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been ttc#1 forever (and a bit longer) ....

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nomoremagnolia Tue 15-Apr-08 19:00:52

Thought it was time for a new thread - we're almost out of room on the original one

Ready Tue 15-Apr-08 19:14:00

Well spotted Nomore

nomoremagnolia Tue 15-Apr-08 19:23:19


THTC Tue 15-Apr-08 19:31:25

Just wanted to say hello to Ready and nomore (its ammy!)

Hope you are both ok. Got my long awaited BFP yesterday!! grin

nomoremagnolia Tue 15-Apr-08 19:32:59

ammy how lovely to see you - brilliant news SO SO SO pleased for you

THTC Tue 15-Apr-08 19:35:42

Thank you nomore!!

We are very happy- its been 15months since coil out and have just been to GP and asked for referral!!

I'm lurking with fingers crossed for you- you WILL be a mummy soon!!

TIP- vit E is very good for thickening womb lining for IVF. And acupuncture.


nomoremagnolia Tue 15-Apr-08 19:37:39

will look into vit e - haven't really got the spare cash or time for acupuncture at the moment

Ready Tue 15-Apr-08 19:39:24

Congrats Ammy How exciting

THTC Tue 15-Apr-08 19:41:10

It is expensive. Iv found it a godsend but had to budget hard.

Thanks READY smile

Am egging you both on.


Ready Tue 15-Apr-08 19:44:22

Cheers for the EGGING on... it means a lot

gillydaffodil Tue 15-Apr-08 22:21:14

Message withdrawn

nomoremagnolia Tue 15-Apr-08 22:32:38

Hi Gilly how are you?

gillydaffodil Tue 15-Apr-08 22:41:42

Message withdrawn

nomoremagnolia Tue 15-Apr-08 23:11:54

I'm bored of waiting to get started. Have had a lovely pampering day today though (it was one of those gift experience things) so am feeling more relaxed now. Only a week to go and I start the down-regging drugs. I felt really positive once we'd started 'doing' something about ftc too - it's quite a nice feeling isn't it? Reminded me of the old days of heady enthusiasm about ttc

RahRah1 Wed 16-Apr-08 09:13:14

Morning all...

Hope everyone is well. I'm soooooooo pee'd off. I'm on 15DPO (or 15 since IUI and 17 since hcg injection) so should of ovulated then. But have not come on. My normal LP is 12dpo, but HCG can extended that as last month I got to 13dpo. Tested yesterday and had BFN and had bad stomach cramping for days. Convinced myself of course I was pregnant and my boobs hurt etc etc.... and then this morning my temp dropped to 36.2 from 36.7, which I always get just before AF. Feel like someone out there is out to get me (((

So looks like IVF here I come... appointment is on 22nd of May (to see consultant)... so going to relax until then and let my hair down. (I should just go on to IVF straight after 3 failed attempts of IUI but of course my consultant did not document my treatment plan in my notes, so I have to go back and have it agreed with a consultant... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) Surprisingly I have now requested a new consultant. angry

Gilly - ask away my dear... any questions welcome.

Congratulations Ammy

nomoremagnolia - Fab news on getting started... have all my fingers and toes crossed for you. SOOOooo jealous of your pampering day envy

Ready - how did your reflexology go?

Right better go... hi to everyone and have a good day. X

EachPeachPearPlum Wed 16-Apr-08 09:50:26

Hello new thread! I like the new name smile.

It's nice to hear some of you are feeling more positive. Let's hope we all get 2009 babies!

Just wondering - is everyone here having IVF or planning IVF at some point?

Ready Wed 16-Apr-08 17:08:05

Rah, bloody hell, you must be going out of your mind!! What other reason could there be for a lower temp? Have you turned the heating off? Sleeping with the window open? Disturbed sleep? Or do you feel like you are about to get your period? I so hope that you are pregnant. Sorry I didn’t reply straight away to your text, my phone was in my bag on silent.
The reflexology went ok, I am not sure I will do it again, I don’t think I got anything out of it really. I was constantly second guessing what areas she was working, and expecting to feel things. She did say that the tone of my feet was yellow, which suggests that I am “totally fed up. Resentful, indignant and displeased. Have a jaundiced view of life" I'd say that pretty much sums me up right now.
I am interested to try the cranial sacral therapy, and a friend said that someone in the area does it. So looking into that now.

EachPeach, me, personally, the thought of IVF scares me witless. I go back and forth on it, almost daily. Dh would definitely want us to go down that route if/when the time comes, but I have so much anxiety about it.

Nomore, does it feel like the time is dragging? I keep thinking that by the time I get back from my holiday you could be up the duff grin

<adopts BarryIsland accent> I’m not going to lie to you Gill, I’m as pleased as punch that my bright and shiny disposition is rubbing off on you grin and you are feeling positive! We will all get there – and when we do, oh how sweet is it going to be!

Anyone seen Coggy???

Ok….. I need to ask… and I need to all to promise that in a week you won’t laugh at me and remind me of this moment of weakness. But. This morning I woke up, got out of bed and almost fell flat on my face. I was totally dizzy and my balance had gone. Dh needed to help me walk to the kitchen, I was all over the shop. I felt really nauseous, and could only slowly eat my cereal. Is 7dpo too early to get pregnancy symptoms? Tell me off someone, for being so ruddy daft. I feel better now, still a tad fragile, but better.

To try and take my mind off it, and to get some fresh air in my lungs, dh took me to a farm out in the sticks. It was brilliant. I’ve been before with a friend and her daughter, but it was great to go with dh, and we both had fun feeding the animals. The baby goats are my absolute favourite – I reckon I could have stolen one wink

nomoremagnolia Wed 16-Apr-08 21:48:55

Ready will you tell me off if I'm excited by your symptoms? Cause I am
eachpeach I am about to start ivf for the first time. Start the drugs next week.

gillydaffodil Thu 17-Apr-08 08:06:59

Message withdrawn

RahRah1 Thu 17-Apr-08 09:35:38

Morning guys.... My period arrived after I got home from work.

Totally gutted and being 15DPO I was totally over excited. I was try to contain it but not very well! I'm normally only 12 LP.

So, husband rushed out for emergency chocolate and wine... and I indulged myself rotten. We decided to buy a new TV and go to Italy on holiday in August. So if we are offered IVF we will start it when we get back off holiday and have some relaxing time away from treatment. Although I want to start ASAP, mentally I think you need to be in the right place and I feel slightly crushed at the moment. After we lost our last baby I just thought it had been a blip that we had to try so long for him, then after the time started flying past I never dreamt IUI would not work. So I need to be positive that IVF will work, but how will we cope if it doesn't? So we need to build a life without always considering children I suppose and enjoy ourselves as a couple.

Anyway enough of my misery... least I have you guys that all understand.... I also have some good mates off Sands as well that are going through similar things, so know I'm not the only one. ....

Well off to indulge some more and venture into All Saints and treat myself to a new outfit... I suppose thats the good thing about not having children, you can buy and go where ever you want without having to consider anyone else! Well I might buy DH a new shirt hmm

Take Care all and have a good day!

Ready Thu 17-Apr-08 11:59:11

Kenya!! Of course she is – d’oh! Silly me. blush

Good morning ladies… Rah, I am so sorry that the iui was not a success – but I think you are right to have a holiday, and a break from treatment. Honestly, there is plenty of time for treatment – and who knows, a break away might just be all you need?

I am completely in agreement about having to build a life that doesn’t automatically assume children will be in it. It’s got to be the safest way? Surely? It was on the other thread, I think – I would rather be in my wonderful marriage with just the two of us, than have a child but an unhappy marriage. I realise I am lucky, I adore my dh and if I got to live a long and happy life with him by my side, nothing else really matters. Anything extra is a bonus! Ok, sorry, I realise I have gone all mushy and soppy – and you are all probably rolling your eyes at me… but what I am trying (badly) to say is – while I know it is bloody hard for us, we perhaps all need to take a step back and enjoy what we do have.

<gets ready to be pelted with rotten fruit for being such a gigantic pain in the arse>

Ok… so I know I am being totally self-absorbed, and you probably all hate me… but it happened again this morning. Light headed, balance all over the place, nausea (until I ate something and then I felt better) – I want you to tell me off for even contemplating the p word. I have concluded it is probably because I have been having problems with my ears/jaw lately – totally bunged up after a cold. But why do I start to feel better (although still fragile) as the day progresses??? Argh.

Slap me. Someone. Quick.

rattling Thu 17-Apr-08 12:23:13

Ready - If you are getting dizzy because of pressure in your ears due to being bunged up it will get better as you move around.

That is the official line I am taking - we won't go into what I'm really thinking as that way disapointment (or perhaps on-line partying wink) lies.

Rah - so sorry IUI failed again. Really sensible plan to get away from ttc for a bit before you take the next treatment step.

Ready Thu 17-Apr-08 12:24:28

Excellent Rattling, I needed that. Phew. Sanity has returned.

EachPeachPearPlum Thu 17-Apr-08 13:21:04

Ready - I've had at least 3 months where I've been convinced I was pregnant because of things like being really hungry or waking up early or feeling nauseous and sadly there is often another explanation. Would be really exciting if it was the real thing for you though!

Rah - I'm really sorry your IUI didn't work. It must be horrible to have to go through all that invasive stuff sad. A relaxing holiday sounds like a lovely idea though.

RahRah1 Thu 17-Apr-08 14:01:48

Thanks guys... ((((GROUP HUGS))))

Ready I have no sanity left.... so you might not want to here what I think! LOL grin

I'm off out with some friends at the weekend. So just changed our reservations to a lovely expensive restaurant in town...UMMMM.... and good wines!

That reminds me to cancel our previous booking... must get right on to it!

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