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dermoid cyst on ovary

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woo12woo Sat 05-Apr-08 07:12:57

I have been diagnosed with a dermoid cyst on my left ovary.One of those disgusting things with hair, skin and teeth. They are apparently a confused egg that decided to develop themselves and get stuck on the ovary. I have had 3 missed abortions/ chemical pregnancies and really weird periods, irregular and very light. I keep getting sent to the hospital with suspected etopic pregnancy, because they keep seeing an enlarged ovary on the ultrasounds and positive hcg tests, with no pregnancy in my uterus.After a LONG wait I have just been to a specialist and finally after a year and a half of all of this, finally told what this is. The dermoid is not very big 4.5 cm the size of a small hen egg, but they say I will probably have to wait 4-8 months to get the surgery(have to have it removed) I am scared that part of my ovary will be removed too and I am worried that I won't be able to have children afterwards is really stressing me out. Has anyone had a dermoid cyst removed from their ovary and been able to concieve a child afterwards? I am thinking of paying and getting this done privately, so I won't have to wait that long. I am 33 going on 34 and don't want to wait much longer before having a baby.Anyone had a similar experience? Help... worried and scared.

YouCantTeuchThis Sat 05-Apr-08 09:57:33

I don't ahve any experience of this I'm afraid, but I didn't want to leave your thread unanswered. Hopefully someone will come along with the relevant knowledge.

I'm sorry to hear that you have bee through all of this but thankfully there is a diagnosis and action to be taken. I do know that if you only have one 'working' ovary, it will ovulate more every month (or as often as you generally ovulate, noting your history) so being down to one shouldn't reduce your chances in the future.

Can you ask for an appointment to discuss these worries with a consultant?

Anies Sun 06-Apr-08 03:51:58

yes, I had exactly that back in 2000! I went for a routine chek and my GP- after feeling my tummy, cryptically asked: are you feeling alright? Anyway, was referred for scan, where they sawthe cyst and were perplexed. I had an operation quickly because it was big and was told that there would be no problem conceiving as a result. Indeed, my lovely son who is now 3 was conceived very quickly- no problems. We are now trying for #2 and it is taking for ever, but that is another story.

Before the operation I was told that depending on the size and form of the cyst I might have my ovary removed, but thankfully that was not the case. Even if it was, it wouldn't affect fertility.

Overall, I want to reassure you, it is annoying but it didn't seem to affect my ability to have a baby.

It annoys me that it takes so long to diagnose something like that and to treat it!!

woo12woo Sun 06-Apr-08 06:28:56

thankyou to those who responded, I am feeling a little more reassured that things will be okay now!

Heron23 Sun 06-Apr-08 18:25:17

i had a tumour on my left ovary and had it removed including my ovary. so i only have my right ovary and conceived my DS without any problems, on the first month of trying!

so even if you lose your left ovary, it is not a problem having just one ovary. apparently it is like kidney. it is ok to have just one.

good luck! and if you can get it done privately, quicker. so you can ttc asap!

Alibobster Sun 06-Apr-08 21:49:29

I had a dermoid cyst removed but later went on to have my darling baby boy - please try not to worry x

woo12woo Tue 22-Apr-08 19:03:48

Has anyone had micarriages with a dermoid cyst on ovary? I am curious because apparently I have had 3 and they can't find anything else wrong with my husband or myself. We have had a battery of blood tests, chromosome tests, you name it, we've had them ! I asked the dr if the dermoid cyst could cause m/c but he was pretty vauge about it. I am just wondering if anybody else had a problem concieveing/holding onto a pregnancy with one of these things and if you had any problems with m/c after it was removed. I still have not got a surery date booked yet and I am anxious to have this surgery done soon so that we can start ttc frustrating, never knew it was gonna be this hard to get and stay pregnant.

McDreamy Tue 22-Apr-08 19:06:57

I had a dermoid cyst removed when I was 18 and have had 2 children since. Mine was the size of a jaffa orange....apparantly !!!

woo12woo Sun 27-Apr-08 20:04:54

Does anyone think that when you have a dermoid cyst on/in ovary that your body thinks that it could be pregnant and therefore reject a pregnancy if it happpens? I am confused why i keep having m/c (3) and have this dermoid cyst,it seems like kind of a coincidence,don't you think? anyone else been through this? I really want to have a baby and I have to have the surgery to remove this thing first before we can consider trying again. My dr has put me back on bc pills because he does not want me to get pregnant while i still have this thing. He said that they give women the bc pill to kick start ovulation before ivf treatments and it works apparently. I don't have any problems with regular periods. this is causing me to have alot of anxiety, the not knowing part, not knowing when I am having the surgery and not knowing if i can concieve afterwards. If anyone has been through a similar situation I would really appreciate hearing from you. Is the surgery awful? I am a bit scared, the dr says that this isn't a seroius thing and quite common.Just want to know if anyone has had miscarriages with a dermoid cyst and then gone on to have a normal pregnancy after it has been removed

majormoo Sun 27-Apr-08 20:16:46

Hello. A good friend of mine had a missed miscarriage about a year ago. Following this she was found to have a dermoid cyst. I am not sure if the two were related, but she had the cyst removed and is now expecting a baby in August. I do not think she had to wait long after the surgery before they tried again. Maybe a few months

andrearenae24 Sat 17-May-08 02:41:09

hey everyone! I just had a beautiful baby girl feb 26. 2008. On my very first sonogram when i was 6 weeks pregnant i notices something different about my left ovary and then asked the ultrasound tech about it. Although they are not suppose to tell you anything...i convinced her otherwise. she was referring to my dermoid cyst as a 3 inch mass, which scared the heck out of me. I waited all weekend and finally got ahold of the nurse at my gynos office and she looked at the report from the radiologist and told me it was just a 1 inch normal cyst people get while they are pregnant. she informed me that it would go away on its own. needless to say less than 9 months later as i lay on the operating table getting my csection...i seen the look on my fiances face as he looked back and forth between me and what was behind the curtain! they told me that my ovary was over 10X the normal size and that the dr had felt hard stuff in it...which made me think cancer! he told me i had 3 options...i could have him close me back up with it still inside of me (he informed me that more than likely i would be back in 2 months from now gettin cut open again!), or he could try and save part of my ovary but the cyst was huge and i wasnt sure if it was cancer or not, or he could just take it out. well needless to say i made that decision quick. I asked him about my other ovary and if id be able to have a second baby and he said yes that everything looked good. So after a day of labor and my baby being born i told him to take out the ovary. He sent it to pathology it was 15by 12 by 8 and he explained to me that it was a dermoid cyst and the chance of reoccurance on the other side was only 10%. This cyst was already there before i got pregnant and i got prego without tryn. this is a hard thing to deal with tho but like my gyno said they can watch out for it now. he also said that having one ovary is the same as having two (concieving wise) he said that its just now you dont have a back up.

woo12woo Mon 19-May-08 07:29:27

Hi, I am the person that started this post, I am amazed at how many women get these things.I am having the surgery to remove the dermoid cyst in June, not looking forward to it, but at least it will be over and done with.Mine is aparently the size of a small hen's egg, so not too big, dr isn't sure if they will have to remove part of my ovary or not. How long did it take for you to concieve afterwards? Did you have to wait a few months? I am going to be 34 this year and don't want to wait too much longer to have a baby. Getting quite anxious about this whole thing. Weird tht so many women get them, I guess it is pretty common, glad they found it when it is small

andrearenae24 Tue 03-Jun-08 16:29:22

hi woo12woo i posted 2 days before you. I had the cyst when i concieved ...we werent trying but we werent not tryn either. we had unprotected sex for almost a year before i got pregnant. Now i have only one ovary and tube and i found out yesterday i am pregnant again! My daughter is only 14 weeks old! its crazy it seems like it was easy to get pregnant as we probably got pregnant within the first month i was able to do it after my surgery. This time was no problem either as neither time i was tryn! I was so worried i would not be able to have another child now im gonna have two a year apart! If you have any other questions let me know because I know how scary this can be!

KristyS Thu 12-Jun-08 17:13:06

I am preganant (17 weeks) and just had a dermoid cyst removed. And it did not effect the baby! They found the cyst at an 8 week ultrasound and kept an eye on it. It started out being 6cm (which is considred large) and by the time they took it out 2 months later it was bigger than a grapefruit. They did have to remove an ovary too (Because I was pregnant the less I was under anesthesia, the better for the baby.) The doctor said I would not have any problem with conception in the future because you only need one ovary.

And recovery is far from being like a c-section. I had a c-section with my first and it was pretty painful! The pain lasted 2 weeks. They did a laproscopy surgery to remove the cyst and the only paid medicine I used was Tylenol. The pain from the surgery went away in like 2 days. The worst part of the surgery was the shoulder pain from the gas bubbles, which lasted 5 days.

woo12woo Fri 13-Jun-08 02:41:08

Hi! I had my surgery done last week to remove my dermoid cyst. I still have my ovary and I feel a bit sore and tired, but that is about it. I had the stiches out today and have the tinest incisions, one on my stomach and one near my bikini line. It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. I am so glad they found it and got it out whilst it was so small( about the size of a small hen's egg) We are going to try again for a baby after I have had a few weeks to recover and I would like to wait for about 2 periods to make sure my body id getting back on track. I am so hoping that I won't have any more miscarriages and I can finally be a mummy one of these days!

goingslowlymad Fri 13-Jun-08 06:41:49

I had a dermoid cyst and an ovary removed in 2000 at 14 weeks pregnant and went on to have the baby with no problems. I have since had 4 more children, including one set of twins with no problems.

Mine was over 10 inches in diameter, and was about the size of a basketball. I was cut from bikini line to belly button so the recovery was far worse than an emergency c-section but within a few weeks was back to normal and it has obviously had no effect at all on my fertility.

Good luck.

woo12woo Sat 12-Jul-08 04:19:17

I had my dermoid cyst removed at the beginning of June. I was on b/c pills for 2 months prior beacuse my doctor didn't want me to get pregnant before my surgery( before that I was not on B/c pills for a year). I have not had a period since and it is July 11. I did a hpt(2) and they were positive. My husband and I didn't use protection after my 2 week wait after surgery and only did it a few times!. Do you think that I could be pregnant, or could it be showing a positive result from a hormone imbalance or something? I didn' think it could happen so soon after the surgery and I am kinda scared could be etopic!! I just freak out about stuff like that! My dr says that I have a dip in my uterus,but it isn't major. I have had 3 m/c's before and that is how they found my dermoid cyst. I don't want to get my hopes up,as I have been so emotionally distressed after the past 3 times, I don't want to feel like that again. I have a follow up appt soon, so I guess I'll just wait to find out then. Any advice or similar eaxperiences???????

cc08 Sun 13-Jul-08 21:17:09

Hi woo12woo, thank you for starting this thread! I have had 3 miscarriages in the 4 months (all ended before 5 1/2 weeks), and all the blood tests/chromosomal workups have come back normal. I just had a sonogram done (SO painful) and got the news that I have a dermoid cyst on my left ovary (4 cm), but my dr didn't seem to think it was causing the miscarriages. She also didn't suggest surgery immediately-- just to monitor it again in 3 mos or so, and was fine with us trying to conceive even with the cyst. Did your dr give you the option to try to conceive with the cyst there, or ? I need to talk to my dr again-- I was too shellshocked when she called me, plus I was driving at the time and couldn't write anything down, but would like to know what you and others on this board think. (Btw, I hope you are pg :-)) and go all the way!)

woo12woo Tue 15-Jul-08 05:26:31

hi cc08 I had the exact same thing...I had 3 m/c's( all before 6 weeks and they kept sending me for scans at one point they thought that I had an etopic pregnancy beacuse my ovary was enlarged( scared the living daylights out of me!), same as yours about 4.5 cm. Anyways, they finally told me what this was( dermoid cyst) in Feb and I was monitored for a few months ( it din't grow) So finally I got to have my surgery June 6th, been feeling alot better sice I had the surgery and don't worry, the surgery is not major. I felt better after a week(back to myself after the painkillers) I am hoping that I am preggers, didn't expect it to happen so fast, but don't really want to get my hopes up after the last 3 times. I hope that I don't have some sort of a hormonal imbalance or anything, as I didn't wait for a normal period. Have some pregnancy signs, but not reading to much into it, just going to wait until I see the dr next week, I'll keep you posted on what happens. My dr recommended that I didn't get pregnant until the cyst was removed , apparently they can grow rapidly when you are pregnant and can cause pain and get so big that you'll lose an ovary, that is what my dr said anyways. He is a fertility specialist, so I listened to him.I personally think that they CAN( but not always) cause a m/c, depends on the person. Are you small? I am quite small. I don't really know, but my dr said that sometimes womaen have trouble concieving( with these things) and have the op and then have no problems, I think I'll believe in that theory!Good luck and don't worry, you'll be okay. I'd be interested to find out what happens after your op?!

cc08 Fri 18-Jul-08 01:52:03

Thanks woo12woo. I'm still playing phone tag with my dr (!) to see what she says, but I really appreciate hearing your story. Keep us posted on your news!

woo12woo Sun 27-Jul-08 03:50:16

Well....I'm pregnant!!!! A little nervous, but having another scan in 2 weeks...saw the heartbeat on the last one, things are looking good, so far, fingers crossed! I'll keep you posted!! cco8, did you hear from your dr yet?

ruta Sun 27-Jul-08 14:15:57

hi everyone. I had an ovarian cyst surgery a week ago and still recovering. yesterday i had some pain and tought the reason was i worked myself too hard. Today my period came (on time)and the pain (more than the useual) continius. I don't know if that's normal or not.
Did anyone had that ?

JustOneCornetto Mon 28-Jul-08 21:35:50

congratulations Woo12woo!! thats such great news. I'm new to your post but it fills me with hope too as I'm ttc and have recently had ovarian cysts removed. Going to see the gynae this week to see how things look. Well done to you again smile

andrearenae24 Thu 31-Jul-08 16:36:31

congratulations woo12woo! I hope everything goes well! I like happy endings! especially when i know what your going through! Good Luck!:-)

khitam Thu 31-Jul-08 19:35:17

hiiii woo12woo i am very happy for u and i have a dermoid cyst 4 cm since 2 years i was afraid to make the surgery till today when i read your story and u get pregingt i feel i have to make the surgery too,and i want to ask you is your period was normal?because mine not coming just after every 4months or 2,and i get hair on my face and i become fat this year and my hair falling down is that happening with any??pls i am very afraid,and one thing is my doctor said i havenot to remove my left ovry.

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