TTC Buddies Wanted!!

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zoeoliviax Fri 19-Nov-21 21:13:13

Hi I'm Zoe,

24 years old, mum to two girls and currently on CD1 (period started today boo sad ) on our 10th month of trying to conceive baby number three. Miscarriage in May at 6 weeks.

Been a tough old journey, and actually a pretty lonely one too as no one knows we're trying again!

Looking for some wonderful buddies who are on a similar journey. 😊

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Sunrise321 Mon 17-Jan-22 13:56:07

@2019Mama it's hard to know what's 'normal' pms, I didn't have periods whilst on the pill for so many years so I'm kind of in a similar position each month!

2019Mama Mon 17-Jan-22 11:55:19

@sunrise321 aww hope these 2 weeks fly by.
I've been feeling a little bloated the last few days and crampy. Not sure if that's AF ready to make an appearance. I can't remember what that feels like I haven't had a period since late 2019.

Sunrise321 Sun 16-Jan-22 23:05:46

@2019Mama hey 👋🏼 I'm getting on ok thanks, however I'm 1dpo (I think, didn't end up tracking OPKs this cycle!) so the wait starts for me! Sorry to hear about your bfn, 12dpo is still early days though so have my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏼 how are you feeling? any different from usual?

2019Mama Sun 16-Jan-22 18:10:17

@sunrise321 how are you getting on? I'm 12dpo (I think) and got a bfn this morning. Going to test at 14dpo and then just wait and see what happens

Sunrise321 Fri 07-Jan-22 21:48:56

@2019Mama it's so hard not to symptom spot! I'm about to start tracking using OPKs again, obviously hoping this will be a successful cycle 🤞🏼

2019Mama Fri 07-Jan-22 19:13:18

@Sunrise321 it's not too bad tbh with you. Trying hard not to symptom spot, especially considering this is my first time ovulating since giving birth to my LG so don't wanna get my hopes up.


Sunrise321 Thu 06-Jan-22 17:25:17

@2019Mama doing ok thanks, on cd7 so awaiting my next fertile window! How are you finding the tww at the moment?

2019Mama Thu 06-Jan-22 17:11:29

How is everyone doing?
I think I'm around 4dpo think I'll test next week at 11dpo.

Sunrise321 Thu 06-Jan-22 09:16:11

@Weddingaug2019 of course. I'm still around (not sure if anyone else is?)
Hope your smear results come back ok smile

Weddingaug2019 Wed 05-Jan-22 20:26:43

Hope I’m not to late to join! We have only just decided to start TTC our second DC. We have a 22mo girl. I had a very strange and early AF visit in December ( 14 days after previous AF very Unusual for me as it usually 28 day cycle) but It was 3 days after my smear. Still awaiting the result of that before all systems go. ( one year follow up after abnormal results so a fair bit anxious)
Currently on day 28 and laying in bed with hot water bottle and serious cramps so looking forward to getting this visit from AF over with and hopefully good news from docs… wishing everyone baby dust and good news! ❤️❤️❤️

Sunrise321 Sun 19-Dec-21 19:43:25

@zoeoliviax hope all goes well for you fsmile

zoeoliviax Sun 19-Dec-21 13:24:39

Hello lovely @Sunrise321 !

I'm doing good thank you, boobs are killing, a little nausea and a little spotting which I think was implantation 😊

He knows yes, super excited, just anxious due to MCs 🤞🏼

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Sunrise321 Sat 18-Dec-21 10:33:03

How are you @zoeoliviax? Any symptoms?! Have you told your partner?!

tryingforbabyh Wed 15-Dec-21 17:41:34

@zoeoliviax so amazing! Also gives me hope that it does happen after a year!!

Sunrise321 Wed 15-Dec-21 16:58:31

@zoeoliviax so happy for you!! Thanks for starting this thread, I agree, it's so nice to be able to talk to others in the smart boat fsmile

zoeoliviax Wed 15-Dec-21 15:03:43

Just wanted to say thank you to you wonderful ladies for this month.

I started this thread thinking no one would see it, and look and what it turned out to be!

I truly think being able to relax and have a giggle with you whilst TTC this month is why I got my bfp after a whole year of trying.

12 DPO today and still going strong

Thank you xx

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kathttc Mon 13-Dec-21 12:28:37

Hi, I'm Kath 😊

I'm 23 and ttc for the first time. I've started recording BBT this morning (13/12/21) and will be taking folic acids from today. Any tips and advice will be welcomed!

I'm not going into this with the traditional parents living together situation, myself and a friend are trying for a baby which we will co-parent so opportunities to attempt to conceive are limited. We will first be trying Christmas Day and for the couple days after as this is my predicted fertility window, I will also be doing ovulation tests around this time to ensure we're trying on the best possible days


lilrosemarie Mon 13-Dec-21 12:17:10


*@lilrosemarie* welcome. so sorry to hear you've been trying for a year. I hope 2022 brings you lots of luck and joy. I'm only on cycle 4 but I'm 33 so i don't know if that'll have an affect or not, only time will tell!
Do you have any other children or are you TTC your first?

Thanks smile we’ve been ttc our first baby, so I’m really anxious if it will ever happen … hopefully it does soon 🙏🏻 I can’t really say we’ve done it all, most months we couldn’t even keep up with dtd every other day, but we have to up our game now 😬😂

Sunrise321 Mon 13-Dec-21 12:12:37

@lilrosemarie welcome. so sorry to hear you've been trying for a year. I hope 2022 brings you lots of luck and joy. I'm only on cycle 4 but I'm 33 so i don't know if that'll have an affect or not, only time will tell!
Do you have any other children or are you TTC your first?

lilrosemarie Mon 13-Dec-21 11:34:17

Hi everyone,
can I join? I normally just scroll around and read but I’ve wanted to join a thread for a while.
We’ve been TTC for a year but no success. We’re both 29 so we were hoping it would happen sooner but I guess not. 🥲

I’m expecting AF to turn up in a few days. So far no symptoms, except maybe some boob ache a couple days ago that’s gone away now. 😬 I’m not even planning on testing because there’s always been negative except once or twice but there was no progression on those squinters. 😞👀

I hope 2022 brings us our baby … and baby dust to you all!! 🙏🏻

Sunrise321 Mon 13-Dec-21 10:52:53

@zoeoliviax from what I've read it can be 48h for hcg levels to increase so don't worry too much (or try not too!) they'll darken smile

zoeoliviax Mon 13-Dec-21 09:27:48

@Sunrise321 @tryingforbabyh @2019Mama

Thank you all!!

Still looking the same on this mornings test, so anxiously hoping they get darker. There's always so much to worry about isn't there!

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tryingforbabyh Sun 12-Dec-21 19:34:00

@zoeoliviax 100% a line on that second photo!!! Congratulations!!

2019Mama Sun 12-Dec-21 19:32:21

@zoeoliviax that's a clear line. Congratulations x

Sunrise321 Sun 12-Dec-21 17:22:42

@zoeoliviax deffo a clear line on that second photo!! very good line for 9dpo - congratulations!!

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