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Hulababy Mon 29-Nov-04 09:53:52

Can anyone tell me more about the use of Angus Castus to aid conception?

Just read through a Google search I should take a dose of 1000mg? Is this right?

And, is this okay to take throughout cycle, or is it just part of cycle? Can't seem to find anything definte on that.


bran Mon 29-Nov-04 10:18:41

I take Agnus Castus to help with my PCOS, but when I was having IVF I stopped because it's not recommended when you're pregnant. It has quite a strong hormonal effect so I would recommend talking to homoeopath or a herbalist before taking it.

birdsong Mon 29-Nov-04 10:20:59

Hulababy , I got agnus castus from health shop for pmt. It says to take 15-20 drops in a little water twice daily. I took half that dose for a few days and I have never felt so poorly in my life. Never heard about it aiding conception though sorry.

moschops Mon 29-Nov-04 10:21:20

it regulates hormones that are connected to your menstrual cycle. i have the tincture form and it says to take 15 - 20 drops in a glass of water twice daily (the tincture gets into your system quicker than tablet form)

have read mixed reports on how to use it. i was told it takes three cycles to level out the hormone production, and to stop taking it as soon as i found out if i was pregnant, but i have also been told you should only take it up to ovulation. i'm not taking it at the moment because i cannot find out for definite which of these statements is true.

would be excellent if anyone on here can clear this up for us?

geordie Mon 29-Nov-04 10:25:23

hi girls...I'm off to see the reflexologist on day 10 of my next cycle...if my leutal phase isn't longet this month then she is going to prescribe it to help bring on ovulation...I'll aske her about the issue of taking it after ovulation...unless of course someone else answers the question first....

on a positive note I did google and read of someone who fell pg taking AC...she took it all cycle and only stopped taking it as soon as she got a bfp!

Hulababy Mon 29-Nov-04 10:26:25

Cheers. I am a little concerned that, as my temps only raise for slightly after OV and FF doesn't even note OV this month as a result, that my levels of prostegene may be low, so have been told that A.C. can help to regulate this.

Have heard some reports that suggest taking it for just the first half of the cycle, until OV and not for the second half.

And that you can get it idn different forms - like capsules, etc.

tootle Mon 29-Nov-04 11:51:51


I bought some of this and so have read A LOT of information about it. I also found contradictory information.

I took it all cycle long. I think that, as long as you are looking out for being pregnant, i.e. testing as soon as your period is normally due, then it is okay to take up until that point.

From reading posts on Fertility Friend, it seems that it is thought of as great or disastrous. Those who found it great had irregular cycles. Whne they took Agnus Castus, it made them ovulate sooner and regulated their cycles to 28 days.

Those who found it disastrous already had a near on 28 day cycle and when they took this high dose of Agnus Castus (1000mg) they found that they ovulated LATER! and it messed up their cycles.

I only took it for one cycle (for luteal phase defect) and I took a high dose. My chart was weird that month. I got a 28 day cycle but I still don't know if I O'd on cd14, meaning it fixed my lpd or whether I ovulated on CD19 - as FF said, and it actually messed up my cycle.

Do you have irregular cycles? They call it natures Clomid, so you could take it in a high does just for 5 days pre-O, like clomid, or else take a lower dose all cycle. Try it and see.

MeerkatsUnite Mon 29-Nov-04 12:52:29

As I am led to understand it is not adviseable to self medicate with AC as it can in some cases make things worse. It can increase the production of LH; as many women with PCOS have an excess of this hormone anyway, taking AC can make this worse. If you want to go down this route you are far better off seeking the advice of a properly qualified medical herbalist beforehand.

codswallop Mon 29-Nov-04 13:18:42

( coddy peeps head in as ds1 is called angus - sees i t is nothing to do wih her and slopes off again!)

hester Mon 29-Nov-04 13:46:02

{grin] Coddy!

This is such a useful thread! I am horrified that it may be worse than useless for people with regular cycles - I've been taking it in a half-hearted kind of way and have a pretty regular 28 day cycle. I'm going to stop immediately!

Just goes to show that they're right when they advise you to consult expert advice on all these things. I, of course, prefer to self-medicate till I rattle, and goodness knows how all my supplements are interacting inside of me. I'd probably have six kids by now if I could just stop trying to 'help things along'!

SweetFudge Mon 29-Nov-04 14:00:49

Meerkasuntie, will increasing LH levels in women without PCOS be detremental to conception success as well? Are there any articles you can point me to on the subject? I'm been trawling the web and have little success.


Hulababy Mon 29-Nov-04 16:35:54

My cycles are pretty much regular I think (still early days) and near to 28 days. I tend to OV later than CD14 though, and as my temps are pretty low even after OV - only jump bu 0.1-0.2 at the most, I was just wonderng whether my levels of progestone are high enough to concieve and sistain pg. Sure it may have een one of issues with my early mc (before DD) as all pg tests up to the mc (at 7 weeks) were quite faint.

Don't want to risk makign things worse though, so I'll do some more reseach I guess.

munnzieb Mon 29-Nov-04 18:50:44

I take it by tablet, 4 a day, two at breckie, and two at night, the dose... is... 400mg, i'm assuming that's each tablet, not sure of the side effects, apart form AF is one day early, but that could be to do with the starflower i'm also taking (thins CM)

I've spoke to one herbalist and holland and barrets, both said that angus catcus will increase Prog. levels. which is good, there is an artical on Angus catcus in this months mag from holland and barrets if you can get it

MeerkatsUnite Tue 30-Nov-04 12:50:33


Re: LH levels

Have a read of this page:-


moschops Tue 30-Nov-04 20:04:16

i have had this response to my question about using agnus castus for my irregular cycles (from a fully qualified herbalist/homeopath)

The Agnus Castus is used throughout cycle, except for days of the
menstrual period. It actually aids in preparing the body for pregnancy, and
should not be a problem even if pregnancy is not discovered right away;
after which its use is usually stopped, mainly as it is no longer needed.
The BLACK HAW extract is also good for the condition you
mention, and is actually a preventer of miscarriage.

SweetFudge Wed 01-Dec-04 00:21:12

MeerkatsUnite, I've read the article from your link now. Thanks very much!

LadyLazarus Sat 22-Jan-05 21:26:54

Just to let you know, I have just found out I'm pregnant, after trying for 5 months. I took Agnus Castus AND Royal Jelly, which I read in the Gillian McKeith book You Are What You Eat are suposed to be good for TTC. Hope that helps!

Debbsywillgetherbeanie Tue 16-Aug-05 22:30:09

im going to resurrect this thread as i could do with an answer please as im taking angus castus im on cd16 and my boobs are hurting me v unusual; for this time of the month is it something to do with the tabs do you think ??

nimmles Wed 17-Aug-05 09:20:04

think it could be the AC, i took it when trying for DD and i definitely had sore boobs straight after ov until af. tried to take it last month to prepare for ttc no.2 but had to stop as it made my AF really really horrendously heavy
anyone else had this?

Debbsywillgetherbeanie Wed 17-Aug-05 18:37:14

thanks nimies thought it was not going to take it any more.

funkeymunkey Tue 13-May-08 10:44:55

*Hey all* smile
New to all this so pls bear wiv me. I have 3 kids all conceived naturally. I was on Depo Provera injection for 5 years. I am now ttc again and 3 yrs later still nothing. We both had all checks (lap & dye, sperm count blah blah) doc said nothing at all wrong. Have used clomid for 5 months to no avail. I have been using angus castus 400mg x2 twice daily from Holland and Barratts. According to my research it can be taken all through the month but stop if you lucky enuff to get pregnant. If anyone has experience of angus castus i would love to hear from you.

Baby Dust to all x x x

beaniesteve Tue 13-May-08 10:49:23

You should stop at Ovulation if you are TTC and it shouldn't be taken with Clomid at all.

minxi Tue 13-May-08 12:51:13

Funky I was on depo for only 15 months, had the last Nov 2004 - body seemed to get back to normal July 2006, and have been trying since then - had all the tests done too and all clear - clomid didnt' work either...its very frustrating!!!

minxi Tue 13-May-08 12:52:01

Meant to say have 2 DS both conceived naturally, DS 2 is nearly 5 now...

funkeymunkey Thu 15-May-08 10:06:12

Hi minxi i know how you feel my last depo was march 05 periods returned quickly. lap and dye was done aug 07 that and all other tests come back ok. Took clomid for 5mth but the side effects were terrible. Its very frustrating when we have already conceived naturally. My heart goes out to them trying for the first time. Due to all those people saying relax an it will happen try not to think about it ( yeh right!!!) i have stopped all charting so i dont know when i ovulate now, but i am told by experts angus castus can be taken all way thru stop when preg. I am very frustrated at the mo coz i have had af signs from cd15 of 26/28 day cycle, pains in tummy 8 days past suspected ovulation, and now i am cd 23 all syptoms have gone away its so confusing i dont do where to turn! DD 13 DD 10 and DS 7 now.

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