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AF due in 7 days! let's hand hold!

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Heron23 Thu 17-Apr-08 09:38:09

2nd cycle ttc dc2, AF due next thurs

so far i have not done any testing (unlike last month when i wasted so many test strips!)

let us get through the next week together

also i have very little symptoms compared to last month. my boobs are not overly sore, and cramps are much less hmm

littlemissdaisy Thu 17-Apr-08 10:53:09

Hi, I will hold your hand , I am on CD29 today, I am on my second cycle of clomid (100mg)and planning to test on Sunday, not feeling very positive though, don't have any symptoms other than the ones I am imagining [sceptical]

Heron23 Thu 17-Apr-08 13:37:04

hi little, thats great, we'll hold hand together

i will be starting on clomid next month if it does not work this month.

are you ttc dc1?

littlemissdaisy Thu 17-Apr-08 14:41:14

Yes, I had an MC in March 2006, and no joy since apparently I stopped ovulating

Heron23 Thu 17-Apr-08 15:31:10

i am so sorry to hear that

fingers crossed clomid does the job!

i am using clearblue fertility monitor to work out my ovulation day. how about u? are you using anything?

littlemissdaisy Thu 17-Apr-08 16:20:01

I use the clearblue digital, how does the CB fertility work??? May try that next month if we have no joy.

Heron23 Thu 17-Apr-08 16:41:02

it works my detecting the rise of estrogen and then a rise in LH. so, you get a couple of days of high followed by the peak day. so all in all, you have about 5 days where you are fertile. and so cue for BDing!

this site explains it so much better!

hopefully we both dont have to be ovulation testing anymore next month

yellowblush Thu 17-Apr-08 17:32:24

does the fertility monitor work if you have poly cystic ovaries?

bonkerz Thu 17-Apr-08 17:50:18

can i join please? i too am due af next saturday and DH has tried really hard this month bless him!
am on day 19 of cycle now. Normally OV at day 10 so made sure we did as much BD between day 9 and 14!!!!!! Got to be a good start surely!
Fingers crossed really cos im desparate for baby!

Heron23 Thu 17-Apr-08 18:18:07

hi bonkerz, yellow

sorry yellow, i think it does not work for pcos. does anyone else know?

bonkerz, fingers crossed for you too! my DH worked really hard as well, and we are just so looking forward to being pregnant with #2.

beckmo Thu 17-Apr-08 19:50:30

I'm due next Thursday too...second cycle ttc.No symptons whatsoever yet...could do with some support to not test early as last month drove me a positive then negatives then period came. Promising myself to wait at least until due date this time but I doubt I will be able to.

flowerfairy Thu 17-Apr-08 20:22:05

Can i join in? Am ttc#2. Have no idea what day of cycle but know af is due in next 7 days. HAve been feeling nauseous, funny taste in mouth, coffee smelt foul this afternoon. But am not holding breath as last 3 months I have had pms that has mirrored these early pg signs. Though did bd around ish ov day. You never know. fingers crossed for all.

beckmo Thu 17-Apr-08 20:40:04

My PMT symptons are the same as my (last) pregnancy symptons too...which is really annoying. Went through about 10 tests last month.

ChocolateEclair Thu 17-Apr-08 20:50:05

I will join you ladies smile. I am on CD26 of 31 so due on next wednesday. I WILL NOT TEST!!! I keep repeating that over and over. So far very restrained I think!

I don't think I have any symptoms at all so not feeling hopeful.

This is cycle 3 ttc #1. (tested early last month with tears so refusing to fall into trap this month!)....or so she says!

flowerfairy Thu 17-Apr-08 21:21:32

As much as i can't stand the waiting, i hate the disappointment of the -ve even more so refuse to buy any tests untila t least 7days after af should have arrived. Then maybe will put this saved money to a nice treat for me, to help me destress.

Heron23 Fri 18-Apr-08 11:56:15

hi beck, flower and choc! welcome!

i too have managed not to test so far
wasted so many test kits last month and nearly drove myself batty in the process.

i keep saying that i will wait until AF does not appear on thurs and then even on fri.

good luck to all!

cathers Fri 18-Apr-08 12:10:52

And me please!
Am now on CD 24 - AF due on 22nd April. First ovulating month since m/c in Feb 08 and ttc since Sept. Good luck everyone - not going to buy preg test till after tues in case brings bad luck!

Heron23 Fri 18-Apr-08 17:42:04

hi cathers, welcome

good luck, are you going to wait until 3 days after your AF is due?

i want to do that - but not sure if i can hold out that long blush

did you use OPKs?

littlemissdaisy Sat 19-Apr-08 12:59:23

Hi , tested this morning Day 31 sand got BFP grin I cannot believe it.

ChocolateEclair Sat 19-Apr-08 17:01:34

WOW! That's brilliant! Congratulations!!!!!


flowerfairy Sat 19-Apr-08 17:58:04

Congratulations that is reat news. Fingers crossed for more BFPs

cathers Sat 19-Apr-08 20:46:30

Congratulations! You must be thrilled.
I'm not going to test till thurs probably - used clearblue digital OPK this month and BD according to instructions! Fingers crossed, and good luck to everyone.

Heron23 Sun 20-Apr-08 10:12:34

congrats little! i am so happy for you

Heron23 Sun 20-Apr-08 10:17:00

here's hoping we get more BFPs

flowerfairy Sun 20-Apr-08 13:53:20

I'm out. Af arrived this morning after being ill last night and 2 weeks of awful pms. At least i can start working out best time for next month. Good luck to others

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