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metformin to counteract polycystic ovaries?

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canthisberight Tue 14-Dec-04 15:32:19

My first child was conceived with Clomid since I wasn't ovulating (and was told I had polycystic ovaries). I would now love a second child and have been recommended Metformin before I try Clomid again. Apparently Metformin is a drug usually used by diabetics but it can apparently help women with polycystic ovaries to conceive "naturally". Has anyone else tried this and how has it gone?


MeerkatsUnite Tue 14-Dec-04 16:59:07


Metformin is of more benefit if it has been determined that you are insulin resistant. Not all women with PCO/PCOS are and if you are not IR, then it on its own may not be of much if any benefit. It does have side effects, can play havoc with your bowels to begin with but this does lessen over time.

You need to talk through all this with a consultant gynaecologist. It is also wise to firmly establish that you are still suitable to take clomid before commencing this as some women with PCO do become clomid resistant. Again talk with a consultant.

HTH and good luck to you. PCO is a PITA to deal with. If ultimately met and or a combination of the two i.e met and clomid taken together (this actually has seemed to give more success) does not work, other things can be tried. It is by no means the end at this point.


canthisberight Tue 14-Dec-04 18:28:05

Thanks Meerkats. That's really helpful advice. I think I will wait and take the blood test first to see where I am on the ovulating front and then, depending on the results, take it from there. It's also helpful to know there are other options out there although I hope I won't need to be back in touch to find them out from you IYSWIM! Incidently, how do you find out if you are insulin resistant - another blood test?

MeerkatsUnite Wed 15-Dec-04 14:11:43

In a word yes,

This is about blood glucose levels:-

Blood Glucose Levels

Fasting Glucose 8-16 hours fasting 70-110 mg/dl A healthy fasting glucose level is between 70-90, but up to 110 is within normal limits. A level of 111-125 indicates impaired glucose tolerance/insulin resistance. A fasting level of 126+ indicates type II diabetes

kiransmum Thu 30-Dec-04 21:25:14

I too have pcos and conceived my first with Clomid but when i came to try again I had become resistant. I was put on metformin and 6 months later conceived number 2 who is now 5 months old. I did have some tummy upsets for the first few weeks but it settled down and I felt great on it. It even kept my weight off.

My gynaecologists was sceptical it would work because I wasn't insulin resistant or particularly overweight. Previously I was having no periods but within a month of taking it I had a period and then ovulated every six weeks until I conceived.

Hope this gives you some encouragement

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