TTC Buddies Wanted!!

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zoeoliviax Fri 19-Nov-21 21:13:13

Hi I'm Zoe,

24 years old, mum to two girls and currently on CD1 (period started today boo sad ) on our 10th month of trying to conceive baby number three. Miscarriage in May at 6 weeks.

Been a tough old journey, and actually a pretty lonely one too as no one knows we're trying again!

Looking for some wonderful buddies who are on a similar journey. 😊

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tryingforbabyh Fri 19-Nov-21 21:14:32

Not that similar in that I'm 30 and TTC number one! Been trying for a year and no joy so far sadly despite no issues identified yet! CD5 for me so not too dissimilar to you!

zoeoliviax Fri 19-Nov-21 21:17:19


Aw bless you hun, it's a real pain isn't it. My girls were an easy conception either so I do know how you feel trying for first baby so long.

Have you had any tests etc? X

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tryingforbabyh Fri 19-Nov-21 21:35:39

Yeah I genuinely thought it would take up to six months at the longest and yet here we are admittedly there's probably been a few not so good months timing wise but still with sex in the fertile week. Had basic blood tests all fine, an ultrasound which was all good and OH sperm is okay too so who knows!! Regular cycles at 27 days give or take a day but I get spotting beforehand so despite blood results I think my progesterone might be slightly low. Am taking so many supplements now to try and help that I'm surprised I don't rattle!! Best friend conceived in cycle 1 it's typical isn't it!!

Sunrise321 Fri 19-Nov-21 22:06:28

Hi, I'm also TTC number 1. Just turned 33 and near the start of my journey. On around CD4 or 5 of cycle 3 trying smile

happydays89 Sat 20-Nov-21 01:23:27

Hey would love to join. Have a 20 month old DD.

This will be our first month trying for #2. CD6. Period has just finished.


zoeoliviax Sat 20-Nov-21 09:00:57

@tryingforbabyh sounds like you've been on quite the journey already then! We're pretty similar. I have no issues, however my partner has an auto immune disease that 'can' lower his fertility however they can never give us any more on that. 🤦🏼‍♀️

@Sunrise321 Ah hello! Welcome to the club 😊 It'll be super nice to share the journey. I think my partners sick of me talking about it!

@happydays89 Hey absolutely! Aw my DD is 21 months. How long were you trying for with her?

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Sunrise321 Sat 20-Nov-21 10:10:24

Does anyone know when it's best to start ovulation testing?
Last month I started as soon as AF finished as was the first time tracking & I don't know my cycle yet due to not having periods when on contraception!
AF has just finished again so not sure whether to start testing now or to wait until cm changes and use that as an indicator 🤔

zoeoliviax Sat 20-Nov-21 10:24:23


I was ovulation tracking, got fed up with the pressure and then stopped.
I wish I hadn't now, as I started my period 5 days earlier than usual this month so I missed my fertile window!!

This cycle I'll be starting as soon as AF is finished in a few days 🤣

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Hopefullywaiting01234 Sat 20-Nov-21 10:26:36

Hi, I’m on cycle 11 of ttc #2 and expecting my period to start today 😞. I am thoroughly sick of it all and feel it is all consuming now, I can’t see myself ever getting a BFP 😞

zoeoliviax Sat 20-Nov-21 10:38:29

Oh hun welcome, you're free to moan as much as you like with us! 😘

It's so tough isn't it. I really struggled yesterday when I started AF. Really wanted that little early Christmas present.

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Hopefullywaiting01234 Sat 20-Nov-21 10:45:20

I know 😞 I am just waiting on mine arriving but I know it is immediate. I feel I am too in tune with my body since I started ttc. The worst part is the uncertainty- what if it never happens, it’s so outwith your control and that’s what I struggle with I think 😞

Sunrise321 Sat 20-Nov-21 11:03:12

I think that's what makes it so hard, it's out of your control - you can track etc as much as you like to help you but it'll happen when it happens

@zoeoliviax I get that. I've only tracked for one cycle and it was quite draining and I got so obsessed over it 🤦🏼‍♀️ but.. with such an unknown/irregular cycle at the moment, I kind of need to carry it on!
I'm hoping I ovulate earlier this cycle (or have a longer cycle) bc last time I ended up with only 7 day luteal phase which made me a little worried

Hopefullywaiting01234 Sat 20-Nov-21 11:08:00

@Sunrise321 yeah exactly I used the clear blue ovulation tests for a few cycles but tbh I think it made the full thing worse, constantly waiting for that flashing smiley. I haven’t used them for the past 6 cycles. My cycles are never longer than 27 days, although a few months I started spotting from day 22/23 and was worried about my luteal phase. I have never spotted before I started ttc and I am not sure if the stress of it has brought this on 😞😞😞

Sunrise321 Sat 20-Nov-21 11:21:23

@Hopefullywaiting01234 Stress can def change your cycle so could possibly be that, esp as it was so regular before. I think I started spotting around 6dpo last cycle which I'm hoping doesn't happen again!!

Hopefullywaiting01234 Sat 20-Nov-21 11:30:14

@Sunrise321 - I know but now I am stressed as we are 11 cycles in and not a hint of a bfp!

The doctor done some initial bloodwork a few months back to shut me up I think and he said he “hoped it put my mind at rest” which obviously it hasn’t as still nothing!

Is spotting unusual for you? X

Sunrise321 Sat 20-Nov-21 11:47:25

@Hopefullywaiting01234 it's completely understandable that you're stressed, bit of a vicious cycle isn't it 😞 I wish I could offer some advice but I know saying just try to relax and not worry is pretty impossible

I only stopped my mini pill in September so still trying to get my cycle back to 'normal' whatever that may be. I've had pretty short cycles so far starting with a bit of spotting so maybe that's normal for me now!

zoeoliviax Sat 20-Nov-21 12:18:20

@Sunrise321 @Hopefullywaiting01234

I seem have the opposite as such. Since having my daughter in Feb 2020 my cycles have jumped from predictable 28 days to 33-35.

So annoying as a longer wait each month for starters!! Then this month I've had a 29 day. Makes no sense!!

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tryingforbabyh Sat 20-Nov-21 13:41:20

It's so frustrating having no control isn't it!! I am so hoping this will be the month - imagine that being the Christmas present!

zoeoliviax Sat 20-Nov-21 14:58:59

It would be amazing wouldn't it!

Fingers crossed for us all! Are your partners wishing for it too?

I'm lucky in that mine wants this baby as much as me so he isn't sick of me moaning yet. Just joins in 🤣

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Sunrise321 Sat 20-Nov-21 16:21:11

It'd be the best Christmas present! I sort of don't want to get my hopes up too much though

I think I'm more desperate for it than my partner but he does want it too! I've been asking to start trying for a good few months 😂

zoeoliviax Sat 20-Nov-21 20:41:10

Aw it would.
I'm hoping a) for the baby, but b) being on AF on Christmas Day doesn't sound very fun 🤣

Doesn't the end of the cycle seem so far away now!

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Sunrise321 Sun 21-Nov-21 14:11:08

How is everyone doing?

AF has come to an end for me so patiently awaiting my fertile window! I have no idea when it is as so irregular and I have two apps which say very different things 😂
will start using OPKs maybe once a day to begin with and try not to get too obsessed over it 🙈

tryingforbabyh Sun 21-Nov-21 15:28:26

CD7 for me and I will start my CB advanced OPKs tomorrow! Tbf I quite like tracking as it gives me something to do and some very small element of control over things! I use the CB ones from now and I've got some easy@home strips that I will use from CD10! Just added some omega3 to my supplement list - you never know lol might work some magic - they do smell awful though!

AdaJones26 Sun 21-Nov-21 15:51:15

Hi everyone! Please can I join the group? I am TTC baby#1. I have irregular periods, averaging 31-43 cycle days. OPKs in the morning, but no peak. Have a GP appointment on Tuesday. Waiting for AF so I can take a blood sample of CD3 and send it back to the private fertility test. Currently CD32. Not knowing which day AF is expected makes TTC even harder! A forever waiting game 😒 Does anyone take any supplements? I currently take sea sevens pre-conception. I have been researching other supplements, such as conceive plus ovulation support. A lot of threads mention evening primrose oil or grapefruit juice.

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