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How long till my periods start again after stopping breastfeeding?

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sleepdeprived Wed 22-Dec-04 23:01:59

Any experience/info? Gave up a month ago (DS was 10 months).

Enideepmidwinter Wed 22-Dec-04 23:08:53

sure you arent pg

Enideepmidwinter Wed 22-Dec-04 23:09:46


Mine came back almost immediately - in fact when I dropped a couple of feeds my period came the next day.

sleepdeprived Wed 22-Dec-04 23:18:30

I'm dying to do a pg test but feel I should leave it a more respectable length of time!

xmashampermunker Wed 22-Dec-04 23:20:58

I had my first one when DS was six months and three nine days old, the next one was 50 days later.

I'm still bfeeding and he's 8.5 months old now - so they can come back before you stop.

Hope you get the result you want

hana Thu 23-Dec-04 00:17:04

I bf dd for 16 months but periods returned when she was 8 months old sorry no help really!

MarsselectionboxLady Thu 23-Dec-04 00:34:00

Mine returned after 18months whether I was feeding or not. I don't think that there is any set time, it just returns when it returns.

sparklymieow Thu 23-Dec-04 00:36:19

mine returned about 3 months after i stopped BF

hunny Thu 23-Dec-04 07:47:57

Mine came back with avengeance the day after I dropped to one feed a day at 7 months (this week in fact).

sleepdeprived Thu 23-Dec-04 09:38:36

sparklymieow - eek! I was hoping to be pg by then!!

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