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Uterine adhesions/Ashermans - has anyone got this?

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mags98 Thu 05-Jun-08 13:38:58

I had a missed MC last summer. Since then I have had extremely light spotting only instead of proper periods. I have had another very early MC since then, and even after that I ahd virtually no bleeding at all. I have been getting some abdo discomfort as well, intermittent but worse in second half of cycle.

I have been to see the gynaecologist who is concerned I might have uterine adhesions/Ashermans syndrome that is causing a blockage in the periods and also causing the MC.

I have to have a hysteroscopy to see what is going on.

Does anyone else have this? Good outcome stories especially welcome please!

LIZS Thu 05-Jun-08 15:04:52

if you search MN messages on Hulababy she has been through treatment for this fairly recently.

mags98 Tue 08-Jul-08 22:38:16

I had my hysteroscopy today. The right half of my uterus, including one tube, was blocked off by adhesions. Bit of a mystery why as you usually don't get this unless you have a D+C (which I haven't had). The consultant thought it was due to my missed MC and possible infection following that.

The good news, he treated it in the clinic today and now I have a normal uterine cavity, both tubes visible and he thinks I sould hopefully now be able to get PG. He was surprised to find this, but I wasn't. Obviously not great to have adhesions, but at least it is a treatable problem, and an explanation for the problems we have had.

Bad news - on shed loads of tablets for the next month. Hormones, steroids, antibiotics ect etc, PMT on steroids, here we come! Can't TTC till after finished these either.

Any experiences anyone else has had are welcome!

ShannonLB Sun 10-Aug-08 19:28:12

I hope you are doing well. I have a little girl, 2.5 now, by conceiving after a hysteroscopy for Asherman's.

I had a missed MC in 2004 which left me with adhesions. I had a hysteroscopy removing adhesions and got pregnant within 3 months of TTC.

If you do conceive, which I hope you do, please advise your ob/gyn or midwife re: Asherman's as it can cause placental adhesions during labour. I had these and wish I had been more prepared for this.

I have had 2 subsequent hysterscopies to remove adhesions and have been TTC for 12 months. Unfortunately I haven't been successful the second time and I was advised last week that my uterus lining may be irreperably damaged now. I am struggling with this but know I am lucky to have my daughter.

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