5/6dpo who's with me?

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boymummy89 Tue 16-Nov-21 10:31:05

Struggling with this wait... 3rd cycle... Didn't dtd enough but hoping one was lucky 😂 how are we all x

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Bd1787 Tue 16-Nov-21 18:21:56

Hi @boymummy89 I'm 5dpo today on cycle 4 ttc no.1. Hoping for good news this month after feeling very disheartened when it didn't happen previous months.

How are you feeling?

boymummy89 Tue 16-Nov-21 18:49:30

Hiya, I'm doing OK thanks! I thiught I was doing well and hadnt thought much about the 2ww then it hit me today and trying to resist the urge to POAS 😂 are you strict tracking etc or just going with the flow! Xx

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CrumchyLeafs Tue 16-Nov-21 19:01:03

6DPO here today! Had some cramps the last two days but they are gone, now I got backpain instead.. I want to wait until at least 9DPO to take a test, but it's gonna be hard! Especially because I feel like my cramps might have been early implantation so I feel I could get away with testing sooner!

FlyOnTheWall89 Tue 16-Nov-21 19:53:33

I didn’t OPK this month but would usually get my static smiley 7 days ago (CD17) so roughly 7DPO - I don’t feel any different! We definitely had plenty of sex and hit the ‘fertile’ days so it’s just a big waiting game now.

Bd1787 Tue 16-Nov-21 21:22:48

@boymummy89 the last two months I have been temping and using ovulation strips so I'm fairly certain we have timed everything perfectly, but time will tell whether it's been enough!

I'm not feeling the urge to test yet, actually feeling pretty relaxed but that's probably because I know it's too early and the urge will hit me in a few days. Last month I got a faint positive on a frer which must have been an indent line so I got my hopes up and the next test was neg!

@CrumchyLeafs I've actually had some odd cramps/twinges today too but I'm conscious that it would be very early for implantation so trying not to read too much into it. Are you trying for your first?

CrumchyLeafs Wed 17-Nov-21 08:55:34

@Bd1787 yes, trying for the first! Haven't had any symptoms since, except fatigue and some dizziness.

Are you guys going to use a FRER for the first test? I know they are more sensitive than cheapies, but I only have 3 and it feels such a shame to waste them on testing early...


boymummy89 Wed 17-Nov-21 09:33:51


*@Bd1787* yes, trying for the first! Haven't had any symptoms since, except fatigue and some dizziness.

Are you guys going to use a FRER for the first test? I know they are more sensitive than cheapies, but I only have 3 and it feels such a shame to waste them on testing early...

I'd save the frer until a bit closer, I used one on my first cycle and got a terrible indent line which is disappointing, so I'd leave a but longer to make sure. I but the amazon cheapies I don't mind wasting them 😂

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CrumchyLeafs Wed 17-Nov-21 09:45:04

@boymummy89 yeah, same I have a box of 50 amazon cheapies that I plan to use first!

Arly90 Wed 17-Nov-21 10:49:06

Hoping I can join the chat here too. I'm about 5 DPO. I also don't feel we DTD enough and think one attempt may have been too late 😢 but really hoping we got lucky. This is our 7 month TTC #1.

Fingers crossed for us all 🥰

Bd1787 Wed 17-Nov-21 11:10:19

@CrumchyLeafs I only have 1 frer left (I have 2 of the rapid response ones which I ordered by mistake but they aren't the sensitive ones- so annoying). I also have a load of cheapies that I'll try and use first.

Welcome @Arly90, hopefully this month will be your month. It's month 4 for me and I'm surprised by how frustrating and disheartening I've found the whole process.

Are any of you using the FF app? I am finding it really good for tracking/confirming ovulation.

FlyOnTheWall89 Wed 17-Nov-21 14:45:11

@Arly90 this is cycle 7 for me too. It feels like cycle 107. My cycles are 30-32 days long so my AF is due next Wednesday at the latest. X

HollyB7 Wed 17-Nov-21 15:31:12


Can I join too? Im about 5DPO. Don't think we were able to BD as much as we should have this cycle but oh well, only takes one as they say!!

How are you all feeling?

Arly90 Wed 17-Nov-21 15:48:32

Totally agree ladies this whole TTC thing is much more stressful than I ever thought. I never thought I'd get so upset each month when AF arrives.
I've managed to resist the urge to test every month so far... Just hold out to see if AF arrives.

Absolutely... Only takes once! 🤞

HollyB7 Wed 17-Nov-21 16:02:15

The TWW is just horrible isn't it. I feel like I spend my time just wishing time would go faster!

CrumchyLeafs Wed 17-Nov-21 16:45:10

@Bd1787 I use FertilityFriend! I was put off by how "oldschool" it looks, they really need to hire a designer for it, but it seems to be the most accurate one for tracking (I also use Premom to read tests for me, but I find the tracking and predictions less accurate).

@HollyB7 Yes! I feel like I have been waiting two weeks already but it's only been one... at least my house gets a good cleaning as I try to distract myself.

MrsLeclerc Wed 17-Nov-21 17:20:29

Hi, I’m 4dpo and I’m pretty sure we stand a better chance this month as I used ovulation tests. Realised I was ovulating on CD14 rather than CD18 like my period tracker app was telling me.

I have a pretty long cycle so the end of my TWW is 27 Nov but my period due date is 1 Dec. Not sure if I can test at the end of TWW or wait for AF??

Roro228 Wed 17-Nov-21 18:56:20

Hey can I join the party please :D I'm 6DPO ttc # 2 and this is our 4th cycle. It took 5 cycles last time so I was expecting this but it's still disheartening. I'm planning to hold off testing until Sunday when I'll be 10DPO. But then I always say that.....

Bd1787 Wed 17-Nov-21 19:27:50

@CrumchyLeafs Yes it is very old school and I didn't think I would get on with it but it's so much more accurate than others I've tried. I don't really understand the probability score thing which has me at 22 point so doesn't sound promising!

@Arly90 you've done well to resist the urge to test. I wish I could be more relaxed and just go with the flow instead of temping and testing etc but I've found it so stressful.

Hi @HollyB7! The TWW is so hard but I actually find the 10 days or so after AF arrives so much worse. Just that back to the drawing board feeling and not being able to do anything until ovulation.

Welcome too @MrsLeclerc and @Roro228! I'm 6dpo too and will probably start testing Friday despite knowing it's likely too early. I've had strange cramps for 2 days now. At first I thought I was imagining it but it's definitely something I can feel. Obviously could be unrelated but i have everything crossed it's implantation!

CrumchyLeafs Wed 17-Nov-21 19:49:11

Oh my god, I have been feeling some light tugging pain, but I figured it was just from my backpain radiation and I just went to the bathroom to check CM to log into the apps, and it was pink! This has to be implantation bleeding, right? I never spotted pink before, only ever brown. I am so nervous now! I hope it's not my period coming! confused

Bd1787 Wed 17-Nov-21 20:00:28

Oh that does sound promising, how exciting! Fingers crossed for you, it's surely too early for AF so implantation seems the most likely.

How long have you been having the tugging pain?

CrumchyLeafs Wed 17-Nov-21 20:05:44

@Bd1787 I'm not sure, I was out and about and quite distracted by my backpain earlier, I only noticed it when I finally laid down and relaxed. AF is still a week out. I am cautiously optimistic! smile

HollyB7 Wed 17-Nov-21 21:34:18

Are you any you tracking BBT? My
App says I ovulated on the 12th but from looking at this I'd say I ovulated on 10th! What do yous think?

madeleine85 Wed 17-Nov-21 21:51:48

Hi fellow TTC ladies. I'm 5 DPO, 2nd cycle TTC for 2nd child. This month we DTD around the right days, but for some reason I got it in my head it wouldn't work this month. Now of course, as the progesterone rises and I feel increasingly crappier each day until BFP or AF I am back to obsessing.

@Roro228 I am 100% with you on the telling myself to expect a 6 month wait as it took 4-5 cycles last time, but that obviously went out the window. My husband has promised me a wine advent calendar which is the only upside of not getting a BFP should that happen smile.

madeleine85 Wed 17-Nov-21 21:55:40

Also to all you lovely ladies saying that you didn't DTD enough, it really does just take one lucky go. We were once a week DTD when we had our BFP for DD, so I promise it is not a myth! Baby dust to you all xx

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