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MC avengers, still eating cake, 2008 WILL BE OUR YEAR!

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ronshar Fri 18-Jan-08 12:21:36

Hey ladies I have been brave and started new thread.
Aquababe will not have to look at her thread opener again.grin

aquababe Fri 18-Jan-08 12:24:16

Thanks Ronshar.
I didn't want to start another thread

ronshar Fri 18-Jan-08 12:25:27

No I was scared but I decided to be brave.

cece Fri 18-Jan-08 12:30:23

Hello, I've found it!

Sorry to hear you had more bleeding Kasha and welcome to all the new people, but sorry you had to join us.

The GP said yesterday i should wait 2 months before TTC and sort of told me off for trying the same month as mc. Especially as I now seem to have an infection. Was sort of going to ignore her but the drugs she has given me are a definite don't take even if you are TTC... sad
So at least a month off for me and DH.

Or as DH put it

oh good we can have sex for fun this month!

lou2311 Fri 18-Jan-08 12:32:35

hi all,
im counting on 2008 too!
Im quite new to this as havent looked properly on here since my miscarriage in july. feel ready to talk again now...any words of wisdom gratefully accepted!

sfxmum Fri 18-Jan-08 12:36:35

thanks Ronshar

hi lou2311

this has been a weird month,I had my first post mc AF and thought I would feel a huge compulsion to ttc, but no in fact I avoided dh. am now past the ovulation and feel sad for the first time in ages.

ronshar Fri 18-Jan-08 12:37:55

Oh Cece, at least they have found a problem to deal with! Looking on the bright side, you get to have lots of sex with no agenda, and that must be ggod news! All that practice makes perfect you knowgrin.

Lou2311, we are all here for each other. Some times people take longer to express their grief than others who apperar to be able to vocalise straight away. Whatever you want to say or ask just put it out there and someone will answer.

P.S we also drink alot and eat a lot of cake.grin

MollieMooma Fri 18-Jan-08 13:28:34

Kasha sad hope your resting x

alittlebitshy Fri 18-Jan-08 13:29:58

hello everyone.
well done on being brave ronshar

This is still kind of my spiritual home. You ladies are fab

MollieMooma Fri 18-Jan-08 13:30:51

Oops posted before I finished blush
Sfxmum - I've been wondering how I;ll feel after first AF too so it was good to read your post. Weds I was really positive and couldn't wait to try again, but now it's all sinking in I'm not so sure.

By the way I like the new thread title! Good choice

coolkat Fri 18-Jan-08 13:53:01

There you are ladies. Well AF here good and proper now. Yesterday I had such bad cramps but little leaving the body (sorry tmi). I have a headache and think its becuase of AF - Evil witch.

I have just been so so bad and eaten one of those Lindt Chocolate santa's they were reduced to 50p - bargain. Here anyone want some! wink

I hope you are ok Kasha.
I am going to try and follow more carefully now as I struggle to remember who, what, where when etc.

Cece have a relaxing month before starting to BD again. It must be horrible waiting but we will all be here to celebrate when you get your BFP - and you will.X

Thanks Ronshar

kate2179 Fri 18-Jan-08 14:25:44

Well done ronshar!

So sorry aqua I have often thought about the fact that your bfp message is the first one I see when I log in to this thread. I nearly asked you whether you'd like us to start a new thread early, wish I had now sad.
But new thread, new start. This one's for you smile

ALBS how are you doing? Has the bleeding stopped? You must be about 12 weeks now I think? really hope you're ok xx

{{{hugs}}} kasha, thinking of you.

Hello to everyone else <<waves>> No more MC's on here please, just healthy beans from now on! (wouldn't that be so wonderful! smile)

KashaSarrasin Fri 18-Jan-08 17:14:13

Hi everyone

The bleeding slowed down overnight and is now just dark red / brownish spotting. I've put myself on self-imposed bedrest and poor DH is having to cope with DS. I have an EPU appt for Monday am so I guess I just have to sit tight till then, although I'm not holding out much hope to be honest

I'll keep you all posted on any developments, using a laptop in bed is not very comfortable though.

I hope everyone else is well and thanks ronshar for the new thread!

cece Fri 18-Jan-08 17:15:04

Thanks everyone.

I feel very fed up about it at the moment but maybe it is for the best. I thought I was Ok emotionally but yesterday at the EPU, when I started uncontrollably sobbing, showed me that maybe I am not as together as I thought I was! Perhaps the extra month will sort that out a little.

TBH if I had got a bfp this month it would have meant I was about 18 weeks the week that Hope was due, (I lost her at 18 weeks) so that would not have been a good place to be.

My main worry is my age - 41 in Feb - starting to feel ancient.

hackneybird Fri 18-Jan-08 17:15:34

Have a good weekend ladies.

I am off to the coast for a long weekend and plan to eat lots of fish and chips and drink my own bodyweight in red wine.

Thanks for all being so nice and supportive.

Kasha am thinking of you in particular.

Lilypink Fri 18-Jan-08 17:16:21

I really hope kasha is ok?

I had my HCG level results today from tues test 2,340 which considering at the time I was only 15dpo is actually very high. But the level needs to double so I have to wait patiently for next results. GP is 'looking' for them now apparently hmm

Reckon I am going to have to wait until monday now though.

OracleInaCoracle Fri 18-Jan-08 17:20:13

evening ladies, are we well.

kasha, praying for you!

im sooo tired, had long day at college and in aromatherapy we studied aromatherapy in pg, it was quite stressful. we discussed mc and i forget that for lots of people mc-ing isnt a way of life. yet another thing i am desenstized to now sad i also challenged my tutor quite a bit then had a bit of a cry.


OracleInaCoracle Fri 18-Jan-08 17:22:15

oh cece sad

lillypink, fingers crossed

hackney, have a good weekend!

ceedub Fri 18-Jan-08 17:29:29

Hi hackneybird, thanks so much for all your supportive words - so helpful in helping me prepare for it all. have a lovely trip to the coast - hope the weather is perfect for you.

Kasha, I'll be crossing fingers and toes for you for Monday - hope you get some reassuring news.

I'm off for a scan on tuesday, but given the amount of bleeding, cramps etc since Wednesday, dp and I don't expect good news. Am really just hoping to be told it's all over so we can put it behind us.

thanks everyone else for thinking of me and i hope you all have good weekends.

ronshar Fri 18-Jan-08 18:22:11

Lissie, we are well here on the rainy south coast. How are you getting on? Is this return medically approved or are you being a little bit naughty??smile

OracleInaCoracle Fri 18-Jan-08 18:47:04

winkif dh asks then it is approved. i havent asked tbh. im taking matters into my own hands (so to speak) dh is cooking a romantic meal for my birthday, might just have a lapse wink

Ele08 Fri 18-Jan-08 19:36:13

Kasha hop your bleeding has stopped and you are feeling ok.
Hope everyone else is doing well too.

My period came this morning, first one since i had the mc last month. I was hoping to be pg but also kind of glad to get it as i could feel it coming.

sweetkitty Fri 18-Jan-08 21:51:05

There you all are, I hope I can still join this thread even though I'm pregnant again, not a day goes by that I don't think about the mc.

lissie - hello good to see you smile

Ele08 - sorry to see AF has got you but start of a new cycle and all that

ceedub - hoping for a wee miracle for you on Wednesday, the waiting is awful though, hope it goes quick for you and you have some sort of relaxing weekend if you can.

lilypink - fingers crossed for you x

cece - enjoy your sex for fun month maybe a break from ttc will be just what you need

kasha - thinking of you x

ronshar - thansk for starting the thread

hello to anyone I have forgotten, right who's up for the first BFP of this new thread I feel it's gonna be a good one for us all

cece Fri 18-Jan-08 22:28:48


LOL grin wink blush

DUSTIN Sat 19-Jan-08 14:21:33

Hello everyone,

Haven't been around much so thought I would pop in and see how everyone was doing. I am so sorry that there are alot of new names on here but I hope you find comfort on this thread as I have done.

Lissie I am very interested in alternative therapies and have just completed my Reiki 1. Does your course cover other therapies as well as aromatherapy?

Sweetkitty I am so pleased everything is going ok.

I won't be able to ttc this month as waiting for a referral to hospital for an abdominal scan. Been having lots of pain in my right hand side so they want to check it out. Really scared, I just want to get back on the horse (so to speak wink)

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