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am scared stiff

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virginbonkerz Thu 16-Dec-04 20:17:25

have been feeling crap all day and have started to have a brown discharge! looks like old blood but am terrified its the start of another miscarriage! what shall i do.? DH says im looking to far into it but im terrified1 HELP

Twiga Thu 16-Dec-04 20:45:32

Hi Bonkerz {{{hugs}}} can fully understand how worried you must be. Try and take it easy this evening - easier said then done I know - and go up to your GP first thing. Even better, if you have a local early pg unit, you should be able to just turn up there. Really hope that your fears are unfounded and that things are ok, thinking of you, lol x

morningpaper Thu 16-Dec-04 20:58:08

Bonkerz, so sorry you are stressed out (hugs). Take it easy like Twiga says, go and watch telly with DH or have an early night. Remember that a big percentage of pregnancies have some spotting. Hugs to you. XXX

morningpaper Thu 16-Dec-04 21:01:26

I found this on another pg site:
"Brown stain is "old blood", meaning that the blood has stayed an adequate time in the acid secretions of the vagina to have turned in color from red to brown. Usually this means that the bleeding occurred at a very slow rate and has not continued."

and this on another site:
"If you experience brown spotting, than rest assured that it is most likely old blood. "


Hulababy Thu 16-Dec-04 21:03:40

(((Hugs))) bonkerz. As others have said I am sure brown blood is old blood.

Take it easy tonight and go and see your GP tomorrow. Hopefully he/she can put your mind at rest/

xmashampermunker Thu 16-Dec-04 21:09:09

I had this with DS when I was ten weeks pg. How far along are you? It can also happen around the time a period would've been due. But if it's brown and you're feeling no pain, please try not to worry (and beat me over the head for telling you not to worry - it's only natural to, which is why you're going to your GP in the morning). Hugs xxx

lapsedrunner Thu 16-Dec-04 21:14:04

I had this before I even realised I was pregnant (at about 8 weeks). At the time I was disappointed as thought it was my next period, subsequently discovered I was preganant and saw GP who said such bleeding was very normal.

jabberwocky Thu 16-Dec-04 21:17:01

I had this about 4 or 5 weeks along. It scared me to death but I was later told that it was probably old blood and/or from the implantation. At the time it happened I just laid down, put my feet up and concentrated on staying calm. My trick is to focus on my breath. BTW I have a beautiful baby boy now so it all worked out fine!

jingleballs Thu 16-Dec-04 21:17:58

oh bonkerz, (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) I'm sure some one else has better advice, but I just want to say we're thinkin of u on the TTC threads. Hopefully (and no offense here) you're reading too much into things, take things easy, eat lots of choc and put ur feet up, (can DH take a few days off of work to look after the little ones for you if u have any others) I'd recommend getting to you're dr first thing thou just to put ur mind at rest.

sending u lots of hugs and heaps of baby dust (not that u need it) and all the calming feelings I can via the comp!

take care hon. Let us know how u get on. but fingers crossed for you.

wordsmith Thu 16-Dec-04 21:18:47

Bonkerz, I had brown discharge in both my pregnancies. It's terrifying but does not necessarily mean anything. esp if there is no pain. Don't worry unless it lasts for a few days, then I'm sure a doc will put your mind at rest. How pg are you?

aloha Thu 16-Dec-04 21:50:26

I had lots of this for weeks and weeks, but am now 32 weeks pregnant with a very wriggly baby. It is very common and does not mean an automatic miscarriage by any means. If you are more than six weeks pregnant you could get an early scan to put your mind at rest. Good luck, and try to relax.

Colinsawmommykissingsantaclaus Thu 16-Dec-04 21:51:14

Bonkerz, poor you being so stressed out. It sounds like from what others have said that you should be okay. (((hugs)))

jeddah Thu 16-Dec-04 22:03:27

bonkez.....brown blood is deffinately old!

sounds like you need to rest and see GP for check over...better still as suggested an early preggers unit.

Please try not to worry!

wobblystarryknicks Thu 16-Dec-04 22:06:06

Oh, poor you bonkerz. Hope you're managing to relax for a bit atm and I'm sure its nothing to worry about, but get it checked out asap tomorrow and I'm sure it will put your mind at ease.

Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

TeriS Thu 16-Dec-04 22:12:35

Thinking of you Vriginbonkerz. I had the same thing at around 10 weeks, lasted on and off for around 3 days, but everything turned out to be fine, so try to stay positive.

Yorkiegirl Thu 16-Dec-04 22:19:13

Message withdrawn

Twiga Thu 16-Dec-04 23:24:26

Bonkerz, I'm off to bed but just wanted to check in before I went to say thinking of you and hang on in there, lol x

biglips Thu 16-Dec-04 23:34:51

bonkerz - i have never experienced this but hope everything will be ok

virginbonkerz Fri 17-Dec-04 00:12:03

have just got back from epu and have been booked in for scan on wed 22nd. My cervix is closed which is good and no red blood yet but they cant rule out a threatened miscarriage, just have to rest and pray! Thanks everyone

Twiga Fri 17-Dec-04 07:19:43

Morning Bonkerz, glad things were positive at the EPU and that they've given you a scan date, will be checking in regularly to see how you're going and praying for you over the next few days, lol x

morningpaper Fri 17-Dec-04 08:09:12

I'm sure you will be fine lovely bonkerz! xxx

virginbonkerz Fri 17-Dec-04 08:48:51

thanks for the advise and prayers and support! Have had no more blood over night so am just gonna rest as much as poss till my scan

wobblystarryknicks Fri 17-Dec-04 09:45:18

Am sure everything's fine but make sure you get loads of rest - make dh do everything!! xxxxxx

berolina Fri 17-Dec-04 11:38:39

Hello Bonkerz. If your cervix is closed that's def a good sign - thoughts and prayers to you! After an early m/c first pregnancy I spent the first 10 weeks of this pg having little pink, brown and red spotting - of course I was terrified but all has been fine so far (am 16 1/2 wks now) and a cause was never found. From all the processes that go on with a pregnancy, it's probably not surprising that some women have a bit of blood. Put your feet up, allow yourself to be spoiled rotten, and wishing you the very best for great pre-Christmas news on Weds.

TeriS Fri 17-Dec-04 14:35:49

Just checked in to see how things are going. Glad to hear it went well this morning. As everyone has said, get plenty of rest... [[[hugs]]] for Weds.

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