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What's the best pregnancy test?

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sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 09:37:10

I'm sure this has been done to death - can't find previous threads but would welcome any links - it's a couple of years since I've used one (at that point I think First Response seemed the earliest, ClearBlue the clearest), and I'm sure things have changed.


FeastofStevenmom Thu 23-Dec-04 09:52:27

FirstResponse, ClearBlue Digital (gives you a yes/no answer), Boots Own Brand

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 10:04:29

OK, so I'm not as out-of-date as I thought - thanks

emMerryChristmastmg Thu 23-Dec-04 10:30:58

clear blue and predictor both said -ve when I was PG (DS2+3)

Boots own are by far the best best IMO

006 Thu 23-Dec-04 11:13:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PamiNativity Thu 23-Dec-04 11:14:24

Agree that Boots own brand is the best. Also got negatives from Clearblue Digital and First Response when pregnant. Also, medisave tests are good (and very cheap).

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 13:32:12

Hmm, looks like Boots is winning. How early can you do it?

SilverLining Thu 23-Dec-04 13:53:21

Have to agree with boots - got a BFP about an hour ago so can certainly vouch for them and I am only 2 or 3 days late!!!! Good luck!

FastAsleepInAManger Thu 23-Dec-04 15:02:20

sleepdeprived, just a thing on the earlyness, as no one else has mentioned it! Some tests say that they can be accurate a few days before your period is due, the medisave ultra earlies say 7-10 days after conception! ... but to avoid extra faint positives that make you crazy (ahem no personal experience coming through there, honest!), or the more likely false negatives I would definately do the test on the day your period is due, or later, and with your first morning urine! That's my 2 pennies worth! Good luck!

FastAsleepInAManger Thu 23-Dec-04 15:03:50

Ok so one more thing lol - WELL DONE SILVERLINING!!!!!! hope you have a healthy happy 9 months and a beautiful healthy bubs!

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 15:09:49


I am soooo impatient, Medisave sounds very tempting .....

fisilhohoho Thu 23-Dec-04 15:14:30

OMG - I am so much in Xmas Uncle joke mood. I looked at the title of this thread and thought "a positive one, ha, ha, ha." Oh well, at least it's only once a year.

FastAsleepInAManger Thu 23-Dec-04 15:17:38

fisil! You're lucky she's not crazy like I was the other month that would have made me go sniffly!!

Try not to do one too soon sleepdeprived, honestly it can lead to lots of heartache! Well it did for me, possibly because I'm a wimp and I got completely obsessed with testing lol..

fisilhohoho Thu 23-Dec-04 15:24:30

Yes I know, sorry. There have been times when that thought would have made me cry!

FastAsleepInAManger Thu 23-Dec-04 15:34:16

Aww fisil I didn't mean to go all defensive!

fisilhohoho Thu 23-Dec-04 15:40:50

no offense. God, it makes me realise how lucky I am that I'll never have to go through this again!

SilverLining Thu 23-Dec-04 17:33:25

Thanks for congratulations! To be honest I had started to take the whole TTC business a bit to heart when nothing happened month after month - this was after DD concieved after one attempt (ahem !) Then having avidly read the TTC thread (from an early number to the present one!) I read a message from someone that first of all really made me see red and then actually quite upset me about how someone (nameless!) didn't want to be pregnant in the height of summer and have an August baby. So I steered clear of all the TTC stuff and just relaxed about about the whole thing and, well, beggers can't be choosers and being an August baby myself (31st - don't get much later than that!) I can honestly say that I am DELIGHTED to be pregnant and will cope with the sun etc and whatever is thrown at me as I want this baby soooo much!!! Good luck to everyone else - glad this is off my chest! and fisilhohoho - must admit I thought the same as you - must be the same sense of humour!!!! SL xxx

FeastofStevenmom Thu 23-Dec-04 17:34:30

congrats silver lining

boots own was actually better than the test the GP used on me:- came up instantly and strongly positive on the boots test, only came up with a faint line on the one the GP used

hester Thu 23-Dec-04 17:54:21

HUGE congratulations Silverlining - hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! xxx

SilverLining Thu 23-Dec-04 18:03:25

Thanks Hester - feel like I know you from all the reading and feel a tad like I'm rubbing peoples noses in it hence not posting on the big TTC thread! I've often found it hard to swallow my own disapointment and congratulate people so thank you sincerely for your congrats especially when I know what you have been and are going through! I wish you all the luck in the world I really really do! SL xxx

hester Thu 23-Dec-04 18:06:43

That's very kind of you, SL - thanks so much. I really am thrilled for you, and will be even more pleased if you could just sprinkle some babydust my way! Hope to join you on the 'expecting' threads very soon.. in the meantime, have a wonderful christmas xx

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 18:23:54

um, should I start a new thread about pregnancy tests? I did one this morning and it was negative, btw.

SilverLining Thu 23-Dec-04 19:07:57

Sorry sleepdeprived

dip Mon 03-Jan-05 13:59:26


just reading this has made me feel loads better..
at least 3 people have said that CB digital gave neg results when they were pg, or got + from others..

woo hoo.. I'm hoping that it was a) a rubbish test, and b) i tested too early.

(why the sore boobs and thrush, if I can get those symptoms surely the hgc would be high enough to regester even with CB digital ??)
knowing my luck though, it's just period symptoms.. not due on until tomorrow.
sitting and waiting.... !!

x (good luck other ttc'ers) *** babydust***

pootlepod Mon 03-Jan-05 14:15:35

Boots, though I got a funny result the 1st time (day period due) but it worked well 1 week later. My first test that properly worked was one from poundstretcher! 2 tests for £1, though they they were a bit old fashioned, having a pot to dip a stick in rather than going on the stick (if that makes any sense???)

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