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Sterilisation reversal

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modernart Wed 14-May-08 16:03:50

Has anyone had one? Can you tell me if it was a success and how long your recovery was please? I'm considering having it done.

modernart Wed 14-May-08 19:32:59

Gulp, just me then...

Janni Wed 14-May-08 19:36:19

Wow, you're brave! How old are you? Why do you want it done? I was sterilised and did have a few regrets in the early days but went on to adopt (as planned) and now with 3 kids am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that's it.

What has changed for you that makes you want to reverse it?

modernart Wed 14-May-08 20:48:08

New partner. We've been together several years and thought we didn't want children of our own (I've already got 5) but he's recently asked me to marry him and have a baby together if poss. I've had a fsh blood test which was normal. Just waiting for his sperm count test results then my consultant's happy to go ahead. I'm 42, DP is a lot younger and has no DCs. I'm happy and excited but scared too.

Janni Thu 15-May-08 19:00:24

Well, good luck. I hope it works out for you. You must have a lot of energy if you already have five!!

whatisit Tue 02-Sep-08 21:59:16

hi did you go ahead with it? How did you get on? Im thinking of having mine reversed? Ive so many questions to ask if you dont mind? How was it done laparoscopically or bigger? How long did it take you to recover? I dont want work to know but cant afford too much time off work? How did you choose your consultant? Sorry for the questions. Have you had any success yet?Thanks

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