Ovulation/TTC thread 4!

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hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 20:45:29

@Aims1991 @CShandy01 @GemB03 @MrsRosaline @newtolineofduty @plantbasedlondoner

New thread as the other one is about to go!! Defo forgotten a few peeps! Please add ladies!

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MrsRosaline Sat 15-Jan-22 23:00:44

Yes I'm sure that's where she's caught it from @newtolineofduty she's not really been anywhere else!

newtolineofduty Sat 15-Jan-22 22:56:55

@mrsrosaline Aww bless her x it's currently doing the rounds in my daughters nursery room but managed to avoid it so far! X

MrsRosaline Sat 15-Jan-22 22:41:15

Thanks @newtolineofduty. She has a temperature, headache and generally feeling unwell. Hopefully it doesn't last long. 😩

newtolineofduty Sat 15-Jan-22 22:24:20

@MrsRosaline and it's most likely the omicron variant so only mild. So it was my DSS 9 that had it but no one else caught it! He was fine other than things tasting odd! X

MrsRosaline Sat 15-Jan-22 22:21:31

Hey @newtolineofduty that's really reassuring to hear. Was your DD ok? We went for PCRs tonight. She is having very strong LFTs but both DH and I are testing negative. We'll see what the PCR results are...

I had Covid last Christmas and was quite sick with it actually. So I'm hoping having had it before, and being double jabbed will help. Not got around to the booster yet...

newtolineofduty Sat 15-Jan-22 21:35:07

@MrsRosaline that's great news about the scan!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry about covid hun if your vaccinated you'll be fine! We've had it in our house and I've been fine x


MrsRosaline Sat 15-Jan-22 19:19:32

Ah yes. @hoola23 it's the worst. I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

In other news... DD just tested positive for Covid so now I'm worried if we have actually conceived and then I get sick. 🤦🏻‍♀️

hoola23 Sat 15-Jan-22 18:42:45

@MrsRosaline woohoo! Twice in one day, check you out!!

Same old over here, just living a life of vomiting and nausea 🤣🤣

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MrsRosaline Sat 15-Jan-22 15:04:24

Haha thanks! We did it twice yesterday, so hopefully another tonight will be ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ how is everything @hoola23 ?

hoola23 Sat 15-Jan-22 09:48:27

@MrsRosaline don't panic! Evening is fine to DTD, if you can do it today tomorrow and the day after for extra measure 🤣 Keeping everything crossed for you hun! X

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MrsRosaline Sat 15-Jan-22 08:49:58

Feeling very frustrated today!! Got a peak reading this morning but it's Saturday which means it's us with DD all day so no opportunity to do anything until evening when she's asleep! 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

Sorry to hear you are CD1 @jadew88.

jadew88 Thu 13-Jan-22 08:08:25

Well I'm back to cd1 as of today. I had spotting for the last 2 days which I never get so that's a bit strange. Never mind onwards and upwards 😊

hoola23 Wed 12-Jan-22 16:52:06

@MrsRosaline oh wow that's so cool! That egg could be a baby very soon!!!! Yes, go and get that egg fertilised 🤣🤣🤣

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MrsRosaline Wed 12-Jan-22 15:24:33

Lovely picture @Aims1991 so pleased that all was well!

I went for an internal scan today. The lady showed me my ovaries and womb etc. and all is apparently perfect! Actually she showed me a "nice juicy" egg ready to release and told me to go home and catch it!! 🤞🏻

newtolineofduty Tue 11-Jan-22 13:01:52

Congratulations @hoola23 and @Aims1991 so pleased for you both!

@hoola23 the kids were only 4 and 6 when we told them first time round so we just did it by showing them a scan picture and getting them to guess what it was etc! Maybe if you're worried do it in a fun way like with one of those scratch cards with a message inside/underneath etc then just check in after how they're feeling about it! Xxx

hoola23 Tue 11-Jan-22 11:37:41

@Aims1991 that's great! I thought you were a week ahead of me?! We will both be due pretty much the same day!!

We've decided to tell DH children this weekend who are 14 & 12 and I'm terrified of their reaction! Any advice @newtolineofduty

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jadew88 Tue 11-Jan-22 10:46:18

11dpo now with brown discharge when I wiped just now. AF not due for another 2 days. Either implantation or early AF. Time will tell!

Aims1991 Mon 10-Jan-22 20:36:45

Baby was all good and wriggling about like mad, got measured at about 9 + 2

MrsRosaline Mon 10-Jan-22 18:09:17

Good news on the scan @hoola23 I'm glad all is ok!! Why do they want to give progesterone? I know that low levels can cause miscarriage, and plenty of people are prescribed progesterone as an easy fix for this, but at 9 weeks you'd think if your levels were that low you'd know by now. Have they done a blood test to check?

Good luck for the scan @Aims1991! Thinking of you.

CD11 for me here and some EWCM today. Waiting for DD to go to bed to act on it... I've got an internal ultrasound on Wednesday to check some stitch like pain I've been having since the miscarriage. Hope it doesn't interfere with anything! 😬

hoola23 Mon 10-Jan-22 15:18:58

@Aims1991 sometimes your blood pressure can drop too low which can cause fainting. Hope it goes ok this eve!

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Aims1991 Mon 10-Jan-22 11:32:38

@hoola23 yeah eating an drinking well. Glad your scan goes well. Mine is at 6:30 tonight. Anxious all day waiting

hoola23 Mon 10-Jan-22 11:16:54

@Aims1991 oh god! Hope you're ok! Are you eating and drinking enough?

Scan went well this morning, 9+3 so measuring how it should for now. Consultant mentioned progesterone supplements but I'm not too sure I want to take them. If I was 6 weeks I would but it would only be for a week or so- anyone taken these before?

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Aims1991 Mon 10-Jan-22 08:00:40

@hoola23 good luck for today. I also have a scan booked for tonight, my symptoms come and go and the other night I fainted so I'm a nervous wreck so I just wanted to get checked 😳

hoola23 Sun 09-Jan-22 20:35:57

@newtolineofduty thank you lovely! Xxx

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newtolineofduty Sun 09-Jan-22 19:18:22

All the best for tomorrow @hoola23 will be thinking of you xxx

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