Ovulation/TTC thread 4!

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hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 20:45:29

@Aims1991 @CShandy01 @GemB03 @MrsRosaline @newtolineofduty @plantbasedlondoner

New thread as the other one is about to go!! Defo forgotten a few peeps! Please add ladies!

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hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 20:45:50


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newtolineofduty Mon 22-Nov-21 20:53:57

Thanks @hoola23! Placemarking xxx

Aims1991 Mon 22-Nov-21 20:54:14

Evening all😁

newtolineofduty Mon 22-Nov-21 21:27:03

It's not letting me tag those new ladies that joined the other thread, I think because I've not tagged them before?

Sorry I've been quiet ladies-house full of illness today! Xx

hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 21:27:37

@newtolineofduty oh I forgot!!! How are you feeling hun? X

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newtolineofduty Mon 22-Nov-21 21:29:04

@hoola23 DD much better thanks hun but the rest of us have it now. DSC poorly and me and DP off work today! It's just that season where they pick up EVERYTHING at nursery!!!! Roll on spring! X


hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 21:30:13

@newtolineofduty oh that's so crap! I hope everyone feels better soon. Make sure you rest loads x

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newtolineofduty Mon 22-Nov-21 21:37:36

@hoola23 looking after little ones when poorly (and pregnant!) is just sooooo hard! Can't wait to start feeling better hopefully soon! Xxx

hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 21:43:00

@newtolineofduty I can barely look after myself when I'm unwell so you must be exhausted! Hope you get some rest! ❤️

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MrsRosaline Mon 22-Nov-21 21:48:53

I'm here!

Sorry to here you are unwell @newtolineofduty hope it doesn't last too long xx

hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 22:03:00

@MrsRosaline how are you hun? X

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MrsRosaline Mon 22-Nov-21 22:34:39

I'm ok @hoola23. Just cruising a long. We didn't try at all this month because DH was sick, then DD and then me. 🤦🏻‍♀️ How is everything with you? X

hoola23 Mon 22-Nov-21 23:04:19

@MrsRosaline oh no! There is so much going around right now! I think I'll be next to get unwell!
I'm ok, still plodding along 🤣 ruled myself out this month as DTD on day of ov and just have that feeling it will be another big fat NO 🤣 2 DPO today and feels like a billion days to find out! I've come to realise that the only time I feel normal during my cycle is during fertile week as I go into it really positive, come out of it feeling negative, get down when AF comes and then we start again! Such fun! 🤣🤣

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GemB03 Tue 23-Nov-21 06:29:18

@MrsRosaline hope you feel better soon! There's so much around at the moment 😷

@hoola23 that's the most relatable post I've ever seen 😩🤣 I love my fertile week as I get to feel a bit happy again, then the tww comes and my mood drops, then AF comes and I'm like devastated. Then I pick myself up in time for ovulation again. It SUCKS. But at least we're not alone 🤣 xx

newtolineofduty Tue 23-Nov-21 07:15:26

I think one of the most frustrating things is how easily things can go 'wrong' during fertile week-illness, falling asleep, arguments, work, clashing plans etc, that means baby making can't happen, and then it's a whole other month before it comes round again! X

plantbasedlondoner Tue 23-Nov-21 11:46:36

So glad I found the thread as notifications don't seem to work for me on here!

@newtolineofduty it's so rubbish when you are ill and looking after others, hope everyone gets better soon - not a great time for you sad and I completely agree re fertile week. The pressure can be immense to be romantic, available to DTD and not let anything get in the way. And with longish cycles, the wait each month feels endless.

Looks like we all had a bit of a weird month with illness and funny ovulation timings and everything else in the mix! I'm on CD4 now and trying my best to stay positive. DH seems quite determined at the moment too which is such a change from five months ago.

hoola23 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:26:07

@plantbasedlondoner yay, glad you found us!

This month has defo been odd for a lot of us! I so bloody wanted this month to work as well! And I wasn't even going to use opk but so glad I did as you just don't know! AF due in 10 days for me. This is going to be a long 10 days for sure!

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hoola23 Tue 23-Nov-21 13:42:30

Anyone got any advice? This is the second day I've had pain on my right side. Feels like from where I ovulated as I had v noticeable ovulation pain this month. It's like a really dull heavy achey pulling feeling and then it goes into period pain, like that heavy period pain feeling. It's really odd and very noticeable. Normally the first week of TWW is uneventful and I feel nothing

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plantbasedlondoner Tue 23-Nov-21 14:30:52

@hoola23 is it constant or does it come and go? Do you have any EWCM still? If it is painful and affects how you are getting through the day, definitely worth getting it checked out. But otherwise could just be a promising sign if it differs from how you usually feel! I know it's too early for implantation though.

hoola23 Tue 23-Nov-21 14:52:07

@plantbasedlondoner yeah it's pretty constant but can increase in intensity sometimes. Not enough for pain killers or anything but it's defo there. No ewcm, past two days has been a lot of thick and creamy type so ovulation is defo over and done with! I'm not thinking it's anything pregnancy related more so do I have something wrong with my ovaries/follicles kinda thing🤣

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newtolineofduty Tue 23-Nov-21 17:17:12

I'm not sure @hoola23 maybe monitor it and track when it occurs in your cycles as I know you've mentioned pulling/tugging feelings before in the TWW, and maybe speak to your GP if you're concerned?

@plantbasedlondoner that's great news about DH! I know you and I have had very similar experiences of our other halves when it comes to TTC and it's sooooooo important and makes a huge difference when they're on the same page x

hoola23 Tue 23-Nov-21 17:33:36

@newtolineofduty yeah I log everything! Nothing this cd before tho

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newtolineofduty Tue 23-Nov-21 17:46:08

@hoola23 could be promising then hun! Xxx

hoola23 Tue 23-Nov-21 19:04:03

@newtolineofduty oh no it's defo not preg related! I was thinking more along the lines of something inflamed around my ovaries

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