First time using OPK?! Help

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hanma90 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:12:34

First time using these strips this cycle but my blazing positive has come 3 days before period is due !!! Help !! Is this normal ?

Mummytobe93 Thu 25-Nov-21 09:06:34

That’s definitely a positive @emmilyb . That’s great you DTD for the past couple of days - if you still got it in you I’d try again today and tomorrow xxx

ExpectingLady93 Thu 25-Nov-21 08:47:21

That's very positive OP. smile

BritInNZ Thu 25-Nov-21 01:10:12

Looks positive to me 😊

emmilyb Thu 25-Nov-21 00:31:01

Hello I'm new to ttc, I have 2 children already but this will be the first time properly trying, unfortunately had a chemical pregnancy last cycle so really made us realise we want to be trying for baby number 3.

Question... is this a positive ovulation test? I've read so many things about them but I'm still confused. we have been dtd for the past couple of days? Does this mean we are covered or will need to keep going and testing until the line gets lighter again?

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