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How long after final zoladex injection is it safe to try to conceive??

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fairywing Mon 28-Apr-08 12:27:57

Hi, I suffer from endometriosis and am currently on a 6 month course of monthly zoladex injections. I have just had my penultimate injection last week. After i have finished the course we intend to try for a baby. I know i have to wait until it is out of my system before it is safe to start trying. I was just wondering if anyone knew when this would be?? Obviously i will talk to my dr about this but just wondered in the meantime if any one here knew??

shelleylou Mon 28-Apr-08 20:33:45

Hi i also had zoladex injections for endometriosis. I had my last injection on 19/12/2005 and fell pregnant in the first week or so in february 2006. So was a very short time between the two. I think it depends on your own body as too how long it takes for your homones to get back to normal.

Aprajita08 Tue 31-May-16 15:19:38

I had my first zoladex inj for endometriosis today.Ttc since 4 months.My doc has suggested to continue TTC even after Zoladex.Can I continue TTC.ANY POSITIVE STORY

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