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What the blazes is going on - early EWCM, late AF, now a BFN

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herbaceous Tue 22-Apr-08 10:31:48

Hello girls

Forgive me for starting my own thread to whinge on, but thought you might be able to help.

This cycle, had gallons of EWCM at cd8-10, then 18-20. Lots of BD throughout cycle. From about CD20, weird pains, AF-type cramps, and for the last few days, feeling sick. Now on CD33. My cycle is normally 28 days, regular as clockwork.

I was CONVINCED I was pregnant, had worked out when it's due, and everything. Did a test this morning, and BFN. No sign of AF - still lots of watery CM, funny piercing pains inside...

Trying to convince myself it's because the test wasn't sensitive enough, but if I really did ovulate at cd10, I'd have loads of HCG by now.

So, what else could be the explanation? Anovulatory cycle? Menopause (please god, no)? And what can I do to kick start it again?

(Bit of background - I'm 42, and have had four MCs in the past three years, the last one a year ago. I know I can get pg, but not for a while)

downbutnotout Tue 22-Apr-08 13:38:27

I don't know herb, but I'm keeping everything crossed for you....

feb Tue 22-Apr-08 14:01:31

what kind of test did you use?
i guess all you can do is wait a few days and test again?
sorry can't be of more help!

iwillbepositive Tue 22-Apr-08 16:47:48

Glad you started this as was going to post you anyway. This sounds an exact mirror image of my last cycle - loads of EWCM at same time, enough BDing then some pretty convincing pg symptoms: absurdly veiny and painful boobs, smells really getting to me, nausea etc, last few cycles were 26/7 days, this month I got to 29. Was also completely convinced but BFN and now AF. Absolutely gutted....

FWIW I am 39 but don't think this is the menopause (let's hope not anyway). It may be that you are pg. In my case, I think it was either a chemical pg or a sign that hormones are a bit awry.

Option 1: CP - both ovd early enough for implantation to have briefly caused symptoms. HCG is pretty low early anyway and if the pg failed then it maybe it dropped below the radar by the time of the test. I did a very early CB Dig which failed for some reason. I picked it apart blush and it looked positive. Judging by they also pick up LH so it may be due to that, but I just wonder...I suspect I may have had a few CPs over the past miserable bloody 2 years.

Option 2: progesterone makes you feel pg anyway. I suspect my hormones are a bit off at the moment - partly rising stress levels over ttc. This was just a monster month of PMT and stress can delay AF...a vicious circle.

Anyway, enough waffle. Just wanted to say that I do sympathise. It is completely infuriating and misery making, much worse than a hopeless cycle when you just suspect it hasn't worked.

Good luck and hope we all get some proper pg symptoms v soon.

herbaceous Tue 22-Apr-08 17:14:22

Thanks IWBP! I wonder if it was a little CP, now gone wrong, and that AF will arrive any second. I've also been v stressed this cycle (as detailed on the TTCno1 for ever thread). Just wish AF would come, and I could move on. Might take some agnus castus to see if that brings it on.

PS used a boots test. Not especially sensitive, but should be sensitive enough at this stage...

herbaceous Wed 23-Apr-08 09:58:39

AF still not here, despite very periody cramps yesterday. And raging PMT. Now of course wondering if I ovulated really late, meaning either not due yet, or already pg. Yes, I know. Load of cobblers.

iwillbepositive Wed 23-Apr-08 10:55:06

You may be h, but I thought exactly the same thing and wasn't (not necessarily relevant I know or scientific!). I was still convincing myself - and doing further tests - despite AF cramps. I think with me, I can actually delay the onset of AF by stressing and wishing and imagining etc etc. I am going to look an idiot if you are pg (although who cares, I would be delighted to be proved wrong - honest!) but I just wanted to say that all this is very familiar! I went through all the same rationalisation last month....doing a test, getting another neg and finally giving up seemed to bring AF on which was actually a relief.

Hope I am wrong smile

herbaceous Wed 23-Apr-08 11:26:51

I thought that was what was happening yesterday - the BFN had brought on AF and her cramps. But nothing. I am in fact holding out no hope, but just wishing she'd come. No more testing until it's 10 days late. I've got an appointment at the GP tomorrow, as it happens, so I'll mention it then. Maybe he can give me something to kickstart her...

iwillbepositive Thu 24-Apr-08 11:29:04

Hello Herby, saw that AF of sorts had started on the other thread. Nothing really to add - just hope it all sorts itself out and hope I didn't sound flippant yesterday. I don't underestimate how frustrating it can all be sad - here's to a straightforward and productive next cycle.

herbaceous Thu 24-Apr-08 11:41:19

Thanks v much. I'm turning into a bit of a loon about it all. Each time I had a MMC in the past three years (all after 10 weeks), I consoled myself with the fact I could get pregnant easily so surely it will be OK soon. It's now a year since my last MMC, I'm even older, and I've imposed a time limit on i, so we can move on to adoption. So every month that goes by is a more desperate situation. Which of course just makes it less likely I'll conceive. Most of the time I can cope, but around AF time I lose the plot sometimes.

iwillbepositive Thu 24-Apr-08 12:05:52

I'm not surprised sad. I think losing the plot is an entirely normal response to all the ups and downs. I don't know how you are just supposed to switch off either and knowing that stress makes it less likely gives us all something else to beat ourselves up with. It is a year after my mc too, and at the time I thought/hoped that I would prob be pg again pretty quickly. It seems to get less easy with each month - a bit older and a bit more stressed....

Squackycake Thu 24-Apr-08 12:52:11

I think it's highly possible that you didn't O until cd20 given what you have described. That would make you 13dpo today which may or may not be far enough along to test positive.

On a 28 day cycle you would expect to O maybe as late as cd16 (giving you an LP12 for arguments sake), if you then O a little later this month on cd20 your period is then only one day late.

I would wait until the weekend and if no period shows, test again.

Squackycake Thu 24-Apr-08 12:54:16

Ah just re-read OP. Stress will likely be the cause of O delay.

herbaceous Thu 24-Apr-08 13:50:57

AF started last night, so the wondering is over for this month.

Next month, out with all the ammo:
Evening primrose oil
Agnus castus
Relaxation CDs

I've conceived before while under extreme stress, so hopefully...

downbutnotout Thu 24-Apr-08 17:55:12

sad herbaceous, best of luck for next month

Katanya Tue 10-Feb-09 04:37:19

This is for poster IWillbepositive I was reading your post from last year. I too seem to be able to delay or stop my period by wishing it away.Do you still do this? I am worried this causing me not to get pregnant. I am soo happy that I am not alone, I thought I was loosing my mind! Anyone else do this? Katanya

Katanya Tue 10-Feb-09 04:43:02

I also wanted to ask if anovulatory cycles supposed to be more painful? Katanya

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