2olivia, am waiting for AF to come too. also need lots n lots n lots n lots of luck (x 100 more) when ttc this time.
charliesmum, hope you will be lucky this time round after 'seeing what happens' later
gdnite everyone

BeckyBendyLegs Tue 10-Jun-08 08:21:52


Good morning! I'm waiting for AF too but not due for at least two weeks I reckon (that is if I keep to my very regular 28 day cycle of before and if I do that after an MC I'd be amazed) so lots of practice shagging in the meantime (ooooh so boring to use condoms at the moment - just seems so wrong somehow to keep those little spermy guys away).

poppy27 Tue 10-Jun-08 14:34:42

m2o lol at shag!
This will hopefully be a good luck thread for us all. We definately deserve it.
Hoping that Af comes in 2 wks then I would know my cycle was back to normal like after prev mc. Really need to get back on the bonking bandwagon as dh must feel like he is really neglegted at the mo!

Onwards and upwards.

BeckyBendyLegs Tue 10-Jun-08 14:48:52

Well I don't expect there will be many posts on this thread soon...we'll all be too busy on the bonking bandwagon to be typing messages here!

nandos Tue 10-Jun-08 16:11:31

lol not yet for me becky
dh getting more desperate by the day lol wink

HtheH Tue 10-Jun-08 18:12:44

Have just posted on Sad and Miserable thread, but anyone know if you ovulate when pregnancy test still showing positive? My bleeding has stopped after ERPC but still 'pregnant'. Any chance we can conceive before next natural period? A bit confused. Thanks everyone for all your support over the last few weeks, couldn't have done it without you all.

BeckyBendyLegs Tue 10-Jun-08 19:21:08

I think I might have just ovulated today. I usually get a slight cramp and then discharge and I've had the latter without the former so's hoping! I think it is very possible to concieve before the first post MC period. I'm sure there was someone on the Dec 08 thread who posted to say they had sadly had an MC and then a couple of weeks' later posted to say 'hey everyone I'm pregnant and due in Jan 09 now!' Does that ring any bells with anyone else?

Last time I had an MC I concieved before the second period after the MC (first month of trying) and nine months later had DS2 so I hope that brings some hope to everyone. We are supposed to be extra fertile after an MC, or so they say.

mummy2olivia Tue 10-Jun-08 21:21:50

Keeping my fingers crossed for extra fertility. Although am really just waiting for everything to get back to normal still sad boo!!

HtheH Tue 10-Jun-08 23:41:32

Let's all just think positively. I know having this new thread to focus on has done me the world of good. Any tips please and all healthy and happy thoughts should be focused on this new thread. Just one thing. Anyone else got a close friend who was due in Dec'08 and happily still pregnant? Still finding it very difficult being around mutual friends and trying to be excited and happy for her when we had exactly the same due date. Very very hard.

charliesmum22 Wed 11-Jun-08 16:34:32

Hi HtheH, just read your previous post - didn't see it on sad & miserable. Think you must be able to ov when pg test is still +ve. Mine was +ve a couple of weeks ago, and have had first AF since then. Presume I ov'd, felt like it anyway.

Yes there is a chance you can conceive before your next period - after my 1st mc that's exactly what happened to us, resulting in ds who's chattering away to himself upstairs (he's meant to be sleeping hmm)

Re your friend, that must be v difficult. The last thing you need is a constant reminder of where you would have been without mc. Poor you sad Let's hope we'll all be pregnant and getting fat very soon smile

Becky, I like your hopeful story re DS2. Feel a bit angry with my doctor as she said to wait a month before ttc, but I would've been happier trying straight away as last time that's when I fell pg v quickly. Think you're meant to be more fertile then? Am now thinking I won't be as fertile as have had a period, but we'll see.

m2o, I have my fingers crossed for us all too.

nandos Wed 11-Jun-08 19:20:02

ok everyone..
time for me to get my lazy bum here and type something on MN
m2olivia, fingers crossed too .. how r u feeling today btw?
i still havent got the romance mood back. someone must have stolen it from me or i might have lost my mojo or something lol
AF might be due sometime around weekend cos' i dont feel pregnant and dont think i am hmm

BeckyBendyLegs Thu 12-Jun-08 08:17:47

Feel a bit crampy today: is this AF coming early? Ovuation? Nerves? Have I eaten my breakfast too quickly?? Ooooh too much analysing! My body doesn't feel like it belongs to me at the moment, I don't know if anyone else feels like this. I also feel so flabby around the middle (so not terribly sexy yet).

mummy2olivia Sun 15-Jun-08 11:01:09

Becky- I have felt like that since this all started, I just don't know what my body is doing!! very frustrating.

Pretty sure I have 1st period at the mo.

Have come over from 'sad and miserable' now.

Let the shagging commence!! grin

charliesmum22 Sun 15-Jun-08 13:21:35

Hello! Think this thread might be about to see a bit more action wink

m2o AF finished for me a few days ago, so now am wetting myself at the thought of ttc again, but am v excited at the same time. How do you feel? We might have a few problems as for the next three months (at the forecasted BD'ing times) we have DH's parents staying, then I am away for a week the following month, and the same again in August. Can't see how it's going to happen! DH said we could have a sneaky shag whilst they're here next week but I'm not sure. It just feels wrong grin

Did you do anything different the month you conceived?

Nandos and Becky, how are you doing? Becky, did AF arrive?

HtheH how are you?

monkeybumsmum Sun 15-Jun-08 13:26:52

It's me, charliesmum - thought I would namechange as I don't want anyone in RL to find out early if we do get pg. Maybe I'm being a bit hopeful, but you never know!

mummy2olivia Sun 15-Jun-08 13:43:34

The month I conceived I had been having acupuncture for 3 months- the only thing we did different was vits (vit E and b6) and on zita wests advice had sex everyday. DH has a very high count and slightly low morphology and she reckons that the sperm can become deformed if they are saved up cos they get cramped and cannot move properly. Before that we had been saving up for 1 or 2 shags on day before O. Does not work in my experience- every day is the way to go. It takes 30-40 ejaculations for a man to run out of sperm and thats impossible!!

monkeybumsmum Sun 15-Jun-08 17:26:29

Have you continued to have acupuncture? Are you taking a pregnancy vitamin - or just the E and B6? Sounds like perfect sense to be shagging every day, lucky dh! My dh would think all his christmases had come at once if that were him grin

Hopefully this time round you'll get pg much quicker, I really hope so.

mummy2olivia Sun 15-Jun-08 18:20:14

Am not having acupuncture at the mo. The lady that was doing it was really nice and positive about me getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I feel a bit bad going back blush

Had reflexology last week and that made my bleeding very heavy which in turn made the pg tests negative finally so may continue with that and see how I go. Loved acu but the travel was a bit inconvenient too and kind of cancelled out the relaxation bit!!

Am taking the marilyn glenville supplement plan and so is DH. This is what we take;

ME- Boots own pregnancy vit- really good balance of vitamins plus DHA

Vit B6 x 50mg 1 a day

Vit E x 400iu 1 a day

Flaxseed oil x 1000mg 1 a day

Zinc x 15mg 1 a day

Vitamin C x 1000mg a day

DH- 1 x wellman a day

all of the above apart from the pregnancy vit and the vit B6 plus

L'arginine x 1000mg a day

L'cartinine x 500mg a day

There is a study on marilyn glenvilles website that shows pretty impressive results with this supplement plan. Its costing us an arm and a leg but is worth it.

So my plan is.....

1) Chill, dont think about TTC. The only place I will talk about it is here with you guys. I found that before I was getting very wound up and thinking about it ALL THE TIME. Dont want to feel like that this time.

2) reflexology once a month.

3) supplements.

4) sex every day- for fun!!! NO BDing!!! Just lots of sex and shagging. grin

5) take 1 x 75mg aspirin when I get a BFP. I know the general consensus is not to but am going to. blush

6) having lots of fun and making plans cos I dont want my life on hold.


monkeybumsmum Sun 15-Jun-08 18:55:39

Completely understand you not going back to the acu lady. V interesting re reflexology, might look into it.

Wow, that's a lot of supplements, but if they work, then they're defo worth it. Your plan sounds great - I'm with you on the first point. When we were just pg I told loads of friends but this time I'm not going to tell anyone we're even trying. Last time was a surprise, but the time before (with DS) I did have a few friends I mentioned it to (ttc). I agree that it's not good to be getting obsessed with it, and I'm going to try v hard not to. Knowing that it's probs not going to happen over the summer is not a bad thing - if it does it'll be fantastic, but knowing there's such a small chance makes me feel much more relaxed about it.

I count myself lucky to be able to come and chat on here. Would be a nightmare 'ttc' and not being able to talk to anyone (other than dh) about it.

Yippee re plans - have you got anything exciting in mind? I've just booked for me and DS to go and meet my mum and aunt in Milan in October for a shopping trip , am v excited! Mum had an op on Monday which went v well so it's a bit of a celebration really... Something for her to aim towards smile

I don't know anything about the aspirin thing - what does it do, and why shouldn't you do it?

mummy2olivia Sun 15-Jun-08 19:00:54

Have just seen stuff on here saying not to do it without guidance but think lots of women do. hmm Am gonna do it. shouldnt do any harm.

We are holidaying in greece in august and a couple of wkends away in Oct. 1st wedding anniversary 1st December and would like to take DH away.

Told a few people I was trying TTC but am now gonna keep quiet and if anyone 'pries' I will tell them all about my MC to shut them up!

Look at the marilyn glenville website at her advice on MC- the study she did is well impressive.


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