Tested OPK pregnancy theory....8 dpo.

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tryingtobeamama Tue 23-Nov-21 22:31:27

I'm 8 dpo. Second month TTC. 37 years old no kids.

I started have some symptoms and felt my period was coming. First few days I felt nothing. Then I woke up with the most blocked nose ever. The next day it was runny. My back is in agony. Next day I felt like I peed my pants. It was like pure water. The next day nothing. Then my boobs hurt like agonisingly bad. I woke up with a pimple on my lip. I've had period cramps all day.

7 dpo I used an opk and it came up pretty high. 8 dpo which is the 3rd stick I took today and it looked darker. Af is due the 30th fyi. So I thought why not use a cheap sainsbury stick.

I nearly fell on the floor. I thought I was hallucinating.

Its still early days but I feel like the line is more than a vvvvvvvfl so I will carry on testing!

Had the worst luck this year so maybe it's my time🥰

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tryingtobeamama Tue 23-Nov-21 22:33:18

Here is my chart

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hanma90 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:00:28

I want to know about this pregnancy theory I've read so many forums of how a blazing positive right before period coukd mean possible pregnancy ?

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