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TTC Thread 14 ... Santa knows what we want for Christmas

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hester Wed 17-Nov-04 08:18:46

Here we go! Thread 14 for the nicest bunch of women on Mumsnet

Thread 13 was very joyful and very painful for me, but what it has shown me is that even old warhorses like me can get lucky, so there's no excuse for all you nubile young honies not to deliver the goods! Come on now, Mama Hester expects you to do your duty by your fellow ttc-ers

Get ready now, 1 - 2 - 3, GO!!!

hester Wed 17-Nov-04 08:19:45

And huge congratulations once again to MommyD!

hester Wed 17-Nov-04 08:29:20

Please, someone join my thread [hopeful smile emoticon]. At the moment I feel like one of those sad kids who chalks out hopscotch squares in the corner of the playground, then stands around waiting for someone to join in...

Please? If I offer you some smarties?

sweetheart Wed 17-Nov-04 08:44:38


8am is a bit early for most of the ttc'ers!!!!

I'd just wanted to add a message to say good luck to all of you!!!!!

As Hester says - this is definalty a very friendly place!!!!

Munnzieb Wed 17-Nov-04 08:46:00

morning hester hon. Good to see ya back in the sadle as it were!

ernest Wed 17-Nov-04 08:53:11

good morning. It's my littlest one's 1st birthday today, so we're having a fun day frightening how quickly a year goes by....

thanks for starting a new thread, hester. here's to lucky 14. and like you've said hester, santa knows what we all want, but maybe we should write him a letter, just in case?

wednesday - 2 days till af due to arrive - tomorrow's the last day of my cycle - when should I leave it to test? friday (when due?/sat/sun?)

Hulababy Wed 17-Nov-04 08:57:25

Morning all. CD16 here and temp didn't go up this morning. Last month Ov was CD15, month before CD18. Seems like it's pot's luck when OV is at moment???

ernest Wed 17-Nov-04 09:04:03

btw, munnzieb, yes the 1st month, the 2 packets of test sticks mucy be from the same batch number. glad you managed to reset it

pamina3 Wed 17-Nov-04 09:14:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

geordie Wed 17-Nov-04 09:43:26

fantasitic way to start a thread. I am in awe of you hester! You are an amazing woman for many reasons...I am so glad that you are sticking with us....lets hope that 2005 brings you the biggest pressie ever!!

cd 12 here!! Not been feeling very horny I'm afraid but then ov not due until mondayish I think.

anyway I will update atats and give them a post on here.......just off to ttc 13 to figure out peoples new cycle data!!

see ya later

(someone asked about testing....if you make it to 14 or 15 dpo then I would test!)

mariella Wed 17-Nov-04 09:46:25

Hester, what a great thread title! You are a star, really.
Ernest - I'm 35, ttc no4, on CD3 of cycle2 for me (save you trying to look it up and work it out!)

MommyD Wed 17-Nov-04 09:46:33

And thanks from MommyD for all the support I have had on this board!!! Good Luck to all on Lucky Thread 14!
I must be pg - cos I'm sitting at my desk at work scoffing a pint of milk and an egg and bacon bagel - I only EVER drink milk on its own, or eat eggs like that when pg. I crave them from day 1!!
I would like to check in every so often to see how you are all doing.... BABY DUST TO ALL..... xx

velcrobott Wed 17-Nov-04 09:51:33

I am still TTC - well if I can EVER ovulate (sigh).... so I am not as often on these as it does drive me crazy (to think about TTC if your know what mean).
Hopefully we'll have a few graduates on this thread

MINNIE1 Wed 17-Nov-04 10:01:42

So sorry for your loss, My heart is with you.. and a big hug for you.. I really don't know what to say to you only that were all here if you need to vent, Is a painful experiance no matter how long you were gone..
Sending you lots of hugs and love..
PS.. Far play to you for starting the new thread.

CD27.. Waiting for AF as i have no PG symtoms what so ever!!!!

Sorry to hear all the AF that arrived

Congrads to Mommyd and the best of luck to you and your pg...

baby dust to all you little stars x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*xx

Tania2 Wed 17-Nov-04 10:02:55

Good on you Hester for starting this thread lets hope it brings you lots of luck. and of course lets hope that santa comes through with the goods. CD3 here and af is bearly there so must start to work myself up for some serious bding
Congrats again MommyD
Best of luck to all of us

MINNIE1 Wed 17-Nov-04 10:03:08

velcrobott, have that same feeling that i'm not ov'ing as CD can be 35-36 days !!!!

Nikkichik Wed 17-Nov-04 10:19:57

Morning all, glad to see a new thread - you are very brave Hester - good to see you back! Maybe 13 was unlucky for most of us but congrats to those who made it out! What a lovely Christmas pressie it would be for all of us.
I'm CD 11 and due to OV on Monday (I hope) so need to get some serious shagging in over the w/e. (thread!) Actually dh's suggestion so he's been paying more attention than I thought! (I must get round to putting my stats on geordie's - what do I need to put there?)
Good luck to all and lets hope it's a white Christmas for us all!

wilbur Wed 17-Nov-04 10:29:07

Well done for starting the thread so well Hester, hugs and high hopes to you!

And congrats MommyD - missed your announcement on the other thread, but brilliant news. Keep chugging back that milk

I'm waiting to test here, af is due today or tomorrow and my temp is still high. I am so hopeful, but have been fooled before. I was going to do one last night, but I couldn't find the tests that I got from the internet, which is very annoying. Or maybe god just was telling me to wait another day or so.

pooka Wed 17-Nov-04 11:50:51

Good idea to start new thread Hester.

I'm waiting until, I think, Monday before testing. Don't think it'll happen this month, but then I find myself analysing every ache and pain. Have been getting up each night to pee. Have had achey tummy (could have been overindulgence) and feel tired. But then feel like that most of the time! Sure it won't happen this month (note the reverse psychology)

sweetheart Wed 17-Nov-04 11:53:24

If anyone see's Runtus in here can you tell her I'm looking for her - I'm a bit worried!!!

I've e-mailed her but haven't had a response and I know she is waiting for her af which should be here by now!!!! She didn't say she was off today and I'm hoping that nothings wrong.

Hopefully she'll be off celebrating somewhere with a BFP!?!?!?!?!?!

Wifeof Wed 17-Nov-04 12:26:21

What a brave soldier you are Hester - wishing you, and all of us, little blue lines / pink dots on sticks for Christmas!

This will probably be my last cycle on here and have just bought an OPK so fingers crossed!

Baby dust to all "*"*"*"*"*"*"*"

Twiga Wed 17-Nov-04 12:34:27

Thanks Hester for starting this thread off, hope that you aren't feeling too sad and hope that it's not long before you have good news again, lol x

Happy Birthday to Ernests little one !

Off to see Bridget Jones with dh, see ya all later x x x

BeckiF Wed 17-Nov-04 12:35:08

Oh Lord ... TTC #14

Well I'm CD17, have had temp flucuations already and obscure opks results, all negative thus far but they started to get darker and then got feinter. Got stabbing pains low left side today so I'll see what the opk says tonight. Slight temp drop this morning. This HAS to be my lucky thread if my premonition is to come true. Love all round ladies xxx

Munnzieb Wed 17-Nov-04 12:38:12

let us know what Bridget is like twiga will u?

bonkerz Wed 17-Nov-04 12:41:02

well im on day 12 of my cycle, ovulated (tests) yesterday and been bd for 4 days non stop! feeling bit poorly today and am trying not to take any meds cos dont want to upset my balance!
Could the reason i feel light headed and hot be the ovulating and poss conception? my cycle is 28 days exact and this is the first month ive done tests and actually bd so much! REALLY want it to work this month cos if it dont am gonna stop trying, not sure how much more dh can cope with!

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