I've got no hope with this cycle have I?

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andpeggy1 Thu 25-Nov-21 16:50:37

So I'm usually 30 days regular cycle, ovulation happening usually between cd 15-18. This time my ovulation day wasn't til cd 21.

I'm currently 16DPO (day 35 in cycle) feeling all the pms symptoms and cramping on and off. Took a cheapo test today (first thing this morning) (75p from home bargains) and it came back very quickly and very clearly negative (see picture)

I am obese and I have heard it can take a while for the Hcg hormone to show for larger ladies. But I thought it would show now?

Should I just get my head out of the hope zone and look to buying more ovulation sticks ready for next month ( when ever my period actually starts) or am I better retesting with a more expensive pregnancy test in a few days time?

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GingerbreadTM Thu 25-Nov-21 17:17:22

@andpeggy1 Reading your post touched home with me on a few things.

Hold on to hope until you do the more expensive test.

It's such a stressful time and I hope you get your wish/dream xx

andpeggy1 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:27:18

@GingerbreadTM like it's so hard isn't it! It's the unknowing what's going on or what's happening. I'm trying to be calm and rational about it but like I don't understand what's happening with this cycle as nothings changed to make it go the way it has.

If like you say I'm really new to this but this is technically my 9th cycle ( 4th cycle where I've been actively trying and closely monitoring with opk and checking cervical mucus)

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GingerbreadTM Thu 25-Nov-21 18:26:07

@andpeggy1 it's actually awful how it plays with your mind. I've been trying from January but was taking a relaxed enough approach by monitoring my CM
Unfortunately I had a chemical pregnancy in July and haven't been successful since. After a similar experience to yours now last month the BFN nearly broke me. So I've been taking a break for now and will probably seek advice from my GP in the new year.
I would absolutely love a wee Christmas surprise though but that's me just being unrealistically hopeful 🙈🙈

How have you been feeling throughout each cycle xx

JMPB Thu 25-Nov-21 20:56:00

Hey lovely, don’t want to get your hopes up but a friend of mine got a negative with these tests at 14 dpo when she was getting dye stealers with FRER so maybe try a different test if AF doesn’t show soon. 🤞 for you xx

andpeggy1 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:35:57

@JMPB thanks, I'll see what happens in the next few days abs then will maybe try again.

@GingerbreadTM I'm sorry to
Hear about your chemical. It feels like such a challenge to even just get to the first hurdle isn't it? I've been kinda up n down with it. One cycle we will be really on it dtd wise to the point where it's stops being fun and joyful. Like everyday witching the 7 day window n it just stresses us both out n it's knackering. Then the next month we try n be chilled about it n do a SMEP kinda thing to try n take some pressure off, but it just then feels like we're missing opportunities. I don't think it helps me that my dh is quite chilled n rational all about this, believing it will happen when it happens. We can only do what we are doing now. But I keep thinking what if we've been doing this for a year, n nothing happens, and then 18montgs to 2 years later we finally get seen by a doctor, for them to turn around n say well you've left it too late. We are 33 (me) and 35 (dh) atm n im very accutely aware time is not on our side.

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Oopsie123 Fri 26-Nov-21 09:44:01

I have been testing negative and my eyes playing tricks on me for nearly over two weeks now. My period was due 16th November and still isn't here. With my daughter at a week late for AF I tested negative, it wasn't until 10 days after that negative I got a BFP! So don't lose hope just yet x


andpeggy1 Fri 26-Nov-21 15:17:20

Thanks @Oopsie123 . Yea currently 5 days late, feels like Aunt Flo is coming but at the same time not. I'll try and relax this weekend with getting my Christmas decs put up and will see what happens

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Oopsie123 Fri 26-Nov-21 17:09:25

@andpeggy1 I'm exactly the same! Feels like it's coming but doesn't show, maybe you just don't have high enough HCG level just yet. I'm also considered obese so it seems we have a lot in common!

GingerbreadTM Sat 27-Nov-21 23:05:56

@andpeggy1 bless you 🥺 it's so horrible the journey some couples have to go through.
I turned 35 in the summer so I'm extremely anxious getting now. When I was going through my cp the midwife in epu actually said to me over the phone, "well at least you can get pregnant" I felt like screaming I just want a baby 🙈

I didn't actively 'try' this month but looking over my flo app I have covered dtd all through my fertile week. Took a FRER yesterday morning and it was an indent 😩 so I've cried all day today and most of yesterday.

My partner ran me a bath tonight, set my towels, dressing gown etc out so it was a big hint for self care.
Do something wonderful for yourself to help pass time and do at least one self care task a day 💜

Hopefully Christmas will be positive for us all on this thread when we let our hair down, relax and enjoy the festivities. I would love to be joining a pregnancy thread with all you lovely ladies xx

andpeggy1 Mon 29-Nov-21 00:02:24

@GingerbreadTM that midwife sounds like she needs to work on her communication skills. Sorry you had to deal with that whilst also going through a cp.

Sounds like you have a good supportive partner too which is brilliant n what we all need! That someone to help pick us up when we're down.

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andpeggy1 Mon 29-Nov-21 00:05:33

So aunt flow still hasn't arrived but I've had odd watery spotting that comes and goes sporadically, had the odd one or two cramp n my boobs are sore. Thing is nothings getting better or worse so still very much in limbo. Will re test tomorrow! 19 dpo, 8 days late period

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Goofbawl Mon 29-Nov-21 00:14:36

Just came on to say that the month I got pg with DS, I thought I had no hope at all. DH was annoyed at all the ‘on demand’ sex 🙄 so was refusing and the one night I managed to seduce him I had an eye infection and haemorrhoids (TMI sorry, but just to give you the whole picture!)
I was due on just before our ski holiday but was so adamant it wasn’t going to happen that I didn’t bother taking any tests with us. So at 6 days late (and after some cramps and spotting) I had to go and ask for a pregnancy test in French in a pharmacy up a mountain and lo and behold it was positive!
Holding out hope for you, OP!
PS love your username! 🙌

Oopsie123 Mon 29-Nov-21 08:02:54

AF arrived for me last night so I'm out at a whopping 12 days late! Good luck op xx

andpeggy1 Mon 29-Nov-21 09:49:59

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get your BFP this time @Oopsie123 hoping for you the next cycle is in your favour! X

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andpeggy1 Mon 29-Nov-21 09:54:54

Retook think morning but I think that very faint line is actually an evap line rather than a faint positive

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Oopsie123 Mon 29-Nov-21 16:32:55

@andpeggy1 I'm okay with it, I wasn't trying so I was happy either way - I'm also single! Thank you though 😊

That test looks positive to me! xx

andpeggy1 Mon 29-Nov-21 16:36:02

@Oopsie123 I'm so sorry apologies for assuming your status. If you are happy with your end result then all good. I'd love to think it's positive but realistically if it was for now many dpo it is now it should be a much much stronger line.

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sho22 Mon 29-Nov-21 18:13:13


That definitely looks positive to me. I could actually see a smidge of a line on the very first picture too!

sho22 Mon 29-Nov-21 18:13:56


Try get a first response, or even a clear blue. I've just got a positive on a clear blue but the strip ones like the ones your using are barely showing a line for me

Goofbawl Mon 29-Nov-21 20:16:16

I see a line!!!

GingerbreadTM Mon 29-Nov-21 21:33:25


Retook think morning but I think that very faint line is actually an evap line rather than a faint positive

I see a line 😆😆😆
Oh @andpeggy1 i am keeping all crossed for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

How are you feeling??xx

WhatTheEll Mon 29-Nov-21 22:32:09

Definitely a line!! These tests are not very sensitive AT ALL. Retest tomorrow 🤞🏻

JMPB Tue 30-Nov-21 08:59:43

That’s defs a line!
Congrats lovely xx

andpeggy1 Tue 30-Nov-21 10:51:55

I've not retested this morning mainly cause I don't have any tests in the house to do it, but will buy a first response/clear blue test today n test tomorrow morning first thing. If it comes up negative again then I need to call the docs cause this whole situation just doesn't feel right!

I keep having random spotting n the softer cramps have subsided. Boobs still feel a bit sore and no sign of Aunt Flo ramping down. So I'm such in limbo and it's really playing with my head

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