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Katemcc082 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:52:59

Thank you will defo order the first response ones and see.

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Katemcc082 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:51:55

Got sickness in waves swollen tender boobs its hard to say really because suffering with covid at minute so entire body is on fire and aches all over. It's just a waiting game for af if she comes she comes our donor has been brilliant and is on call for next month again. Would just be amazing if it actually worked

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Fl0w3ry Thu 25-Nov-21 14:53:03

Fingers crossed for you.
Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms other than the sick feeling?

MrsRubyMonday Thu 25-Nov-21 14:49:04

I've seen a lot of clearblue giving false positives lately, I would order some FRER tests with pink dye, I got my IVF result 5 days early on one. The word tests need more HCG to show positive so I wouldn't use one before your period is due, it's more likely to be a false negative.

Katemcc082 Thu 25-Nov-21 14:45:42

I think I'm going to have to I'm due my af Sunday but had none of my usual build up which I'm hoping is a good sign but we will see

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Fl0w3ry Thu 25-Nov-21 14:42:28

I always used the tests that said the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ because it takes away the confusion with the lines because they aren’t always that obvious.
Good luck.

Katemcc082 Thu 25-Nov-21 14:38:29

I'm not able to yet only just joined this morning

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SWAttempting Thu 25-Nov-21 14:10:18

Can you post a photo?

Katemcc082 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:39:19

Good morning so I'm 12 dpo I did a clear blue early detection pregnancy test and have a blue line but now I'm worried it's an evaporation line. This is our 1st cycle with our donor. I have also that last 3 days been feeling waves of sick but also tested positive for covid so now I'm confused and emotional any answers much appreciated

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