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How early can I do a pregnancy test?

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Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:32:22

Can I just ask all you early in my cycle can I do a test? I have regular 28 day cycles. We are not TTC but DH just announced at breakfast that he thinks I'm pregnant (again) .Any particular brand of test that you would recommend? It needs to be one I can get in Boots or supermarket - cant wait to get one online. I'm now a bit anxious....well guess you know how it is????

sparklymieow Sat 15-Jan-05 10:34:01

where in your cycle are you??

Frizbe Sat 15-Jan-05 10:35:14

How does DH know this? have you been particularly moody this am?

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:38:08

is your dh good at guessing when your pg?

first response is good.

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:38:22

Today is day 25. (Sorry don't know the TTC terms as not a regular on these threads). Last time I did a test it was after my period was due, about day 29 or 30

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:39:22

try 1st response. belive most supermarkets sell them. gewt a double pack just in case it is 2 early still.

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:41:19

Misdee - yes DH is very good at knowing when I'm pregnant. Last time he thought this he was right.And I'm too embarassed to tell you how he knows.
Frizbe - how DARE you suggest I am moody!!!

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:41:48

oooooooooo do tell us how he knows, i'm intruiged.

Frizbe Sat 15-Jan-05 10:43:09

This thread is making me giggle, I was just sitting here feeling a tad queezy and wondering myself if I've accidently conceived....not going anywhere near a test till the end of month tho, as I can't afford to waste the money, and I can't remember when LMP was, cause I got all tidy at begining of month and threw out last years calander without noting my bloomin dates on new one, doh!

Frizbe Sat 15-Jan-05 10:43:47

and now you have to tell

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:44:04

was it b4 or after xmas frizbe?

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 10:44:30

my first suspicion that I may be pregnant with ds was that my nipples were turned brown suddenly, like leaves changing in autumn.

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:46:08

No don't make me tell, its too embarassing. I am already embarassed enough at the thought of an unplanned pregnancy. I am old enough to know better

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:46:47

i'm young enough to want to know

has he been checking your temp for you

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 10:47:47

ok so lets guess then:

something to do with windies or poopies?

You've turned into a raging bundle of hormones?

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:48:12

Well I can't tell jampot because i'm...ahem.... breastfeeding

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 10:48:50


Frizbe Sat 15-Jan-05 10:49:23

careful jampots, she's already on the warpath re hormones
Misdee it was bfore....just can't remember when...argh!

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:49:37

Oh no, nothing as straightforward as wind. I have a baby remember, so have no shame about discussing pee and poop.

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:50:27

ooooooooooooooo so u could be frizbe..... its getting close.

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 10:50:42

Frizbe - can you think back to a pre-xmas event around the time of suffering?

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:52:06

Its much more embarrasing than that .
Anyway, stop hijacking my thread ( she rants hormonally) - is day 25 too early to test??? I don't want to waste my £10 but am too nervous to wait til Tuesday

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 10:52:35

not too early, if u get first response test.

jampots Sat 15-Jan-05 10:52:36

wait til Tuesday - sorry. They are so expensive anyway.

Samantha28 Sat 15-Jan-05 10:53:15

When are you going to test Frisbe?

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