TWW is a killer! Need some buddies!!

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StaryEyes1978 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:03:49

So 7DPO on cycle 5 TTC No 2.

Completely stressed. Not working at the moment so nothing to distract me! Anyone else in the TWW want to keep me company 😊.

Obsessing over every possible symptom! Help!!

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20viona Thu 25-Nov-21 14:07:33

Hey I'm 6DPO ttc #2. Only been properly trying a couple of months and it's easy to get obsessed so trying to chill out this month. I got pregnant after 6 weeks with my first so it's a lot to live up to.

MrsYan Thu 25-Nov-21 15:03:50

Hey! I'm 2DPO so a little behind you both. But I would love some TWW friends.

It's a lot of emotions and stuff to deal with! X

Amie1993 Thu 25-Nov-21 15:40:08

I’m on 6dpo here and it’s a killer I hate the wait ! sad I’m getting all the typical PMS symptoms so not holding out too much hope !

StaryEyes1978 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:50:25

@20viona I've been relatively relaxed up to now (with a small wobble of obsessive POAS in cycle 3 😂😂). But can feel myself starting to count down the days again so trying to distract myself!

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StaryEyes1978 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:51:36

@MrsYan Hey! All in the same boat here! Not too far behind! Fingers crossed!

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StaryEyes1978 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:53:21

@Amie1993 Our bodies are sent to fool us (also PMS symptoms so similar
To early pregnancy). I had no symptoms at all last month! Literally none (normally do) so got a bit excited but big fat nope! This month will be our month! Sprinkling baby dust for us all! 😊😊😊xx

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Amie1993 Thu 25-Nov-21 20:29:04

@StaryEyes1978 I know it’s so frustrating I definitely wouldn’t even take any notice of any twinges and aches if I wasn’t TTC! Hopefully this is our month! halo ! I got excited earlier because my temperature raised a degree for a whole morning… then I googled and realised it actually goes down for implantation ffs envy. Think I’m going to stay off google now haha xx

Beth262 Thu 25-Nov-21 20:56:40

Hi ladies can I join please?

Ttc#2 and currently 7dpo if I've done my opk correctly 🙈 Had a cp last month but rather than wait out a cycle (too old for that at 39!) trying to use opk to estimate. Told myself I'm just going to forget about it til 15/16 dpo but already prodding my boobs every hour to see if they're hurting yet 😂

Jlcw Thu 25-Nov-21 21:17:29

Hi there! I also ttc after cp last month. Doc said wait out a cycle, but I just couldn’t. I am 40 & ttc#4 (after 15 year break). 11dpo today. Frer test arriving from amazon on monday hopefully af doesn’t show.
Good luck to you 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

Clem90 Thu 25-Nov-21 21:22:41

I’m almost the same, 4th cycle for #2 and 6 days from my static smile.
Im already feeling slightly obsessed, don’t usually test early as I prefer to live in hope 😂
We defo timed it best we’ve managed so far so i’ve got everything crossed.
First time adding to a thread so hopefully this is a lucky one for us all.

Beth262 Thu 25-Nov-21 21:39:10

@Jlcw gotta love these doctors who think we have time to waste! Sorry to hear about your cp and everything crossed for you too 🤞

@Clem90 wish I'd gone with the digital opk. Might have been a bit easier to read 😂

StaryEyes1978 Thu 25-Nov-21 21:41:48

@Beth262 @Jlcw @Clem90 Welcome to the Madhouse! Lol. The more the merrier!

I'm 43 trying for no 2! Everything stacked against me (also possibly peri menopausal ) but I'm giving it til my 44th birthday and If it doesn't work by then I'll give up (I have til end of April).

I had No 1 just before I turned 40. She was unplanned and I was on the pill (i'd have thought It was a lie if it came from
Someone else's mouth 😂😂😂).

Hubby was happy with one. I asked a few times (I wanted two) up until my 42nd birthday and then accepted my lot
And moved on. 6months ago and "bam" he decides he would like another! 🤦🏻‍♀️

So here I am. Desperate For it to work, terrified in case it does (I'm old) , excited to give my DD a sibling (she'd make
An amazing Big sis) but petrified that it's all going to end in heartache!

That said I am loving hearing other peoples stories and I am sprinkling baby dust and the best of wishes and hopes around for everyone! I love to hear the success stories. 😊

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Jlcw Fri 26-Nov-21 00:14:34

Thanks for the warm welcome and sharing your story. Here goes mine….
Divorced 1st husband 13 years ago. Married 2nd husband a few years later. My kids are from 1st marriage(3 in total). Had my tubes tied after daughter born 15 years ago. Then bam! Baby fever kicks in. Hubby on board to have one (I secretly want 2 more). Got tube reversal surgery july 2020. Almost convinced surgery not successful, then realized pregnant last month. Lost in 2 days later as a chemical. Here we are. Trying again.

Beth262 Fri 26-Nov-21 08:19:30

So here's my story...

Never really interested in having children. Partner had 2 children from previous relationship and I was fine with that. Then fell pregnant unexpectedly but sadly mc around 11wks. Realised it was what I wanted, split with partner & met someone new. A mmc then at 8wks, followed by success but giving birth to DS at 30 weeks, thankfully no problems albeit tiny at 3lb.

Now trying for #2, first cycle failed followed by cp last month, now holding out hope in this tww!

Clem90 Fri 26-Nov-21 16:46:41

@Beth262 ah yeah the faces make it very easy and it’s helped me pinpoint 5 most fertile days. Although once you get the static it’s still up to 48 hours i think for ovulating so still not exact. but takes a lot of guessing out.
I have had sore boobs on and off today, keep prodding them, not sure that counts 😂
I’m out tomorrow for day drinks, i’m going to have a few cocktails.
Does anyone else have a drink in the TWW? I don’t drink much but it’s harder during this Christmas period, lots going on.
Any other symptom spots going on from anyone?

Lunelle3110 Fri 26-Nov-21 17:00:05

I am on my 3rd cycle TTC and although I'm trying to chill it's so difficult not to stress.
I am charting my BBT and going googley eyed trying to make head nor tail of it!
Also symptom spotting has consumed my week 🤪
Yesterday was CD25 and I had some unusual early bleeding in the morning which tapered off as the day went on. Was expecting to wake up with a full on period this morning but nothing.
I am soooo impatient, I hate waiting!!
Wishing you the best of luck with your wait x

Beth262 Fri 26-Nov-21 21:54:24

@Lunelle3110 I don't think ttc and chill can even go in the same sentence 😂

MrsYan Sat 27-Nov-21 10:58:15

Sorry for not coming back sooner- work was crazy this week.

Some really heartfelt stories on here, sending positive thoughts to everyone for this month 🤞🏼

We are trying to conceive number 2. I have a son from a previous relationship who I had when I was young. So I am excited to actually plan to have a baby with my partner, will be his first! This is 3rd cycle (currently 4dpo) I am pretty sure I missed fertile window first two months though due to us living apart atm as renovating our house!

Has anyone got anything exciting planned for the weekend? xox

StaryEyes1978 Sat 27-Nov-21 21:10:31


*@Lunelle3110* I don't think ttc and chill can even go in the same sentence 😂

Completely agree! I wish I could chill! 😂😂😂

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StaryEyes1978 Sat 27-Nov-21 21:27:04

So 9DPO today and have resisted the urge to poas!!! It's been hard but feeling proud of myself! Now that's not to say I won't cave tomorrow but for today that's a win!!! How's everyone feeling? I have literally no symptoms! Not a one!! xx

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Beth262 Sun 28-Nov-21 08:46:56

@StaryEyes1978 I'm 10dpo today and going to try and hang out til Thursday 😬 Whether I'll succeed is another story! 😆

I've had lots of spotting and cramps the last few days which usually happens for me in the run up to af. But then again it's also happened when I've fallen pg and mc so who knows!! Other than that, like you not a flippin symptom. Despite poking my boobs 20 times a day 😆 x

Sunbird24 Sun 28-Nov-21 08:57:36

Morning all!
I had a 5 day embryo transfer on Friday, so I guess I’m technically 7dpo today?
This was my 4th transfer, but my 6th embryo (1 fresh, 2 frozen, 2 frozen) and have had 3 miscarriages in the last 12 months - today is actually the anniversary of the first of those. I’m rapidly approaching 44, and doing this solo as relationships just haven’t worked out for me so far. My official test date from the clinic is still 12 days away, but AF is due in 8/9 days, so I’m definitely not going to last that long!

Beth262 Sun 28-Nov-21 10:20:45

Oh gosh @Sunbird24 what a journey you've had. So sorry to hear about your losses. Everything crossed for you this time around xx

WhatTheEll Sun 28-Nov-21 11:39:06

👋 can I join??
I'm 6/7DPO and need to resist the urge to POAS with you 🤦🏻‍♀️
TTC #2 for 12 months now. Was never this hard with #1.
Wishing you all luck ♥️

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