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mummyhill Tue 04-Jan-05 09:04:24

I miscarried in September due to problems with my thyroid. The GP has since got that stabilised but I have just got a positive result and am paranoid it is all going to go wrong again. Can anyone offer advice/support?

munnzieb Tue 04-Jan-05 09:06:10

not really advise hon, but (((((hugs)))))) can you get an emergancy appt with ur dr to be on the safe side? Ooh congrats as well, hope your Pregancy is worry free.

mummyhill Tue 04-Jan-05 09:17:18

Have seen gp, has reffered me to early assesment unit but i am petriffied that they will tell me that this one is not viable.

Canadianmom Wed 05-Jan-05 23:56:12

How did you find out that it was your thyroid responsable for the miscarriage? Are you sure that the meds have brought it under control? Your chances of a miscarriage this time are dramatically reduced if the thyroid issue is resolved. Try to relax but ask your GP (and mums on MN) as many questions as your mind generates.

Beatie Thu 06-Jan-05 14:07:37

I've just looked up 'Thyroid' in the Lesley Reagan Miscarriage book and she says women with a thyroid disorder need careful supervision during pregnancy to ensure the dosage of your medication is correct. She goes on to say that thyroid disease does not increase the risk of future miscarriage but may prevent you from falling pregnant.

Since you achieved the latter, I'd say you have very little to worry about but it is good that you are being monitored so early on.

ladymuck Thu 06-Jan-05 14:26:28

Sorry no advice - but jsut good wishes on this pg. The EPU should be helpful.

mummyhill Sat 08-Jan-05 08:30:09

GP actually admited to me after my miscarriage that the 50mcg I was on was insuffucuent. He TREBBLED the dosage. When i returned to him to see if my hormone levels had been sorted out he told me that he was 99% sure that this was the cause of the miscarriage. I had been going to see them every month for the last twelve saying that things weren't right but i was told that everything was fine, not to worry as i was on a maintenance dosage!!!!! How was I? I have been assured that they will monitor it more this time round. But i am still frustrated, why didn't they listen to me in the first place? So far we seem to be progressing nicely though will keep everyone posted!

hester Tue 11-Jan-05 09:48:56

Huge congratulations on conceiving, mummyhill. I can understand how scared you must be, after miscarrying so recently, but the odds are on your side that you will have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

I can understand how angry you feel about your treatment last time round. But I have to say I don't know how your GP can be 99% sure that this is why you mc - given the high natural rate of miscarriage, how can he know that? I'm only saying this because I had thought, like Beatie, that thyroid disease was a problem in getting pg rather than staying pg, and I worry that this will give you a real focus for over-anxiety over the weeks ahead. You are absolutely right to demand they get your medication right, but try to stay positive. All of us who have been through miscarriage know how difficult this is, and I have all fingers crossed that you'll have a problem-free pregnancy.

Keep us posted

mummyhill Thu 13-Jan-05 11:43:40

If the thyroid is not controlled it can prevent conception. However if you beat those odds and get pregnant and they don't keep tabs on it and increase thyroxine as required the risk of miscarriage is high right through to the end of the second trimester. As the thyroid controls metabolic rates and also effects growth. So far even though i have asked them to do a thyroid function test no one has been near me with a needle. Will be raising this issue with the community midwife when i see her on monday.

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