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Vasectomy reversal success??

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terrier141 Tue 13-May-08 14:40:29

Does anyone have experience of this? Hubby has just had it done and we are nervously awaiting the outcome!

pinkmook Tue 13-May-08 15:36:05

No but bumping for you as my DH had VR last July and would love some success stories to give me hope!

Sunshinemummy Tue 13-May-08 15:44:03

My uncle had his reversed about 22 years ago now and subsequently fathered three more children.

terrier141 Tue 13-May-08 20:14:38

Well, I've been told not to get too excited but thats easier said than done - due today - but I guess thats being a bit unrealistic!! We can but try!

pinkmook Tue 13-May-08 20:21:44

My DH was told after the reversal that ge only has around a 40% chance of fathering another child because the original vasectomy was so heavy handed (i.e cut out around 20cms of tube when only 1cm needed to be removed and also heavy scarring) therefore giving him the chances of someone who had had their vasectomy over 15 years ago rather than 5 years (which was when his was done).

GP is hopeless at anything surrounding fertlity and so our follow up semen analysis he told us everything looked "normal" and it had worked but had no clue about morphology/motility etc or even that the analysis had to be repeated to check gahhhhh!

its so frustrating! I really hope your GP is more clued up than mine. Good luck with it.

terrier141 Wed 14-May-08 11:59:40

My hubby got to give 1st sample tomorrow - but sounds very similar to your - apparently they "took a big chunk out" originally. I keep convincing myself I got all these symptoms but know its all in my head really - how do you keep going?? They say it can take up to 2 years but most common time is around 1year. Im not very good at waiting! You are nearly at 1 year then?

kizzie Wed 14-May-08 12:11:13

My DH had 2 vasectomy reversals and although technically they worked (I.e the join worked) I still couldnt get pregnant naturally. SO we went onto to have ICSI where they took the sperm from DH via injection. Eventually worked and we had twin boys smile so there are other options IF this doesnt happen for you.

But fingers crossed for you both x

terrier141 Wed 14-May-08 14:03:04

Thanks, its good to know there are other options! How long did you try to conceive "naturally", before realising it wasnt going to happen?

pinkmook Wed 14-May-08 18:52:05

Hi Terrier, I am also very very impatient! I have managed to get a referall to a fertility specialist and am hoping he can discover whats up with me and whether or not DH's VR has actually worked since I am scared it has scarred back over.

Did your DH have a normal VR or a microsurgery one?

pinkmook Wed 14-May-08 18:52:44

Kizzie can I also ask did your DH have microsugery on either of his reversals?

terrier141 Wed 14-May-08 20:13:21

God - I know it sounds incredible but I really dont know! The surgeon looked like the mad professor and was a bit "what the hell lets give it a go" sort of guy! Im just hoping and praying he knew what he was doing! By the way - the dream is over for this month - it has arrived! Knew it would - just wishful thinking - must try harder this month!!

pinkmook Thu 15-May-08 14:16:12

Aw terrier sorry you got your period (cant really get used to saying AF!) I hope you have more luck this month I am on day 10 today so going to start shagging every other day from today til about day 24!!!! Not sure if I'm up to it but getting desperate - even thought about just getting him to produce the stuff and syringe it up there if we get desperate towards the end of ther month LOL!


Ah well only 110 days til you can start jiggying then back to the wonderful 2WW hmm

will check back on you in here in a few weeks!

pinkmook Thu 15-May-08 14:17:06

DOH! 10 dya not 110 (although it might feel like 110 I know!)

terrier141 Fri 16-May-08 07:41:00

We'll have to keep each others spirits up! Do you find yourself slightly obsessed with all things baby related?? I feel like Im surrounded by it - saw by friends newborn on the maternity ward yest and by the time I got home my neighbour popped round to say their daughter had just had her new daughter too - then my 6 year old came home with his new school reading book called "The new Baby" - is someone trying to tell me something!! Do you have any children already?

pinkmook Fri 16-May-08 13:45:59

Ha! Thats so weird - my DS had that book (ORT the new baby!) last week then this week a book about going camping in which - yes you guessed it! The farmers wife (owner of the campsite) gives birth to a new baby!!!!!Gaaaahhh! I was actually filling up listening to him read it esp when he said awww mummy look at the little cute baby sad grin

EVERYONE I know is preganant - even men (just kidding but it almost feels that way! I hate TTC its shitty, I almost wish I had had my children really young (i.e before 25) when its so much easier to fall pregnant. I know theres lots of reasons I didnt do that but looking back I often wonder if it really would have been the right thing to do IYSWIM.

Lets hand hold while we are TTC!

Best of luck Terrier x

KatieDD Sat 17-May-08 20:25:41

Can I join you ?
My DH is having the first consultation on June 7th, the first steps to the reversal.
I shall die if it doesn't work, he's having micro surgery.
The orginal vasectomy was 4 years ago so so i'm hoping that increases our chances slightly that and we've always hit the jackpot first time in the past, just hope i'm not being t over confident.
I keep wanting to buy baby stuff blush

pinkmook Sun 18-May-08 07:47:27

Hi KatieDD _ I am sure we have chatted before about this! So I guess this is the new thread for TTC'ers after vas reversal!

I found out on Friday that DH is now officially "subfertile" - after the GP telling us the sperm test results were "fine, lower end of normal" I knew something was wrong and insisted on a copy of the results which clearly state thw WHO guidelines on infertlity and show DH's results around half what they should be - how could the GP get it so wrong!!?

Any way think there are also problems with me as my cycles have been totally wacky since stopping the pill (23 days, 56 dyas 31 day etc etc!) so I have an appointment with the gyne specialist on 27th May and hopefully he will be able to look into or refer Dh to someone to look into his "ishooos" as well!

KatieDD - felt exactly like you before hand - but I reckon yours will be more successful as it was 5.5 years since the op when DH had his reversed and he had had loads of pain and problems so I kind of knew it was probably going to be a poor outcome.

Lots of luck to you both x

KatieDD Sun 18-May-08 12:57:06

Yes I remember you, we've been on holiday since we last spoke, lots of time for big arguments, tears, throwing of rings etc but at least it's sunk in that this is what i want and we have to try if we want to remain married, so I think that's a good thing.
I guess it's now dealing with the practical side which I hate, half of me wants to go and have a one stand and declare a miracle has ocurred, I wouldn't btw but am fed up already.

terrier141 Sun 18-May-08 22:06:32

Its great to have people to share this experience with!! Get sick of hearing about people who accidently get pregnant and dont really want them - so unfair!! Good luck to you both - lets keep each others spirits up! xx

pinkmook Mon 19-May-08 08:47:27

KatieDD - I could have written that last post of yours! Been there and totally done that!

After we got DH's sperm test results back on Friday I have had a really terrible weekend just really went into to a tailspin after googling the chances of conceiving with those figures and realising its really unlikely without assistance i.e. IVF or something like that. Never ever did I imagine I would be a person who would need IVF - stupid as that sounds it just never was something I thought I'd need. Also I am convinced I have problems now too and am so enormously angry with DH - if he hadn';t had that vasectomy we would only be dealing with my fertility prob now we are dealing with combined reduced fertlity and it feels hopeless. I am signed off work at the moment. I hate my job and now have no chance of getting another because of my sick record!

Life is shit sometimes and I just keep holding onto the fact I have DS.

I have considered a one night stand too! (would never do it in reality but god have I fantasised about it - twould solve everything (wishful thinking emoticon)!!

I swing between being OK about it all and then deeply deeply sad then spectacularly angry not sure how I am going to cope with all this TBH.

Terrier - you are right we should try and keep each others spirits up, its such a weird niche experience I dont think people not going through it can quite understand the range of emotions!!


terrier141 Mon 19-May-08 11:18:39

God - I know what you mean - i'm up/down/all over the place! Well we didnt go for semen analysis as planned last Thurs as it was gonna cost us more money and we are absolutely skint after paying for the surgery. Have just decided to "wait and see"! God how hard is that?? Then again if they told us it hadnt worked my hubby is adamant thats the end of the road for us baby wise - he will not even consider other options! Guess I'll just have to try my hardest for the next 2years (thats when they told us we could be sure it hadnt worked!!)I find it all quite stressful though, and hubby doesnt want anyone to know we have had reversal as feels it will put more pressure on us!! I should stop moaning really, as it seems Im not going through as much as you pinkmook - everything seems fine with me so far. Really hope you get some good news soon - sounds like you are really suffering at the mo xx
Good luck katieDD - its a long slow process, but stay positive xx

pinkmook Mon 19-May-08 13:40:05

Terrier, can you not get your semen analysis on the NHS? We did. Just went to the GP and requested it - he never turned a hair, in fact the receptionist filled in the little form/sample bag thingy for us (iirc we didnt even see the GP)

worth a try!

Were you/have you stopped taking the pill? I wish I'd stopped taking mine ages ago (was taking it even after original vasectomy due to getting terrible acne on back which yasmin controlled - now I am pretty sure this acne was a symptom of PCOS sad )

Nancy66 Mon 19-May-08 13:46:43

Don't these posts show that vasectomies and sterilisation are really not a good idea?

i don't mean that in a preachy way but an awful lot of people seem to regret their decision. Either they go on to have new relationships or decide they want more children within the one they've always been in.

personally, when contraceptive is so readily available and effective i don't understand why anyone would take such a drastic decision. But then, I suppose, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Good luck to all those currently caught in the middle.

pinkmook Mon 19-May-08 13:53:34

Yep Nancy66 I totally agree - I never wanted DH to have the bloody thing done and remember on the day asking him if he was sure...but I had had post natal depression, he was shell shocked by the whole thing and has said since that if at any point someone not involved (i.e. not me) had said whoa hold on are sure about this, wait a few months, or something along those lines he probably wouldn't have done it.

It makes me so sad and frustrated that the GP, surgeon, everyone involved never questioned it - I thought that was standard practice? He was 29 years old when he had the vasectomy, our son was 6 months old and they gave him a really quick appointment because of a cancellation (god how i wish that cancellation was mine sad )

Nancy66 Mon 19-May-08 14:05:11

Wow Pinkmook that is really shocking.
Your GP was very irresponsible in agreeing to this. I'd like to think it wouldn't happen today but you never know.

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