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nearly ttc but not quite there yet....

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dramaqueen72 Sun 23-Jan-05 10:40:13

our inbetween thread! seems there are some of us almost at the brink of ttc, after our previous struggles, but not quite there yet, either emotionally, or time wise. so i thought we should 'move up' from our sad m/c threads and come chatter here!
personally i'm excited at the thought of ttc, but its not just yet, so needed a place to stay in touch with everyone, and meet new mumsnetters who are also 'nearly ready'. so whos with me?

pinkdiamond Sun 23-Jan-05 11:36:33

Message withdrawn

dramaqueen72 Sun 23-Jan-05 15:43:11

hey pink diamond. i'm sorry youve been there too.
if i can 'help' you feel better, well let me know. i've got 3 children and before i had the last one dd, i had a missed m/c. then i had dd, and just very recently i've had a missed m/c again. so i am proof you can go on and have a successful took me 3 cycles last time. so i have been as scared as you are too. this time i am nervous but looking forward too. i intend to ttc quite 'seriously' once my cycles are up and running. i hope youre right and its our turn this next time.

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