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MC Avengers - Chocolate cake anyone?

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mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 15:35:59

I've started a new thread as the old one was full - hope everyone finds their way here OK.

ktmoomoo Mon 14-Apr-08 15:36:33

wats this thread about xx

mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 15:37:17

Quarkee - yes, children can eat carob - ds likes having stripy yoghurt sometimes, or some on his breakfast, or a milkshake. He thinks of it as a treat. And its not bitter like chocolate, so you don't need to add any sugar.

mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 15:37:58

KTmoomoo - those of us that are ttc following mc...

quarkee Mon 14-Apr-08 15:41:48

Is it from a healthfood shop? Will go look for it on Wednesday...glad you restarted the thread mistle I did the same gbut have posted to say come onto this one instead - we must have crossed posts smile

mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 15:53:51

Yes - usually available in wholefood/healthfood shops - not sure about H&B. You can get bars like chocolate, but the healthiest way of adding it to your diet for the benefits is to get the powder. Be warned though, very fine powder, so it tends to go everywhere! I keep it in a box with a tight fitting but easily removed lid otherwise you spill it each time you get some out (I know this from experience!)

Sorry about xpost - hope everyone makes it.

cece Mon 14-Apr-08 15:56:44

I found you all!

Af due tomorrow or Wednesday . I need someone to talk me out of testing...

daisyj Mon 14-Apr-08 16:06:18

Well you could test, cece, but then if it's not positive you'll have to test again. And with the money you saved on the test you could buy cake. And if that's not a good reason I don't know what is.

I know it's hard, but you'll feel proud of yourself if you wait. And we'll all hang out with you while you test at the end the week grin.

quarkee Mon 14-Apr-08 16:14:14

Paint your fingernails cece then you wont want to smudge the polish!!!

sweetkitty Mon 14-Apr-08 16:16:10

hello just seen the new thread and I haven't been on here in a while

27+4 weeks today and counting smile

OracleInaCoracle Mon 14-Apr-08 16:17:19

hello ladies, thought would rejoin you!

PrePG Mon 14-Apr-08 16:31:18

HI all! Found you!

quarkee hoping your AF shows up soon too! I'm really impressed with my body for getting back on track so quickly.

mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 16:36:19

2ww for me (well, more like 1ww now) and symptom spotting like anything, which isn't like me...blush Can't decide whether I'm feeling sick on and off today for the obvious reason that diet started today and I'm trying to get it off to a good start with fruit for a week, or whether its something else!

OracleInaCoracle Mon 14-Apr-08 16:39:06

mistlethrush <lissie peers over glasses> no early testing! i shall be watching you ladies...

mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 16:52:29

No, not got as far as considering that yet! Last time it was 3days after before I tested (and had to check on MN for confirmation of date blush)

NotSoNewAnymore Mon 14-Apr-08 16:53:21

Found you all!!

Great news PrePG on your first cycle, good luck! I am still waiting for AF although I think I am ovulating...early days though.

mistlethrush how is the will power going? Loved daisyj's logic, sums it up perfectly...

Anyone for some chocolate hobnobs? (Quick - take one before I finish the whole packet...)

mistlethrush Mon 14-Apr-08 16:57:35

Will power holding firm - both on diet and tests! So far had an orange and a banana for breakfast and two small apples, some grapes and a banana for lunch. Will have to cut out the bananas soon though!

daisyj Mon 14-Apr-08 17:50:53

Notsonew I think I ovulated at the weekend too - prepg, good girl, we're right behind you (I hope)!

quarkee excellent idea. Particularly if you use bottom coat and top coat and two layers. That should distract you for nearly half an hour, cece!

I can't concentrate at work AT ALL today. Which is why I'm on here so much. I think it's cos of bd'ing without contraception at the weekend that I'm baby-obsessed today. And now I don't know whether I'm waiting for AF to appear or not to appear (iyswim). Which could be a good reason to wait for your first AF before ttc. Hmmm, silly Daisy blush.

PrePG Mon 14-Apr-08 18:12:27

Daisy and notsonew thanks! and congrats on your O'ing this weekend!!!! grin hooray for our bodies!!!

lou2311 Mon 14-Apr-08 18:13:02

hi all,
just got AF today sad angry
need to make some drastic changes i think. DH and i had heated discussion, which led to me soing some big thinking.
Have piled on the pounds since miscarriage, was so low that food seemed the only thing worth getting out of bed for.
the problem is, even with the prospect of getting pregnant it doesnt seem to be kicking my butt into gear to lose weight. Dont know's all i want!
But i do know that losing the weight can only help in our quest to have a baby. smile
I hate when DH is right.
more thinking, then actually doing seems to be the next step. We have now agreed that we will both kick each other into shape (not literally!)

cricri Mon 14-Apr-08 18:24:54

Hello everybody,
Just seen the new thread and wanted to say hi to everybody and good luck for those of you testing in the next couple of days smile
Sorry to see that new people have had to join, but you'll get the support you need here (plus lots of cake!).

quarkee Mon 14-Apr-08 18:37:16

lou ikwym re food hence the piles of virtual goodies on offer here smileHi to everyone - do you like our new home?

I too comfort eat but heard something this weekend that made me stop and think - it was a woman who comfort ate and she said that the stupid thing was that while she ate to feel better it NEVER made her feel better. Suddenly one day the penny dropped that she was getting no comfort so why bother with the overeating at all. It is so logical that i cant get it outof my head - hasn't made a jot of difference re what i east so far but it is something I am pondering.

My other wake up call this weekend was when DH revealed he is now only 5kg heavier than me (I am not huge btw, more DH has lost a lot of weight recently and is now pretty skinny)I was (am) blush and this has made me a bit more determnied to lose a few more pounds - 5kg would be excellent.

bunnyinheadlights Mon 14-Apr-08 20:04:41

hello ladies - boy it has been busy here! have been away for 4 days and there's so much to catch up on! nice new thread thanks mistle for starting it. don;t you hate the 2ww? esp. the last week when you start thinking hmmm maybe i can do an early test today...?

kate i am so shocked and sorry to see you here. i remember you from here when we both thought we were having an mc in jan (i did have an mc in the end). i cannot believe what you have gone through to this point. as someone mentioned, there is nothing i can say that will make you feel better but my thoughts are with you. thomas is a lovely name, and i hope you find the support you need in RL as well as on here. no one should have to go through what you are going through now. take lots of care of yourself. sending you big <<<hugs>>>

i cant remember who asked me about my long af - but the spotting finally stopped on cd13!!! longest ever!

scully that sounds like what i went through with my second mc at weeks. was in the office and chatting to colleague when gush of blood - to the point it was running down my tights! had to bid hasty retreat to the loos! to be safe, you should go to doctors to check there's no infection. the heavy bleeding continued until i had acupuncture the next day and it pretty much stopped the bleeding to the level of spotting. hence why i am such a fan!

sorry to see you go emmsy and georgiegirl but totally understand - mn is very addictive!

hi to everyone else and newcomers.

elibumbum Mon 14-Apr-08 20:36:20

Hi bunny - the af length question was from me. I'm still spotting on cd14 - think it is coming to an end though (mind you I thought that last Monday too!)

scully hope your bleeding has settled now. What did your Dr say?

Mistle can you make the carob powder into a hot chocolate type drink?

divedaisy Mon 14-Apr-08 21:03:12

Yeah! I found you all! I've made custard and stewed rubarb - yum yum! Who wants some? Cream!?

Kate - if it wasn't on the due Nov 08 thread I'm baffled where I read your goings on - maybe someone mentioned it on that thread and I 'researched'you...hmm

Within the last week someone mentioned working for themselves and therefore having the time to do what you want to do when you need to do it... listen to my the minute my business has been only going since Aug 07...I work I've been mummy, driver/courier, stock controller, photographer, buyer, accountant/book-keeper, tea maker, cleaner, excel document formula person... and it's now 9pm and I could keep on going if I didn't decide to stop! I really work longer now, however, I enjoy it!

Anyone watching 'Half Man Half Tree...Extraordinary People' on channel Five? I'm away to watch in awe! Weird. What is this?

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