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IVFers thread

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TheMNPeacekeepingForce Sun 23-Dec-07 18:51:27

Anyone fancy starting an ongoing thread for those who are having IVF/ are planning to try again via IVF soon?

Ds was conceived via IVF - he's now 2.6 and we're stepping back on the scary rollercoaster ride with a FET - I started taking the drugs yesterday!

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Sun 23-Dec-07 23:30:33

bump anyone?

duvetheaven Mon 24-Dec-07 09:29:22


TheMNPeacekeepingForce Mon 24-Dec-07 09:56:20

I had to laugh after I posted 'bump anyone' as it was quite ironic because for those of us doing IVF that's exactly waht we'd want smile

coggy Wed 26-Dec-07 16:48:34

Hi Peacekeeper!
I officially started IVF on Sunday I guess.

Nothing actually happening 'til CD21 but this is it pretty much it....scary! (and exciting...first time for me).

Let's hope it will be bumps all round eh?! grin

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Wed 26-Dec-07 21:01:41

Hi Coggy - good luck. Are you sniffing Burserlin now then?
Mine is a frozen embryo transfer but medicated (with drugs rather than natural) - I'm due to start sniffing on Saturday and have already been taking some progesterone - it's been giving me PMT x 200 but only now and then which is weird!!

Top tip re injections - I found last time it helped to ice the injection site before with a freezer block type thing - numbed it really well.

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Thu 27-Dec-07 23:01:19

Any takers?

coggy Fri 28-Dec-07 19:03:16

No sniffing here! hmm
I'm doing short protocol which may well be different??

Got to start progesterone on CD21 until they tell me to stop with a view to the procedure actually taking place mid-Feb I think.

I've gone through 4 cycles of IUI already this year so I'm well used to the old jabbings - never thought about numbing the injection site though....TOP TIP!!!!! grin

Broodymomma Fri 28-Dec-07 20:09:15

Thought I would pop in and say hi - not planning any immediate treatment but have had 2 cycles of ivf and my ds (9 months) is the result of fet (natural). Good luck to all of you starting soon.

soosy Fri 28-Dec-07 21:07:44

I am starting ivf around the middle of jan. It will be my 14th cycle and I have one DS nearly 3 as a result of my 10th attempt. I am doing a cetrotide protocol, start injecting fsh on day 2 or 3 and then when follicles are about 14mm then I injecting cetrotide to stop ovulating. I have tried a few protocols, they mainly have the same sort of results, but I got pregnant on this one.

I don't find the injections a problem. Its the 2 ww that drives me completely insane.

Am also on the ttc after christmas thread....

Nice to see you coggy am glad you decided to give ivf a go. Keeping everything crossed for you.

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Fri 28-Dec-07 21:41:50


Wow Soosy - you have been through this a lot of times. I hope this one works for you.

I'm hoping my 2ww will be short this time (I have frozen day 5 blastocysts so by the time the embryo transfer happens they will be poss day 6 and that only leaves 8 days til testing! Not that I waited til day 14 last time to test - think I started testing day 10!!) and also that ds will provide a distraction that wasn't there last time iyswim.

mummy2olivia Fri 28-Dec-07 22:25:20

WOW!!! 14 cycles!!! is that a record? Really hope it works for you all. x

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Sat 29-Dec-07 08:57:20

Do you get a frequent cycler discount at the clinic Soosy?! wink

If anyone deserves it to work I think you do with all that to go through.

Well I started sniffing just now - am fudging the clinic's recommended timings a bit as 7am is too early but they said that's ok.

notmyrtle Sat 29-Dec-07 17:32:40

We won't be starting again until next August at the earliest sad

Wishing you all success xxx

soosy Sat 29-Dec-07 21:30:14

No frequent flyer discounts at my clinic, sadly. Infact the cost is now three times what we paid for our first cycle 10 years ago! (i got pg but had m/c, don't think I would have stuck it out if I hadn't).

MNpeace, can't you have your embryo transfer in a natural cycle? I found the sniffing to be vile. It doesn't really matter what time you do it (sniffing that is) as long it is the same time every day.

Notmyrtle, its good to have a break, I tried to do three cycles in one year (when I had my m/c) and my hair fell out. it is all a bit stressful, even when it works. Good luck for August

Thanks for the support I hope it works as we only have 3 attempts left, as dh was ill and we had to freeze sperm.... Plus I am now 38 so time is not exactly on our side.

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Sat 29-Dec-07 23:01:48

Soosy - I think my clinic favours medicated and also I've had PCOS so I guess it is better this way....well that's what I'm telling myself as I psych myself up for the injections.

Let's try and keep this thread going - even if there aren't many of us and not all of us are going through treatment at the moment.

soosy Sun 30-Dec-07 19:29:58

It would be nice (horrible word I know) as I know that it is really hard for those who haven't been through it all to understand what ivf is actually like. I am struggling to remember to take my folic acid at the moment, and to lose a little bit of weight, as my ovaries act as though they are polycystic, but I am ovulating, so the drugs work better if I am a little lighter. So MNpeace you must respond well to the drugs... if you are anything like me!

Coggy, how is it all going?

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Sun 30-Dec-07 20:18:26

I just took a look at the hoping to conceive in the new year thread or whatever it's called and decided not to post there as it IS just so different doing IVF. Understandably there's lots of discussion about timing sex, temping etc so it's just not the same....which is why I like the idea of this thread!

I guess Soosy I responded quite well last time - I think I had 14 folicles and 12 eggs but what we were very very lucky with was our embryo quality and the number that fertilised and carried on to blastocyst - very lucky.

But since this time it's a frozen cycle I'm worrying that we are using the ones which were less good and therefore the chances of success are lower - plus rates of success for FETs are just lower anyway aren't they.

If this one doesn't work we'll probably do one fresh cycle and then call it a day.

Are any of you at any London clinics?

coggy Mon 31-Dec-07 16:50:38

Hello...and Happy New Year wishes to all!! grin (almost in 2008 I guess?!) must be fed-up of it all by now?
I'm definitely joining you on the old weight-loss campaign (I do it every January y'know!!) blush

I've only got about 1/2 stone really necessary to lose but I also MUST eat better....SOOOOOOOOOO much alcohol and chocolate over Christmas.

I start my progesterone in a couple of weeks so after tonight I will be healthy and (reasonably) alcohol free.

How is the sniffing going PK?

I've been on LOTS of ttc threads in the past couple of years and I agree with your thoughts I must say. I feel as if I have had the same converstaions many, many times as people have 'left me behind' and new people have come (and also gone! sad)

This is fab to be able to moan and groan and get sympathy from people who know!!

I am a bit scared now. Not about the actual procedure, but about the finality of it all....I am trying not to think about that, but it's hard sometimes.

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Mon 31-Dec-07 17:39:14

Coggy - the sniffing is ok so far - I don't much like that bit where it trickles down the back of your throat though...

I'm dreading the injections as it's ages since I did them last time and also these ones are with a bigger needle and intra muscular.

I didn't feel so great on the progesterone - I was really moody! poor dh!

Soosy have a good last blow out with the booze tonight!

coggy Mon 31-Dec-07 18:37:16

What injections are they then?
Are you doing them yourself?

I've done the puregon pen and buserilyn jabs myself. Also the hcg which stings a lot but none with a long needle....hope I won't have to do that!!!

<<<coggy wanders off really scared now!!!!>>>

soosy Mon 31-Dec-07 20:13:18

coggy, you shouldn't have any intra-muscular injections, except maybe the one to make you ovulate, but even that can be done with a small needle. Don't panic about the procedure, you will get pain relief and if it starts to hurt tell them and you can have more! Gas & air also helps with the odd follicle (esp the ones on the outside of the ovary.) You will be told not to eat or drink for a certain time before, find out what is the last time you can have fluids and drink as much as you can then ( a pint of water) wake up if you have to, it makes an enormous difference to your recovery.

Pk wow sounds like they have good drugs for you shock, no patches etc, is this because of the pcos? make sure the big needle is for injecting it might be for mixing. I did have a couple of glasses of fizz with dh and ds as dh had reached his target at work, so hopefully good bonus next year!

A very happy new year to you all, a fab 2008 and oodles of babies!

soosy Mon 31-Dec-07 20:16:41

sorry pk, must have missed your first post completely. yes I am at the Chelsea & Westminster, i may not get frequent flyer, but I am their oldest customer!

Your embryos must be good quality to get to that stage so don't worry.

Can I be personal and ask how old you are?

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Tue 01-Jan-08 14:30:23

Hi Soosy - I was 31 when we did the original treatment for ds (now 2.5) and dh is 6 years older.

I don't know why the embryos were so amazing - they were all grade 1 apart from 1 the first day or two and the embryologist said that was very very rare.

I had acupuncture and wondered if that had made a difference.

soosy Tue 01-Jan-08 19:54:00

I had acupuncture when I finally conceived ds and am having it now in preparation for the next cycle. My consultant said there are some studies which show that acupuncture is helpful with implantation, which seems to be the problem when we are doing ivf, as although I don't have such splendid results as you I do quite well, with all grade 1's and 2's, but not all carry on dividing. The last time, at the grand old age of 37, I managed to produce 13 eggs.

They say pk that if you have polycystic ovaries you maintain your fertility for longer, so there are some benefits.

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