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Length of time for sperm to reach the egg?

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HalyconDays Mon 28-Jan-08 21:05:41

Hello all, I have read several times on different MN posts that it takes sperm about 12hrs to reach the egg. However, I have been idly surfing on the net and have found several articles that talk about sperm reaching the egg within 15minutes (or less). Anyone know for sure what the timeframe is? Thanks!

newyorkdolls Mon 28-Jan-08 21:11:28

It takes a lot longer than 15 minutes for a sperm to reach the egg. Its less than a day but it can survive inside you for many days like up to 7.

HalyconDays Mon 28-Jan-08 21:29:07

Out of interest, where did you read that it 'takes a lot longer than 15minutes to reach the egg'?

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 28-Jan-08 21:38:56

I read up to 24 hours in a very reliable book I had whilst ttc. If you think how microscropically teeeeeny a sperm is, and comparatively how long the journey is for it up through cervix, uterus, fallopian tube etc etc it sounds about right.
Yes they can live up to a week. Thats why my gp said not to bother with ovulation kits. Cos if an egg only lasts a day or so and you bonk on ovulation day - the egg is past its sell by date before the sperm get there.
If you are ttc, best to have sex lots in the 7-10 days after your period ends to make sure plenty of them are waiting at the ovary for when the egg is released!

newyorkdolls Mon 28-Jan-08 21:43:57

HalcoynDayz. My mam is a family planning doctor and she told me!!

JingleyJen Mon 28-Jan-08 21:45:47

it can take around 24 hours

whomovedmychocolate Mon 28-Jan-08 21:47:51

Hang on a cotton picking minute, sperm can only move at an inch an hour. I know they get shot out at great speed but being predominantly male, its not like they will ask for directions. They have to FIND the egg, ENCIRCLE it and then one of them has to BREAK through the outside.

I apparently conceived DD seven days after having sex with DH! His sperm must be lazy fuckers! grin

HalyconDays Mon 28-Jan-08 21:52:41

Here are just a small sample of the sites that I found that talk about how soon the sperm can reach the egg (in minutes for the fastest ones!!!):,18900,%7Cbaby%7C13246,00.html

LOL animalcules!!

Incidentally, I have not yet found a single site that talks about the sperm requiring a timeframe of 24hrs to reach the egg. Has anyone seen an article that states this?

whomovedmychocolate Mon 28-Jan-08 21:56:57

Oh the 24 hour thing is in that daft book by the woman with helmet hair- it's a DK book - Miriam Stoppard I think.

HalyconDays Mon 28-Jan-08 22:01:42

I bet most men would like to believe that they are capable of hitting the target within minutes...grin

Lubyloo Mon 28-Jan-08 22:16:41

I found this fascinating to watch. It says 20 minutes to reach the fallopian tube.

HalyconDays Mon 28-Jan-08 22:34:39

That video was great!

Perhaps the 24hr thing is an urban myth that has now been debunked by modern technology.

Eleveld Tue 29-Jan-08 09:55:28

Blimey, after reading those articles, no wonder it is so difficult to get preganant! The odds seem pretty low!

blueshoes Tue 29-Jan-08 10:09:34

Depends on the consistency of your cervical mucous as well, as to how fast the sperm can swim and how long they will survive. Of course, the closer to ovulation date, the less resistance they will meet.

hanaflower Tue 29-Jan-08 10:27:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinky36 Tue 29-Jan-08 11:13:03

wot chance is the of getting pregnant if after sex the condom comes off inside you, but the opening isn't actually touching your vagina! From someone who got pregnant whilst takin the pill with 1st child, and got pregnant about 4 days into her cycle with her second, I'm obviously very fertile!

hanaflower Tue 29-Jan-08 11:16:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

neolara Wed 30-Jan-08 11:04:39

That video was amazing Lubyloo!

justateen Thu 25-Jun-09 12:30:14

bsically i had unprotected sex bt gt the morning after pill the next morning. hmm
however, i was due my period the day it happened, although i am not regular perhaps one or two days off. But i still didn't get my periods and i am a week late now. However, there is small dots of blood, which come and go, but i am one who usually has quite a heavy period so this is very rare and unusual. I took a test but it said negative, but it may be to soon for a test.
Is it possible that i could be pregnant?

teenycalls Fri 26-Jun-09 14:24:33

It sounds quite unlikely that you are pregnant (though not impossible) and your spotting sounds like the start of your period - this happens to me but only since I hit my 30's. Try not to worry, you're probably making yourself late with all the stress! Good luck.

thell Tue 30-Jun-09 00:17:45

Nice video - is that Tom Hanks??
(the voice, not the sperm...)

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