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malinki, are you there?

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MincePieMonster Mon 06-Dec-04 08:51:51

malinki, isn't it this week that you have an appointment at the IVF clinic at the LGI? Haven't heard anything from you for a while and I'm just wondering if everything is OK.
Please let us know how you are and how you get on at the clinic ... thinking of you CM xx

malinki Mon 06-Dec-04 16:21:30

Hey you, I have just come on here on purpose to contact you directly.....
Yes its Thursday, I was so jumpy this morning when the post man arrived, I'm waiting for the "Sorry we have had to cancel your appointment yet again, due to the consultants Christmas Party" letter, or similar. I am getting v nervous. When my appointment was origianlly booked for October, I received a letter on the Monday of the week I was supposed to be going, saying that they had to cancel it due to unforseen circumstances , thats when all hell broke loose, one simple letter, destroyed everything within 1 second of opening it, so this time I have kept telling myself, you are going to get another letter, (although it hasn't arrived yet, there are still 3 more days, I go at 3.00pm on 9th Dec, LGI here we come, DH has been quiet these last few days, but he knows that I am scared and anxious, but I just seem to flip my lid at the slightest thing, DH wanted more back up, but other than you I don't know anyone who has had IVF/ICSI, we went away for DH birthday and had a long lenghty chat about what was happening, he seemed excited about it all then and that was 4 weeks ago, but he keeps telling me that whatever happens he will always love me and be here for me, then in the same breath tells me "Are you sure you want to go through with it", some days I say no not sure at all, but that is all down to nerves, I used to consider myself a strong willed person, but not anymore, I'm still nervous about what will happen on the 9th, then how long will it be, should we go on the NHS or pay for it... c'est la vie!!!, but I'm still smiling, so it can't be all that bad, can it XXX

berolina Mon 06-Dec-04 18:48:39

Oh Malinki, just lurking around on Conception really, but just wanted to wish you good luck, that no letters come and that all goes well on Thursday

vict17 Mon 06-Dec-04 18:58:35

good luck for Thursday

MincePieMonster Mon 06-Dec-04 19:53:33

malinki, you're back! I'm sure you won't get a letter cancelling at this late stage.
I'm glad you've had a chat with dh and that he's said he'll be there for you - that means a lot and will help you tremendously.
My offer of a get together and a chat is still open, even if it's after your appointment on Thursday.
All the very very best for that day - I wish I could tell you exactly what's going to happen, but I'm sure it's slightly different for everybody.
So keep smiling and no, it's not all that bad.
CM xx

malinki Tue 07-Dec-04 14:26:22

Got the post this morning, NO LETTER!!!!!!! , so looks like we are still going ahead with Thursday. MIL said she is looking after DD and that I'm sure all will go well, my DH said "What do you know about it", we have no-one at all in the family that is going through or been through anything like we have and are, not even on a similar scale, they just got pregnant, had babies and moaned about them, I cherish our DD everyday, she's no angel, especially when DH is teaching her about Rugby and she's only 4 (and a real bruiser), but what would life have been like if I got pregnant easily, I would just be like all the other women in the family (and that is saying something!!!), anyway, got to go and wax (just incase they need a touchy feely thingy), OUCH!!!!, actually I'm excited and scared to death that they will want to take some blood, I am not going to post until after the event, so please keep your fingers crossed that the waiting list isn't too long and that I don't have to loose all my 15 stone, and that DH is alright with sperm etc etc, see when most people are sleeping at night, the above is all I can think of.....

malinki Tue 07-Dec-04 14:28:24

and yes, we should get together, I will want you to help me choose maternity clothes over a coffee in Leeds somewhere. CM speak to you soon XXX

MincePieMonster Fri 10-Dec-04 09:03:51

malinki - was thinking about you yesterday afternoon - how did it go?

MincePieMonster Mon 13-Dec-04 16:06:09


malinki, dying to know how it went at the clinic last week ... please come and tell us!

malinki Mon 17-Jan-05 14:33:24

I'm back!!!
Well saw Dr Yasmin (very very nice Research Registrar in Rep Med), she gave me an ultrasound, which showed not pregnant (of course, we all knew that, but it was her idea. She talked to us for about 1 hr, really nice, it was like talking with your mum, apart from she knew all the answers. Even when DH was getting a little bit jumpy, she told him to be patient, that they WILL get me pregnant, there is just a little case of PCOS standing in her way thats all. So she has told me that I had to have lots of blood tests done again (not done since before 2000), so I had they all GTT, Full blood count, all the hormones testing that we know about and others I didn't like a D7???, but the GTT came back very high indeed, so I am now into my 2nd week of diabetic dieting and its ace, lost 5lbs last week, my skin is clear for the 1st time in ages, she has wroitten a beautiful letter to Dewsbury (where I was having treatment) and the top and bottom of it is, that they are going to put IVF on hold and try me on Metformin and Gonadotrophins to start with. DH has to go to LGI on Thursday morning with a Sperm sample, I've been calling him a merchant banker all Xmas and to top it off, we were passing Leeds somewhere the other night and there is a big billboard asking if anyone wants a hand job, but it was referring to Desperate wives (C4 Wednesdays 10.00 pm), I'm hoping that if I loose at least 1 stone, then it will help things go a little further.

MeerkatsUnite Mon 17-Jan-05 16:22:26


Am really pleased to read that your appointment went well.

Think you will find that a D7 is a day 7 blood test (this is a standard test). Small wonder indeed that she wants you to have up to date bloods as these haven't been done for the last 4 years!!. Slapped wrists and shame on the people who should have done these well before now!!!.

Am glad to see that they will try injectibles beforehand. These can and do have some good results in some PCOS patients. IVF is not the first immediate choice of treatment for PCOS and women with PCOS who undertake IVF should really only do so after all other treatment avenues have failed (accordingly to what I have read on the subject). Also women with PCOS run the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation and should be carefully monitored.

I wish you well and will be looking out for your future postings.

Meerkats (PCOS diagnosed 1997)

CookieMonster Tue 18-Jan-05 09:53:35

malinki, you're back at last!! Was wondering where you were!
Glad it went well at the clinic - you're sounding really positive and that's great!

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