My TTC Journey, TWW symptoms & BFP #storytime #positivity

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JMPB Thu 25-Nov-21 16:04:11

Hey ..
so I wanted to do a little post on here to tell you all my story, and give those that have been trying a while a little hope. I will also detail my TWW symptoms and how they differed from other months smile

So I was trying for almost a year when I finally got my BFP. Had just started going for fertility testing and had my bloods, ultrasound and cervical swabs done. It had been a long year of irregular cycles, months with negative OPK’s. I’d honestly started to give up hope and think there was something wrong with me. And then completely unexpectedly things turned around.

After coming off the pill at the start of the year I’ve had irregular cycles ranging from 25 days to 52 days. The first month I did OPK’s and got what I thought was my Peak, then stopped as we wanted to take a more relaxed approach. After months of irregular cycles and disappointment I decided to start doing OPK’s again, and the first month I didn’t ovulate. This is when I started tests with the doctors. The second month I got a peak on CD11 much to my amazement. 10 days later I got my BFP.

The symptoms from my TWW were: cramps every day from 2dpo, headaches & insomnia. I was waking though the night every night from about 5dpo. One morning randomly my gums bled a lot when I brushed my teeth, hadn’t happened before and hasn’t happened again. I was also very bloated in the couple of days before I tested. I tested on 9po with a cheapie got what I thought was an evap, so followed up with a first response which was positive.

The only things I did differently this month was took the seven seas vitamins and dtd a lot less (only on day of peak).

Hoping this story and journey can give others hope, and encouragement to continue and not give up. Pic attached is of my line progression 9dpo to 12dpo.


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