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Fibroids and ttc

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Nappyhead Sat 17-May-08 12:02:24

Hi all - I've been ttc#2 for a year now. It took 18 months with DS and I am 35.
I went to the GP and had the usual blood tests - all were fine except that I was VERY anaemic. The GP asked if I had heavy periods - I said yes, very. The GP just gave me some iron pills and I went home.

Luckily - I posted on here and as usual, the info was far better than I received. Someone suggested I should go back and ask for more investigations in to the cause - rather than just treating the symptoms.

I did - and thankfully I got a very good female GP this time who rolled her eyes when I told her I had just been given iron. She's referred me for a scan in a couple of weeks and suspects I could have fibriods.

Has anyone had this before. The GP said fibriods can act as a coil and stop you conceiving. Anyone had any experience of this. If I do have them - will they just remove them and then all will be fine? Is there any chance I will conceive? Could that be why it took so long last time?


Nancy66 Sat 17-May-08 12:38:18

with fibroids it depends where they are located and how big they are.

i've got two quite small fibroids but because they don't cause me any problems and they don't interfere with the lining of the uterus I was told to leave them be.

Sometimes they just go of their own accord.

TillyScoutsmum Sat 17-May-08 12:53:56

As Nancy said - it depends on where they are and how big. I had (have ?) 8 of them - 2 of them about 12cm in diameter shock. I did manage to conceive after a while and eventually went on the have my dd (lots of scans etc. to make sure the fibroids weren't interfering with the placenta or "blocking the exit route".

I've never been offered any treatment for mine and will be ttc number 2 later this year.

Sorry I can't be any more help

isislondon Fri 21-Oct-11 16:11:00

Fibroids don't affect fertility. In fact Ive just had twin girls this month with 3 small fibroids which went from approx 2 cm to 5 cm during the pregnancy & then they started shrinking. often they do shrink during the pregnancy. Mine never interfered with the pregnancy , it never interfered with their blood supply or placenta. As long as the fertilized egg lands on a healthy bit of womb, it should establish itself ok. Fibroids are extremely common, over 50% of women will develop them within their childbearing years but most are asymptomatic, or tiny so most people don't become aware of them.

I conceived naturally at 1st attempt. I had a larger fibroid, removed by myomectomy, 7 yrs ago which was 22cm & weighed 11 lb . That one wouldve got in the way of a pregnancy developing but it was easily removed & my fertility was preserved.

So don't worry too much about fibroids. They are benign & dont become cancerous. Its a bit like gristle in meat, its just an overgrowth of part of the womb muscle.

Fibroids don't prevent conception, unless theyre blocking the fallopian tube . In fact alot of people dont realise they have fibroids until they have an ultrasound during their pregnancy.

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